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Chapter Directory 479 Strange Old Man
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Xuanyuan Hao smiled and nodded. The guy in front of him seems to be different from the rumors, but it’s right to think about it. Anyone who has experienced ups and downs like Tongyuan Daoist still has to change.

     "Brother Tongyuan, let's choose each one, and then take things and leave." Xuanyuan Hao said with a smile, Tongyuan Daoist has turned around and walked to a cabinet.

     Guo Huai and Guo Huǒ took a completely different path from them. After entering the cave, they did not stop for a moment.

     "Guo Huǒ be careful, step back, grandma's, seven-star bat, how could there be such a thing? Isn't this thing already dead tens of thousands of years ago." Guo Huai watched Guo Huǒ stepped back and took a hand. The long sword directly smashed a big bat with a diameter of more than one meter that flew in front of him into pieces.

     For almost an hour, various traps made Guo Huai feel that his scalp was numb. If it was just a simple Array Formation, Guo Huai would still be able to solve what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job, but these institutions in front of him The trap embodies the wisdom of Human Race for hundreds of thousands of years, making Guo Huai feel a cold sweat every time he breaks a trap."Nine-ring Eclipse, it is really the handwriting of a master of the mechanism, even if a Crossing Tribulation expert enters the mechanism, he can't get out of his body." Guo Huai and Guo Huǒ stopped, almost another hour passed, Guo Huai understood Wasn't the organization in front of him the same as the nine-ring eclipse that was so famous that it killed many Fusion Stage masters?

     "Guo Huǒ, are you in a hurry? Follow me well. No matter what happens, don't be surprised. Everything is an illusion." Guo Huai said softly to Guo Huǒ behind him, who nodded.

     Before and after the two of them, Guo Huai's big hands were looking for a way to break the mechanism in the passage. After a while, he was already in a cold sweat. Even if he broke through the mechanism of the nine-ring eclipse, it is still tricky for him now. The things, compared to the current state and a lot of difference in the past.

     "Little guy, it’s not bad. I was able to break through the nine-ringed eclipse moon I laid down and leave the little guy behind you. The old man let you pass. I can tell you that there is wealth that you can’t think of at the end of the tunnel. The guy shouldn't have appeared in Mortal World. It's better to follow the old man after you." Breaking through the mechanism of the nine-ring eclipse, an old man's phantom appeared in front of Guo Huai and Guo Huǒ, the old man said with a smile.

     "Senior is just a trace of spiritual thoughts. It is meaningless to leave Xiaohuo here. It is better for Xiaohuo to follow me." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes."The old man gives you a chance, you are not sure. Since you don't want to leave this little guy, don't blame the old man for being merciless." The old man said, a strong pressure fell on Guo Huai and Guo Huǒ Guo Huai's face suddenly became gloomy.

     "Stay or not?" The old man said loudly, "Although the old man is only a trace of spiritual thought, but in the old man's territory, dealing with you a Xiaoxiao immortal, enough and to spare."

     Guo Huai's face is even more ugly. The ancestors of Human Race are really powerful, and they even know the identity of my banished immortal. For the first time since being demoted to Mortal World, Guo Huai has a feeling of being thoroughly seen.

     "Master Huai, why don't I stay here? My blood is awakened now, and you are considered extreme benevolence, utmost duty to me. After my blood is awakened, I inherited the inheritance of blood in my body. Since ancient times, our Beasts should die for the master. , It may not be a good thing to follow the older generation." Guo Huǒ whispered behind Guo Huai. The coercion of the old man made Guo Huǒ once again transformed into the form of Fire Divine Beast.

     "Do you want to stay?" The old man shouted again, the pressure was even better."Little fire, remember, you call Lao Tzu Master Huai, or Lao Tzu Brother Huai, Lao Tzu is not your master, Lao Tzu regards you as a friend, Lao Tzu Mortal World has been practicing for thousands of years, Heavenly Court has been in for thousands of years, and he has never done it. Abandoning things about friends, stay, keep your sister, I have Fleshly Body, you are just a divine mind, provoke me, even a dead man will abolish your divine mind." Under strong pressure, Guo Huai fiercely When he got up, Yin-Yang Twin Jade came out, which immediately relieved a lot, and then there was a small box in his hand. It was not Shadow Gu or something.

