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Chapter Directory 482 Funeral
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai touched his nose with a smirk at the corner of his mouth. He has guessed what happened. After torturing Xiaoye for so long, you can't stand it for showing you something good.

     Guo Huǒ looked at Guo Huai and laughed, but he was shivering all the time. Ever since he walked out of the aisle to where he is now, Guo Huǒ felt that his bloodline power was completely suppressed, making him very uncomfortable.

     "Master Huai, where are we going next? There seems to be nothing here. Let's find a way out and leave." Guo Huǒ whispered.

     "Nothing? He he, Guo Huǒ, this is a good place." Guo Huai squinted his eyes and said, "If I didn't guess wrong, this should be the Buried Dragon Valley forbidden by Dragon Clan recorded in the heavenly book."

     "Buried Dragon Valley? But this is not a valley. How can this flat land be a place for dragon burial?" Guo Huǒ asked softly.

     "It used to be a huge valley, but a great war happened here a long time ago. At that time, 90% of Dragon Clan members gathered here, and then they all died here. The original valley became the way it is now. The valley was filled with dragon corpses. Later, the people of Dragon Clan controlled this place and it was called the Dragon Clan Forbidden Land." Guo Huai said loudly.

     "Filled with dragon corpses? Is there such a powerful person in the world?" Guo Huǒ shook his head in disbelief.Guo Huai didn't believe it when he read the heavenly book before. Millions of Dragon Clan fell in an instant. Who can have such power, even the fairy sister in Yu'er (Jade) would not be so powerful.

     But the fact is that a million Dragon Clan fell instantly. At that time, a great power appeared in Demon Clan, who broke into Dragon Clan alone to capture the treasure of Dragon Soul Bead. There, the valley is not bottomed, but after a while, millions of Dragon Clan masters were buried here, and the Burial Soul Valley became the Buried Dragon Valley, which is what it is now. Guo Huai still remembers the name of the great Demon Clan recorded in the heavenly book: Ming Cè | Deep Scheme!

     "Master Huai, how can you be sure that this is Buried Dragon Valley? If according to you, Buried Dragon Valley existed hundreds of thousands of years ago, isn't it the slightest change in so many years?" Guo Huǒ asked softly.

     "Look at the place in front of you carefully, and look at it with your heart. You can't go wrong. From the first step I got here, I knew this was the place where Dragon Clan fell. Things." Guo Huai said softly, looking at the distance firmly."Boss, what do you want to do? You don't want to steal the dragon corpse, right? If someone from Dragon Clan finds out, even if they go up to heaven or down to Hades, they will catch us, undying endlessly. "Guo Huǒ said nervously, although millions of Dragon Clan have fallen, but after so many years, those who were lucky enough to survive must still be there. The pressure Dragon Clan brought to other warcrafts was really too great.

     "What do you think in your head? When did I do the things that imitate the dog and steal chicken? I want to visit the souls of these Dragon Clan Warriors. It has been hundreds of thousands of years. Under the Great Array, I don’t know how many more. , But it's time to let them out." Guo Huai said softly.

     On another plane of the mansion, when Zhuo Feng heard Guo Huai's words, the body originally tortured by the Sealing Dragon Stone trembled. Buried Dragon Valley, he was caught by Yu Tian Zhe on the way to Buried Dragon Valley. | Imperial Heaven seal, otherwise I should be buried here just like my relatives.

     "Yu Tian Zhe | Imperial Heaven, I owe you a favor, but you have sealed me for so many years, and it's even." Zhuo Feng shouted, "If that kid can help me Dragon Clan to survive the relatives who died many years ago, I I would like to serve him as the Lord. If he can break the Sealing Dragon Stone, I hope Yu Tian Zhe | Imperial Heaven will not stop it.""Damn, this big guy finally got the hang of it and stopped playing chess. Let's see how this little guy broke through the Great Array set by Ming Cè | Deep Scheme. Haha, it's interesting. It's really interesting. To the end, you don't have to rely on it. The descendants of our Human Race will take care of the things in front of us." Yu Tian Zhe | Imperial Heaven smiled, and his figure flashed, he and Old Man Wendao disappeared in place.

