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Chapter Directory 511 Brother, I'm Not Afraid Of Trouble
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Several people from Big Tiger ran up to Guo Huai, their heads drooping. They thought it was already in the Transformation Stage and had no rivals on the East China Sea. Unexpectedly, they were captured only a few days after they came out, and they had to wait for Guo Huai to rescue him. Otherwise, it will be sold as Chinese cabbage.

     "Where is Fur-head?" Guo Huai asked while looking at Big Tiger.

     "I was taken away by the people of Fuzong, now we should be in Fuzong." Big Tiger said honestly, Guo Huai nodded lightly, and walked towards Ding Luoyu.

     "Young Master Ding, we are don't fight, won't make friends. The Houtian auction will begin. I think the people from East China Sea Fuzong will come. Instead of looking for them, I’ll wait here. According to the auction house’s Rules, with my current strength, there is nothing wrong with staying here." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     Ding Luoyu looked at Guo Huai and the others. The weakest strength was already in the Bigu Stage realm. It is indeed not a violation of the rules to stay here, but leaving a evil spirit here, I am afraid that by the time Donghai Fuzong will be in trouble with them. Ding Luoyu took a deep breath and looked at several elders.

     "Of course, we are not staying here to make trouble. We have long heard that there will be good things auctioned at the East China Sea Auction. We are thinking of buying something at the auction and buying something by the way." Guo Huai said, taking out three in his hand. The jade bottle was handed to Ding Luoyu."Ten Zhuyan Pills, ten Blood Circulation Pills, and ten Big Circulation Pills. As for the drug effect, Young Master Ding can find someone to try it. I won't say more. I hope to sell it at a good price at the East China Sea auction. "Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Young Master, Zhuyan Pill and Blood Circulation Pill are the things I told you that appeared in the Imperial Capital auction last time. As for Dahuan Pill, I have never heard of them. If the pill is not a problem, these things are good for Donghai San. Xiu is absolutely attractive." An old man walked quickly to Ding Luoyu and whispered.

     "Since Hall Lord Guo can trust our Donghai auction house, we will take this thing." Ding Luoyu said with a smile, "You guys, arrange for a few to stay in the VIP hall, so you can entertain several people."

     Guo Huai looked at Ding Luoyu and nodded, and then handed a sandalwood box to Ding Luoyu, "This soul-recovering pill is made by me recently. It is fish and dragons mixed in together in the East China Sea. The young master was seriously injured and can use this resurrection pill to renew his life. Of course, I hope that this resurrection pill will never be the best, haha." Guo Huai finished, and walked towards the VIP hall.

     "What a weird guy, it seems that I have to meet the old man to see if this pill is really as magical as he said." Ding Luoyu watched Guo Huai walk away and said to himself.Several people in Big Tiger watched Guo Huai come in. Several people drooped their heads again, and Guo Huai couldn't help but laugh.

     "What are you doing? It's not your idea to bring the little girl out. Why, are you embarrassed?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Master Huai, we are ashamed." Big Tiger thought for a long time before suffocating such a sentence.

     "I thought it was something. It's normal to not be able to beat others and be captured. What's the shame, just hit them when you meet them." Guo Huai walked up to a few people, patted a few people and smiled. Said, but Guo Huai didn't know that Spirit Beast was born so strong, this time it was a big blow to Big Tiger.

     "Boss, to be honest, we can't beat us, otherwise we won't be taken all six of us by one person." Big Tiger lowered his head and Wolf Six said softly.

     "One person cleaned up the six of you? What is that person's strength? Did you use some magic weapon." Guo Huai frowned, Spirit Beast of six incarnation stages, just because he wants to be one-to-six, if you don't rely on it The magic weapon is also not easy to handle. The other party has cleaned up the six big guys with his own power, and Guo Huai was surprised.After they rested on the island that day, Little Mengmeng and Fur-head left the island with the Big Tiger six people. Although they didn’t feel the baby calling Fur-head anymore, with the mark of the beginning, Fur-head -head leads a group of people to fly in the direction of the baby.