     "You are a banal immortal, and there is such an evil thing in your hand. Are you not afraid of backlash?" The phantom of the old man saw what was in Guo Huai's hand and couldn't help but whispered softly.

     "If Senior is not afraid of the Gu worm in this Shadow Gu box, the kid is not afraid. Give Senior Three Breaths time and put away your pressure." Guo Huai said loudly.

     "Good boy, you are the first person to pass through the old man without leaving anything in these years. Go in. The old guys behind are more difficult to deal with than me. I hope you can walk to Tianbao Hall, Human Race. Things belong to the Human Race after all." After the old man finished speaking, his spiritual thoughts disappeared directly into the air. Guo Huai panted heavily. Guo Huǒ once again transformed into a human form, looking at Guo Huai with excitement."Guo Huǒ, let's go, since you are allowed to follow the little master, and the little master is undying, you won’t die, just straighten your waist, remember, you are transformed into a human form, you are now an individual, and you are just being fooled. Death is also a person with a bird facing upwards.” Guo Huai said, Guo Huǒ trembled all over, now it is Guo Huai who asks him to die, and he will act immediately. Maybe that's how it is to die for a confidant.

     After more than half an hour's journey, they didn't encounter any big problems, until a transparent stone appeared in front of them, Guo Huai frowned.

     "Sealing Dragon Stone, I didn't expect that there would be such a big Sealing Dragon Stone here." Guo Huai couldn't help but said. Through the stone, Guo Huai can see the road ahead, but if he wants to go there, he must take this Move the Sealing Dragon Stone away, yes, it's because I don't say that Guo Huai is the strength of the Golden Core Stage. Even if the Crossing Tribulation succeeds, it will not be able to break the Sealing Dragon Stone in front of me.

     Guo Huǒ tried to push the Sealing Dragon Stone, but after a while, he shook his head and retreated to the back. No matter how much power he exerts, all the power will disappear in the stone. The stone not move a single jot.

     "Xiao Huo, you look down on this Sealing Dragon Stone too much. Since you dare to call the Sealing Dragon Stone, how can ordinary people push it? It is definitely not possible to force it. The Sealing Dragon Stone exists here, and there must be a mechanism." Guo Huai said softly, Guo Huǒ Nodded.However, the two people looked around the Sealing Dragon Stone for more than an hour. Guo Huai carefully checked the entire Sealing Dragon Stone from beginning to end. Without the slightest clue, Guo Huai couldn't help but shook his head.

     "Boy, don't you have a clue? Do you need help from an old man?" Just when Guo Huai and Guo Huǒ consider from all angles, an old voice rang in their ears, and then an old man with a white beard appeared in the Sealing Dragon Stone The other side.

     Guo Huai saw the old man on the other side of the Sealing Dragon Stone through the Sealing Dragon Stone. The old man looked at the two Guo Huai triumphantly. Guo Huai showed a smirk at the corners of his mouth. He directly pulled Guo Huǒ to sit down, and then took out his body. Wine gourd, and then there were two more crystal wine glasses in their hands, and he and Guo Huǒ drank one cup.

     "Senior's kindness is appreciated by the younger generation. Let's have a drink and take a break. Let's take our time with this Sealing Dragon Stone." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "He he, the kid's wine is good, don't you give the old man a full glass?" The old man on the other side of the Sealing Dragon Stone suddenly appeared in front of the two of them, and directly sat beside Guo Huai unceremoniously.

     "Master Huai, this senior is not divine, he is a man of flesh and blood." Guo Huǒ experienced what happened just now. When the old man sat next to them, he didn't feel the breath of the old man. He stretched out his hand and squeezed the old man's arm. Said softly."Cough cough cough, don't blame seniors, my brother has a straight temper." Guo Huai hurriedly pulled Guo Huǒ and whispered.

     "Drink first. This little guy is lucky to come to Sealing Dragon Stone."
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