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Chapter Directory 509 So Big Tone
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai smiled and stood up. This little girl had been tossing outside for so long, and finally there was news. Although there were a few people from Big Tiger following, Guo Huai was somewhat worried after listening to Da Ming talking about the people in black in the spirit mine. But don't worry so much now.

     "Gu Zi, you can just tell me what you want. This is Guo Huai, the genius doctor Guo, our friend at 72 Dong." Lei Ao smiled and said to the person who reported the news.

     "Boss Lei, Doctor Guo, yesterday I asked the people in Shifengdong when I was out shopping. Big guy Li said that he had met this little girl. See you at the auction house the day before yesterday when he went to the Donghai Auction House to help people handle the auction business. I have been to the little girl and six big guys." Gu Zi said softly.

     "Little Mengmeng went to the auction? It's possible, maybe what Fur-head wants will be auctioned at this auction." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Doctor Guo, they didn’t go to the auction, they were caught. Li big guy said that he saw a few outside deacons in the auction house trap a few people with Array Formation, just like watching the excitement in the past, and they happened to see it. There is a little girl." Gu Zi said softly.With a sound of "pop!" Guo Huai's wine glass turned into a powder, "Boss Lei, now that the little girl is whereabouts, we will go over and have a look. Brothers, thank you for the hospitality these past two days. I'm sure we'll meet again some day. "After Guo Huai was about to rise from the sky, he was held back by Lei Ao.

     "Brother, look down on our 72-hole casual repair, right? Although I told you that day, the East China Sea auction house is very powerful, but since it is going to save the niece, this matter our 72-hole casual repair Now, I will go with you." Lei Ao said loudly, and the group of people behind him agreed.

     "Brother Lei, brothers, it’s not that Guo Huai looks down on you. There are some things Guo Huai prefers to do by himself. If a few people insist on following, my brother will be unhappy. Don’t you want to participate in the auction? It's just a few of us who went to the auction first, let's see Houtian." After Guo Huai said, he rose directly from the sky, and Lei Ao didn't follow him, Guo Huai, a friend who is absolutely perfect for them."Inform all the masters of the 72nd hole. We will all participate in this auction. If there is anything to do with Guo Huài Brother, we are ready to undying endlessly with the auction house. I remember our ancestors at the 72nd hole said After a word, if you live a lifetime, you must fight for something. If you don't even have the courage to fight, this road will be regarded as the end of the road. Brothers, let's not fight for anything else this time. "After Lei Ao finished speaking, the crowd boiled.

     Guo Huai The four-person Yukong flew in the direction of the East China Sea Auction. There were many people on the road. Seeing the four people flying fast, everyone speeded up. After all, the East China Sea Auction only takes place every three years. Not too few people will come to participate this time.

     "Boss, the strength of Donghai Auction House is not weak, how do we save people this time?" Guo Tongyuan asked softly.

     "Tongyuan, we have been together for several years. We haven't fought hard for anyone in these years. This is not the way I want to go. Secondly, I'm tired of fighting and killing. The next time I went to the Donghai Auction House and went directly to ask someone. If there is nothing wrong with Little Mengmeng, the matter will end like this. If Little Mengmeng loses his relationship with the hair, I will let them know what regret is at the Donghai Auction House.” Guo Huai is fierce. Said.Chen Qingyuan had a lot of wives and more offspring before his ascension, but there were not many who could get into his law. When he was 830 years old, he had a little girl, cheerful, smart, but she was just four years old. When he was looted, and when he was found again, the little woman's love changed drastically. The heirs who were most likely to inherit Chen Qingyuan's mantle gave up until Chen Qingyuan soared to Heaven Realm. This has always been a pain in his heart. All this time, Little Mengmeng He was so angry about the matter.

     "The boss says we can do what we do. Under the rules of Mortal World, what's great is the Separating Divinity Stage realm, and that's it." Guo Tongyuan nodded and said, a few people were faster than others, but they met on the road. The other San Xiu who arrived had their eyes widened.

     "Whoever comes here, dare to be presumptuous in the sky above the East China Sea Auction House. If we don't come down again, we will be welcome." About an hour, Guo Huai and the four flew over an island that is not small in the East China Sea, and they heard someone on the island treat them. Shouted loudly.

     "Opening Light Stage realm, go and call out the head of your auction house!" Guo Huai four people landed on the island, and a big sign wrote the five words Donghai Auction House. Guo Huai knew they were looking for the place."We are in charge of you and you will see you!" The voice fell, and the seven masters of the Opening Light Stage realm rushed directly to the four Guo Huai. The Opening Light Stage realm, in China, can be regarded as a master of the master, but for Guo The Huai four, such strength is not enough.

     "Don't hurt their lives, it's important to find Mengmeng and them." Guo Huai said, Dazhu and Kong Fei rushed to the front. After a while, all seven Opening Light Stage masters were brought down.

     "I don't know where the friend is from, it's so majestic!" A strong voice spread across the island, and an old man walked up from a distance. Dazhu and Kong Fei hadn't reacted yet. I heard Guo Huai roar.

     "Be careful!" Kong Fei Dazhu was pulled directly behind him by Guo Huai, and then a small flag was inserted next to Guo Huai. The old man who was originally a kilometer away had already reached Guo Huai and squinted at Guo Huai and his side. Small flag.

     "No wonder we dared to make trouble at the East China Sea Auction House. It seems that there were two incidents. The old man accepted this flag. Today, what happened to you guys at the East China Sea Auction House will be forgotten." The old man said, a powerful mind turned towards Grab the flag."The old man is a bit greedy. If you want the five-element gossip banner, take the string of prayer beads in your hand, and the kid can change it with you." Guo Huai said, the two thoughts collided, and the old man didn't care about it. After a while, Guo Huai had put away the flag, and the old man was not in front.

     "Little friendly means, I don't know what happened to our Donghai auction house this time. You are trying to break into our auction house's site like this, it seems a little out of compliance." The old man looked at Guo Huai and said.

     "Speaking of rules, do your auction houses want to ask yourself if you haven't done anything that violates the rules recently, I hope you haven't done too much, otherwise the auction will not be opened in two days." Guo Huai squinted Said with eyes closed.

     The old man was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly remembered what happened at the auction house a few days ago. The master of the six incarnation stages followed a little girl. How could this little girl be a mortal? It seemed to be troublesome.

     Five days ago, the auction house did a big business with a few overseas casual repairers. Six masters in the transformation period and a little girl were sent to the auction house. The auction house directly offered a price of one million high-grade spirit stones. The six Spirit Beasts and the little girl accepted it. At that time, I was afraid that these Spirit Beasts were possessed. What's more, there was a Bigu Stage little girl who was less than five years old."Little friend, I think we may have some misunderstanding directly, otherwise we will go to the auction house to discuss in detail." The old man took a deep breath and said with a smile.

     "Bring the little girl out first, I can already feel her breath, I hope she has nothing to do, otherwise I will let you East China Sea auction house rivers of blood!" Guo Huai shook his head and said unceremoniously to the old man.

     "It's a big tone, not to mention whether the person you are talking about is in my Donghai auction house. Just what you said just now, you have to pay some price today." The old man did not speak, a young man of the same age as Guo Huai Coming down from midair, looked at Guo Huai and said loudly.

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