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Chapter Directory 514 Reach Cooperation
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

According to Qin Wuyi, secretly mining Lingshi ore, he can own 80% of the shares, but the premise is not to be known by the people of Donghai Auction House. If you know, according to the current friendship between him and Ding Luoyu, you should not be able to fight. But the relationship will certainly not be the same as it is now.

     In addition, if someone else discovered the spirit stone mine in the process of mining it, it would be impossible to keep this spirit stone mine just by relying on his and the strength of the seventy-two holes for casual repair.

     If you cooperate with Ding Luoyu and give 30% to the auction house, Qin Wuyi scores 10%, Lei Ao scores 10%, and he has 50% left, bite off more than one can chew, Guo Huai thought for a while, and he had an idea in his heart. .

     "Two brothers, let's fix this boulder first and see if there is a spirit stone mine inside. If there is a spirit stone mine, I think it is safer to cooperate with Donghai Auction House. What do you mean by the two?" Guo Huai laughed Said.

     "Brother, you discovered this spirit stone mine. Naturally, you have the final say. But since my brother said to cooperate with the auction house, we might as well say that your choice is undoubtedly wise. There are auction houses to help guard the spirit. Quarry, everything will be easier to handle in the future, and fortunately, Ding Luoyu is a good person." Lei Ao said with a smile, Guo Huai nodded gently.Without further ado, the three of them studied the huge boulders in front of them. Guo Huai laid Array Formation around the boulders. Then the three of them moved the boulders by half a minute, and a dazzling white light came out from the gaps moved by the boulders. , Is no doubt Lingshi mine.

     "Brother Lei, wait here. Brother Qin and I went up to find Ding Luoyu. We must settle this matter today, how about it." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Brother, aren't you afraid that I will contact other people to shut down the spirit stone mine?" Lei Ao was taken aback, looking at Guo Huai with a smile and asked.

     "Suspects don't need to use people, since I call you brother, I naturally believe you, if my brother really finds someone and doesn't go to this mine, even if it is Guo Huai who is unsuccessful." The voice fell, Guo Huai didn't bother his head. Pulling Qin Wuyi back, he flew towards the sea again.

     At this time Lei Ao suddenly felt a sore nose. He has been practicing in the East China Sea for more than three hundred years. He has experienced various fights many times, betrayed by his relatives, and broken by brothers. He never thought that he would meet someone who trusted him so much, Guo. Huai used practical actions to plant a seed of trust deep in Lei Ao's heart. The scholar died for the confidant. For Lei Ao, it is enough to think of a friend like this.It was already four in the afternoon when Guo Huai and Qin Wuyi returned to the auction house, because the auction was about to start the next day. Ding Luoyu was setting up something at the auction site. Seeing Guo Huai walking by, it was Somewhat surprised.

     "Brother Huai, I didn't see you during the meal just now. I heard from Tongyuan that you went to the sea with Brother Qin. How is it? Is there any gain?" Ding Luoyu asked with a smile.

     "Brother, go, find a quiet place, let's talk." Guo Huai said with a smile. Ding Luoyu looked at Guo Huai with a serious expression and explained the work in his hand. The two went straight into the auction. In a box on the scene, Guo Huai placed a sound-proof Array Formation. Ding Luoyu faintly guessed that the brother in front of him didn't know what kind of surprise he would bring to him.

     "Brother, what do you think of a superb spiritual stone?" Guo Huai said, taking out the spiritual stone he found on the bottom of the sea and asking with a smile.

     "Such a big piece, if my brother is willing to auction it, I will personally give out 15,000 top-grade spirit stones." Ding Luoyu said with a smile. Although superb spirit stones are rare, I have never seen them in the auction house for these years. less."Haha, my brother said, I'm not going to sell this thing, I just want to see how my brother will react." Guo Huai nodded and said, "Speaking of business, Lingshi Mine, we are looking for treasure under the sea this time. I arrived at a spirit stone mine and wanted to cooperate with my brother. I don’t know if my brother is interested."

     "Cough cough cough, brother, are you kidding me? The surrounding area of this auction house is considered to be the site of the auction house. In the past three hundred years, our people have almost traversed the entire ocean floor, and have not seen the spirit stone in fifty years. It's mine, brother, if you go down there, you can find the spirit stone mine, brother, don't joke with brother." Ding Luoyu shook his head in disbelief.

     "Brother Ding, what Little Brother Huai said is true. He really found a spiritual stone mine. If the brother doesn’t want to cooperate, then we will mine it by ourselves. At that time, we will need Young Master Ding a lot in the auction house. Take care." Qin Wuyi said with a smile, at this time Ding Luoyu's expression completely changed.

