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Chapter Directory 516 East China Sea Auction (1)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

After breakfast, Guo Huai confessed to Guo Tongyuan. Several people followed the boy from the auction house and walked into the auction venue, while Guo Huai turned and walked towards Xu Sai's residence.

     "Guo Huai, wait, Lao Tzu will never let you leave the East China Sea alive!" Xu Sai recovered for half an hour, finally forced out the blood in his heart, and couldn't help shouting loudly.

     "Xu Sai, open the door, don't wait until the auction is over, the little master is here." Xu Sai's voice just fell, and the nasty voice rang in his ears again. Xu Sai was taken aback, and opened the door with a gloomy face. Tang Tang Donghai Fuzong's top three masters in the ranking of the inner door were actually blocked at the door of the house, shame and shame.

     "Guo Huai, the auction will begin immediately. I don’t want to conflict with you. If you still chase, I don’t mind playing with you. Don’t think that I just lost to you in the Divine Sense competition. You will definitely be able to Win against me." Xu Sai said with a black face.

     "I don't plan to play with you now, let the Fur-head go, I will let you live a little longer, otherwise I don't mind making gestures with you now." As he said, Guo Huai left the seven-star compass with his right hand and smiled. Looked at Xu Sai."Smelly Monkey Boy, your master is here to pick you up, get out." Xu Sai looked at the thing in Guo Huai's hand. It was superb. Now he must be at a loss when he fights. Xu Sai opened the cage unhappy, Fur- Head walked out of the cage with a smug look, and ran towards Guo Huai Le Diandian.

     "Xu Sai, I will give you a sentence for free again, Xiaoye, don’t just yell the three words stinking Monkey Boy. Some people are very disgusted with these three words. If you irritate that person, even if you Fuzong has great ability At that time, it will also cause the disaster of extinction.” Guo Huai finished speaking, and walked towards the auction with Fur-head.

     "Guo Huai, I have taken note of this time, you are waiting, if I let you leave the East China Sea alive, I will not be named Xu!" Xu Sai thought to himself as he watched Guo Huai walk away.

     Naturally, Guo Huai didn't know Xu Sai's last words, it would be that Guo Huai was training Fur-head.

     "Boss, listen to me first. I know I was wrong. I shouldn't sneak out with Mengmeng. Boss, please forgive me this time." Fur-head looked at Guo Huai and squinted at himself. Admit the mistake."Fur-head, I brought you guys out from Firecloud Island back then, but you promised me very well. When I arrived at the Imperial Capital, everything listened to me. A few days after I was out, you took Little Mengmeng to the East China Sea. It's here. You should know how sinister the outside world is. If I don't come this time, Big Tiger might have been sold to some sects in the East China Sea to serve as the Spirit Beast." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Boss, I know it was wrong!" Fur-head said again with his head drooping.

     "Fur-head, this is the last time. If there is another next time, I will send you back to Firecloud Island. I think there is more suitable for you." After Guo Huai finished speaking, Fur-head nodded hurriedly, Fur -Head attitude Guo Huai is quite satisfied, six-eared macaque, I don’t have to worry about you anymore after the blood is awakened, but when will the blood awaken ah.

     Walking to the entrance of the auction, the young man arranged by Ding Luoyu was waiting for Guo Huai at the door, and then took Guo Huai into a box. Qin Wuyi and Lei Ao have also arrived. Counting the people of Big Tiger, the box is not too crowded. The table was filled with all kinds of delicacies, and the little girl had just had breakfast but started eating again.

     "Fur-head, that guy didn't abuse you, right." Big Tiger several people saw Fur-head sitting on Guo Huai's shoulders and hurriedly asked."No, I just took care of me for two days, he he, are you okay? I haven't beaten anyone in the six incarnation periods. This trip is shameful enough." Fur-head said with a smile, and the Big Tiger people Not talking anymore.

     "Fur-head, you said there is something here that attracts you. Wait until the auction starts. If you feel that way again, tell me. I will help you take pictures of the things. When you get the things, return to Imperial Capital and give them to me. Cultivation in a closed state, and when will the transformation be successful, and when will you leave." Guo Huai looked at Fur-head and said loudly, and Fur-head nodded solemnly.

     Then Guo Huai chatted with Qin Wuyi and Lei Ao. At this time, Ding Luoyu appeared in the field of vision. Today's Ding Luoyu is extraordinarily energetic. A white gown stands on the podium with a beautiful woman on the left and right sides. The two beautiful women are twins.

     "First of all, on behalf of the auction house, I welcome everyone to participate in this auction. There are a total of 1,383 things to be auctioned in the main venue today. Of course, there are also 18 branch venues around the auction house. Things, we don’t have statistics this time. It’s the same sentence we used to say. Donghai auctions are not for auctions and refuse to take credit. Just prepare the spirit stones." Ding Luoyu finished speaking, stepped off the rostrum and presided over this. The task of this auction was given to a pair of twins on stage."Most of the guests are old customers of Donghai Auction House, but we still need to talk to new customers about the rules of the auction. All the lots must be delivered to the auction house within 15 minutes after they are taken. Otherwise, the thing is not yours. If you can’t pay for the spirit stone, the 1,000 middle-grade spirit stone you handed to the auction will no longer be refunded, and the auction house will charge a 5% commission for the purchased product. Go to your school to collect it. If you don't get the handling fee, don't blame the auction house for not being affectionate." After the two beautiful women said one sentence, the auction officially began.

     "This is the first lot in this auction. Colorful corals are the largest in the East China Sea. There are countless corals, but corals with seven colors have only appeared three times in previous auctions. Colorful corals contain huge energy. As for How to use it, the auction is not very clear. The bottom price of this colorful coral is 10,000 middle-grade spirit stones, and the price increase is not less than 100 middle-grade spirit stones. Let's start." The beauty said loudly on the podium.According to the exchange ratio of East Sea spirit stones, one high-grade spirit stone can be exchanged for one thousand middle-grade spirit stones, and one middle-grade spirit stone can be exchanged for one thousand lower-grade spirit stones, but generally no one exchanges high-grade spirit stones for earth-level spirit stones. , Because the spirit stone has spirit, the aura on the spirit stone will gradually disappear over time, but the higher the quality of the spirit stone, the slower the aura disappears. No one wants to put on a pile of lower-grade spirit stones, which will become a hundred years later. A pile of stones.

     "Twenty thousand middle-grade spirit stones!" An old man raised the sign in his hand and said loudly when Ding Shuyu's voice fell.

     "This person is Xiao Ruoqing, the elder of Donghai Hunyuangu, with a lonely temperament, but his strength has reached the peak of Golden Core. Hunyuangu can be regarded as a sect with a head and face in the East China Sea." Qin Wuyi said softly to Guo Huai.

     "Twenty-five thousand middle-grade spirit stones, Brother Xiao, I'm really embarrassed, I also like this." Xiao Ruqing's voice just fell, and an old man not far away said with a smile.

     In the end, Colorful Coral was bought by Xiao Ruqing for the price of 50,000 middle-grade spirit stones. The first lot alone made Guo Huai understand one thing. There are many Donghai schools, many contradictions, and the little money he has now. It's not a landlord's wealth in the East China Sea!
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