     "Fur-head, do you know the place or not? I don't want to eat fish at sea." The Big Tiger carrying Fur-head said loudly, but the voice here declined, and a powerful breath fell on several people. , Looked up, a man in black was looking at them with a smile.

     "It's really weird, how could Spirit Beast in the six transformation stages appear here. The little Monkey Boy can already speak but has no transformation. The little girl is already in the Bigu Stage realm, which is strange." The man in black looked at it. Big Tiger said with a smile.

     "Friend, I don't know why we are blocking our way." Big Tiger said as he looked at the man in black.

     "No, the Spirit Beast of the six transformation periods will definitely be able to sell for a good price. You are unlucky. I am short of money recently. You are mine. Haha." The man in black waved his hand, Big Tiger. Several people could no longer move half a step.

     "Big Tiger, take Mengmeng and go quickly, we figured out a way to stop him." Bear Three shouted, Big Tiger wanted to turn around, but couldn't move at all, and several people looked at the man in black."This friend, although we are Spirit Beast, we have a master. You are not compliant." Fur-head shouted as he watched the man in black.

     "Above the East China Sea, my Fuzong's words are the rules, little Monkey Boy, I can't bear to sell you, you can go back to Fuzong with me, haha." Then, the man in black trapped the six Spirit Beasts together with Little Mengmeng. Live, and flew directly to the Donghai Auction House.

     The face is that the man in black sold six Spirit Beasts to the East China Sea auction house for a price of one million top-grade spirit stones. Little Mengmeng and Little Mengmeng did not dare to sell them, and they directly left the auction house forcibly. This was also the East China Sea at that time. The people at the auction house are delicious and there is no reason to embarrass Little Mengmeng.

     "It doesn’t seem like a good job to block the space directly. You don’t need to hang your heads anymore. With this kind of strength, you won’t complain about losing. You will stay at the Donghai Auction House for the past two days. I will wait for the auction. I will see the man in black again. When that happens, my brother will avenge you, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, and then took out the wine gourd. After a few people drank a few glasses of wine, they began to chat with each other.

     Guo Huai looked at the big guys in a better mood, and walked out of the room leisurely and walked towards a place where there is strong spiritual energy."Young Master Ding, the selected place is good, but the practice here is half the work, twice the effect ah. What happened today is so offensive, I hope Young Master Ding will forgive me." Guo Huai walked closer and was meditating. Ding Luoyu stood up, Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Don't be the young master, I think the older brother is a little bit older than me, we also don't fight, won't make friends, if I don't dislike it, just call me my brother." Ding Luoyu He smiled and said, after the battle with Guo Huai in the morning, he took the medicine that Guo Huai gave to find his own Lao Tzu. At that time, the old man only left a sentence, be sure to make friends with this person, Ding Luoyu only knew about this pill. The value of medicine.

     "Haha, then I will take advantage of my brother. Come on, I have some good wine. Let's drink and talk." Guo Huai said, took out two wine glasses from his body, sat with Ding Luoyu looking at each other, and the two drank. Up.

     "Brother, here, how much do you have for this wine? I don't know if I can even give it to the brothers. I think I will add some color to this auction." Ding Luoyu just took a sip and said excitedly to Guo Huai.

     "Ten catties, it can't be too much. This kind of fine wine can be drunk whenever we want. I just don't like to share good things with people who don't like it." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Ding Luoyu followed Laughed."Brother, listen to what brother said, first send the six big guys to a safe place. I will give it to you. Fuzong Xu Sai will find a way, but if he finds that the six big guys are still auctioning in the East China Sea If you don't want to auction, it will be a little troublesome." Ding Luoyu sipped his wine and said in a low voice.

     "Trouble? Brother, I'm not afraid of trouble!"
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