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Chapter Directory 500 Slaughter The Dream Devil
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"It's amazing. The bone in your hand should be a leg bone of your Demon Clan predecessor, so you Demon Clan people will have such a perverted idea. Use your ancestor's bones to refine weapons. "Guo Huai couldn't help but said loudly.

     "You don't need to worry about what refining weapon you take, go to death." Lin Xi said, rushing to Guo Huai again, Guo Huai had an extra throwing knife in his hand, yes, the one he held was the one he got from Hilton Family Taobao That flying knife, when Li Xunhuan soared into Heaven Realm, the flying knife that pierced the sky, the most yang thing, just restrained the root of the most yin thing in Lin Xi's hand.

     "Brother Xun Huan, I don't know if I used this trick to break through the air, go to death." Guo Huai roared, the flying knife in his hand turned into a silver light and flew towards Lin Xi, at such a close distance, Lin Xi There is no way to hide.

     "Nascent Soul Leaving Body, this Fleshly Body is too weak, Guo Huai, let you see my real body." The moment the flying knife hit Lin Xi, a Nascent Soul separated from the Fleshly Body. , And then Lin Xi changed his appearance and rushed directly to Guo Huai.

     "You forcibly occupy the Fleshly Body of a living person, damn it, you are against Heavenly Dao, don't you Demon Clan have no wives and children?" Guo Huai escaped Lin Xi's blow, looking at Lin Xi lying on the ground Fleshly Body couldn't help asking loudly.Telepath True Monarch occupied Guo Huai’s Fleshly Body on that day because Guo Huai’s life was exhausted on that day. Although the soul was not taken away by ghost soldiers, Fleshly Body was considered a soulless thing, but Lin Xi’s approach was completely different. Occupying the Fleshly Body in front of him, forcibly suppressing the original soul in the Fleshly Body.

     "It's just like how noble you are. Is your Fleshly Body your own now? Stop the ink, I tell you, whether you are sent by Heavenly Court or demoted to Mortal World by Heavenly Court, No matter if you were a Golden Immortal or a quasi-saint, in Mortal World, you are not my opponent. Go and die." Lin Xi finished speaking and disappeared into the void.

     Guo Huai looked at Lin Xi who had disappeared, a familiar feeling poured into his mind, and then there was a hint of unnoticeable smile at the corner of his mouth.

     "Little Guanbao, don't worry, there will be nothing wrong with my sister, Guanbao will not cry!"

     "Little guy, don't cry, my grandson is here to rescue you, Chen Guanbao, this name is not good, let's call Chen Qingyuan in the future."

     "The road to medical treatment is orthodox, the doctors, medical ethics first, medical skills second, doctors without virtue are not medical."

     "Lingxin, recently I can feel that I can't suppress Heavenly Dao anymore. I am afraid that Mortal World will not last much time, and I will fly to Heaven Realm."

     "Chen Qingyuan Mortal World has been practicing for ten thousand years, you can go to the Tianyi Department to become a Tianyi!""Lao Jun, I heard that the Shangxian in charge of the heavenly book has been transferred to another place. Please see if my time in the medical department is not short this day, can you let me read the heavenly book."

     "Chen Qingyuan has been in charge of the Book of Heaven for thousands of years, and he has comprehended the art of mind-reading from the ancient books, virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion, and the cultivation base has entered the realm of Profound Immortal, and it is called Telepath True Monarch."

     "Telepath True Monarch peeped at the fairy bathing, this crime is to blame!"

     "Improper punishment, demote the world!"

     "Guo Huai, this name is good, good people do not pay for their lives, bad people live for thousands of years, and Mortal World has a good life."

     Guo Huai, from the time when Tongtianhe met Great Sage Sun to being demoted to the Lower Realm, played fast in Guo Huai's mind like a movie. Guo Huai couldn't help shaking his head. It turned out that his life was so rich. , As if he had forgotten that he was having a battle with the people of Demon Clan.

     "Haha, Telepath True Monarch, I didn’t expect you to be an exile, haha, peeping at a fairy bathing, I didn’t expect you to have such a hobby, True Monarch, get to know, I’m the descendant of the Mengmo power, you can Choose how you want to die, I'll create a beautiful dream for you, haha." Lin Xi appeared in front of Guo Huai, looking at Guo Huai and said.