     "Brother Huai, you really found the spirit stone mine." Ding Luoyu stood up fiercely and said. The Donghai Ding family is very powerful in the East China Sea. The Donghai auction house is considered to be a large industry in the Ding family, mainly for the sake of spirit. Naturally, Lingshi mine has a fatal attraction to Ding Luoyu."Brother Ding, sit down first. I remember that a hundred years ago, the Donghai Auction House had issued a public announcement. The Donghai Auction House accounted for 30% of the spirit stone mines found in the Donghai Auction House area, and the other 70% belonged to the discoverer, I don’t know. Is this announcement still valid?" Qin Wuyi asked softly.

     "Brothers, let's not talk secretly. If you find a spirit stone mine, my auction house will only need 20%, and all the rest will belong to you. In addition, our auction house will help solve security problems." Ding Luoyu thought. He would say softly, after seeing Guo Huai's strength, Ding Luoyu faintly knew that this spirit stone mine was most likely discovered by Guo Huai. For people like Guo Huai, friendship is the most important thing.

     "Brother doesn't take advantage of you. Since you want to cooperate with your brothers, you should follow the previous regulations and 30% of the spirit stone mine belongs to your Donghai auction house. Let's go to the sea to see the spirit stone mine first!" Guo Huai said with a smile. Ding Luoyu nodded, and the three of them dived into the bottom of the sea again.

     "Oh, Brother Huai, do you know how big the output of this spirit stone mine is." An hour later, when the three of them went to the location of the spirit stone mine, Ding Luoyu simply walked along the rock for ten minutes and looked back at Guo. Huai asked softly."I don't know how big the output is, but I know one thing. The greater the output, the happier our brothers will be, right." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Ding Luoyu and the three also laughed.

     "Three brothers, let's sit down and talk." After Ding Luoyu walked in the other direction for more than ten minutes, he reached out and cut a fairly smooth stone into four stone benches, and said softly to the three Guo Huai.

     "Brother Luo Yu, just say something directly." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "I just looked at this spirit stone mine roughly. According to the quality of the cut, the outside should be medium-grade spirit stones, and there will definitely be high-grade spirit stones extending in. According to the past experience of mining spirit stones, this spirit stone mine has at least Twenty million middle-grade spirit stones and 4 million high-grade spirit stones, whether there is a superb spirit stone in the deepest place depends on luck." Ding Luoyu said softly.

     Guo Huai has no idea about the reserves of this spirit stone mine, but Qin Wuyi and Lei Ao are a little bit unable to sit still. With 20 million middle-grade spirit stones, they each account for two million, four million. The high-grade spirit stones can be divided into four hundred thousand per person, so they dare not even think of such an amazing wealth.

     It took only a few years for the seventy-two cave to accumulate more than 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones. I did not expect to get millions of spirit stones just by following Guo Huai in a treasure hunt. Qin Wuyi beat himself fiercely. Slap, yes, this is not a dream."Brother Luoyu, with such a large reserve, if we directly mine, will other forces in the East China Sea grab it?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Grab? They have to weigh their own strength, and they also have to have a chance if they want to grab it. Since my brother gave me this opportunity to cooperate, I will not hide it. These spirit stone mines, seventy-two It’s okay for the cave brothers to mine together. Let’s work together for one week at most, and I’ll be sure to mine this spirit stone mine clean.” Ding Luoyu said with a smile.

     Qin Wuyi and Lei Ao's eyes widened again. Although they have never mined a spirit stone mine, the spirit stone is no better than other things and cannot be compressed by space. They want to clean such a spirit stone mine and promise that it only takes a week, at least it will take Only one hundred Bigu Stage masters can do it, and special equipment is needed.

     "The mining matter is left to Brother Luo Yu. Now I suddenly feel like a landlord's wealth. It seems that this auction will return empty-handed." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Brother Huai, to say something to shock you, although you can get 70% of the spirit stone mine, you may not have enough money if you want to buy something you like at auction. If you don't have enough at that time, just ask the price, my brother will borrow it at that time. Here you are, haha." Ding Luoyu was in a very good mood today and said to Guo Huai with a smile."It's true, Brother Lei, all of you three thousand middle-grade spirit stones are ready to get some magic weapons at auction. Can't I be sure to buy what I like with so many spirit stones?" Guo Huai couldn't bear it. Asked the live.

     "Little Brother Huai, it's fair to say that we can only buy something in the small venue outside the auction, and we can't enter the main venue at all."

     "Cough cough, it's no wonder that Brother Luo Yu directly lost 10% of the spirit stone. After a long time, you are the landlord old fortune!"
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