     "Master Huai, what on earth? Is there a way?" Guo Huai's sword flew over the Buried Dragon Valley for almost seven days, thinking every time he came back, and then flew out again.

     "When I was in Mortal World, I had a pretty good relationship with the Dragon King of Four Seas. Although I don't know if the Dragon King of Four Seas has anything to do with them, I should try everything about Dragon Clan helping Human Race back then." Guo Huai said softly, and the two Yin-Yang Twin Jade under him were all cracked.

     "Master Huai, if this Yin-Yang Twin Jade breaks open, your cultivation will be much slower in the future." After following Guo Huai for so long, he naturally knows the effect of Yin-Yang Twin Jade on Guo Huai, Guo Huǒ asked in a low voice .

     "Things outside the body were almost used up when the Source of Evil was sealed. I am willing to give up. Only if you give up can you have something." Guo Huai said softly. With a wave of his sleeve, all the black and white jade pieces on the ground were put into the sleeve. He flew over the Buried Dragon Valley again.Seven days later, after another seven days, Guo Huai returned with his sword again, squatted on the ground, and then entered a 9-Color Pill medicine entrance directly into the fixed state. This time, the fixed adjustment lasted for a month. During the period, Guo Huǒ was ready to wake him up several times, but thinking about what Guo Huai told him before, he endured it.

     "Finally recovered, whether it can succeed, it depends on this time, if it fails, it can be regarded as an explanation for Dragon Clan." Guo Huai slowly opened, the Golden Core Stage peak state, so that Guo Huǒ eyes widened. After a month of meditation, Guo Huai actually entered the golden core state, and practiced too fast.

     "Guo Huǒ, leave the return passage. No matter what happens, don't come out. If the young master can succeed, we will be easy in this mansion. If we fail, we must find a way to get out." Guo Huai said softly. Said, Guo Huǒ nodded and flew into the tunnel.

     "Senior of Dragon Clan, excuse me, although breaking open this Buried Dragon Valley is disrespectful to your corpses, if your Dragon Soul can't come out, it will be even more detrimental to the future development of Dragon Clan, as you all know." Guo Huai whispered, Buried Dragon Valley, a kilometer away, seemed to have heard Guo Huai's words, and a strong breath rose out of the air from the ground."I can’t use the aura of this mansion. I have placed Array Formation around Buried Dragon Valley. I hope to break the array. I know you still have a strong presence. The weakest place of Array of Sealing Dragons is better than me. I feel more clearly that if there is a flaw in the Array of Sealing Dragons, you must grasp ah. "Guo Huai's voice fell, and the breath of the whole body surged.

     The Golden Core in the body slowly turned into humanity. Yes, Guo Huai raised his realm to the realm of Nascent Soul through Great Array, then Nascent Soul Leaving Body, standing next to Guo Huai, the realm of Leaving Body Stage is reached, and the deity has a touch Divine Sense falls on Nascent Soul, Nascent Soul wakes up, the Separating Divinity Stage realm, then Nascent Soul returns, Nascent Soul and the deity Fusion, Guo Huai’s realm steadily stops at the Fusion Stage realm, only only a short distance away from the Crossing Tribulation Stage It's not even close.

     "This little guy really dared to do it. He even took advantage of the pressure of Buried Dragon Valley and the Great Array left by Ming Cè | Deep Scheme to directly improve his strength to the Fusion Stage. If he can break the Array of Sealing Dragons, little guy I’m sure I’ve gained a lot, but if I fail, I’m afraid this Xiaoxiao banished immortal will no longer have the chance to be in the Immortal Rank.” Yu Tian Zhe | Imperial Heaven said softly, everything has advantages and disadvantages, so much strength will be improved at once. It must have a lot of influence on him in the future.

     "Drive me!"
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