     "I, I have entered your dreamland now. Is this dreamland that could trap Great Sage back then?" Guo Huai asked with a hint of tension."Naturally, I don't have the strength of my ancestors back then. I can trap Monkey Boy, the grandson of 7th Heavenly Layer, but with my current strength, I trap you a Xiaoxiao banter, a Golden Core Stage peak kid enough and to spare." Lin Xi smiled and said, "I won't follow you, get rid of you first, and I'm going to fix the two old guys outside. By the way, it seems that the kid who came with you ran away, but it doesn't matter. I will get rid of everyone around you one by one, haha."

     "Really? I think so too. I feel like I will get rid of you, and then deal with the two old guys outside, the descendants of the dream demon. You should be the second one I have met. If I didn’t meet the first one. , I'm afraid I will be planted with you this time." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Telepath True Monarch, you are the strongest opponent I have encountered in Mortal World, but you want to break my dream, it is impossible. You think you say this now, I will be afraid of you, will I believe it?" Lin Xi shouted loudly, looking straight at Guo Huai, as if to bring Guo Huai into another dream.

     "No need to waste energy. I am indeed in your dreamland, but you are also in my illusion. Although I can't use the mind-reading technique, it is enough and to spare to deal with you. By the way, I forgot to ask. You have a question, if you have the blood of the dream demon, Xiahou Tian, you know." Guo Huai said with his eyes narrowed."Xiahou Tian was you killed? It's you, I know, no, how could I lose to you, no, the ancestor save me." Hearing the three words Xiahou Tian, Lin Xi went crazy all of a sudden, he was A Demon Clan trapped in the Great Array is one of the thousands of demon soldiers, because when he escaped from the Great Array, he got a trace of the blood of the dream demon to rise quickly. He naturally knows who Xiahou Tian is, and the one who escaped earlier than him Demon Clan came out, but Baffling was killed.

     "Be scared, don't be afraid, let me see what secrets you have in Demon Clan, Dream Demon, Demon Clan is powerful, we have formed a beam again." Guo Huai said, the puppet technique fell on Lin Xi's On his body, but it hasn't played any role yet, Lin Xi has no breath anymore.

     "Dream demon, just escape a trace of essence and blood, it has such a power, if it is really escaped by Great Demon, I am afraid that Mortal World will face a catastrophe." Guo Huai said to himself, getting Lin done. Xi, it's time to see how Shui Yunzi and Ao Feng are now.

     "Old lady, the breath of little Lin Xi has disappeared. I am afraid that something will happen. What should I do now?" The moment Guo Huai got Lin Xi done, the old man who had fought with Shui Yunzi asked loudly to the old woman."Little Lin Xi is dead. We can't live if the adults blame it. Old man, you can find a way to escape. We can't open the gap in the Great Array of Mt. Cuiyun. I will entangle them and break our good deeds. They have to pay a price.” The old woman said, in fact it has soared. Originally with a hidden charm on her body, Ao Feng did not dare to explode with too much strength, but now she can't manage so much, the peak of the big accomplishment period. 'S strength has slowly caused the sky to roll.

     "I dare to blow myself up, do you dare? Haha, all three of you have to die, old devil, run fast, run as far as possible, the adults will find a way to contact you, Mortal World, Mortal World will belong to us sooner or later Great Demon’s, the Three Realms will be ours sooner or later.” The old woman shouted loudly, and rushed towards Shui Yunzi with Ao Feng’s attack.

     "Shui Yunzi, run away. This old woman is very weird. Don't stop being hard." The moment the old woman rushed towards Shui Yunzi, Ao Feng shouted loudly. Shui Yunzi didn't dare to care, her figure flickered, but she was old The woman not to overlook, nor spare was chasing Shui Yunzi. At this time, the old ghost had escaped from Shui Yunzi's attack range.

     "Master Shui, Master Feng, you guys get out of the way, you are so presumptuous in Xiaoye's dojo, do you really think Xiaoye is muddy?" Xuanyuan Hao didn't know when he had appeared in the void, and shouted at everyone .
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