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Chapter Directory 525 Do Not Kill
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Everyone looked at the two parties not giving way to each other, but because of what Guo Huai said just now, the people at the auction venue were not prepared to take care of this nosy, a Donghai martial arts, a mysterious medical practitioner, these two groups, neither of them wanted to intervene in offending .

     "Boy, wait. After the auction is over, let's settle our account." Fuzong's old man squinted at Guo Huai and said loudly.

     "Beauty, what else is auctioned right now? Didn't you see that everyone is busy?" A middle-aged man said with a smile, "Guo Huài Brother, Donghai Chen Family is willing to befriend Heaven's Way Sect, this time you and Fu Zong Chen Family will not interfere with the contradiction of the situation, but if any family wants to help Fu Zong, Chen Family will help Little Brother Huai stand in for a while."

     Chen Family, yes, Chen Family, ranked fifth in the East China Sea, directly stated that he wants to publicly support the healing of the Heaven's Way Sect in front of him, but it is understandable that Chen Family and Fu Zong's fight openly and maneuver covertly back then It is no secret in the East China Sea.

     "Then I would like to thank Old Brother Chen first. You will accept this medicine first. After Fuzong is resolved, I will go to Chen Family to pay a visit to Brother Chen." Guo Huai said, a jade bottle flew towards Chen Yanzhou, who laughed Then, Fu Zong's face became even more ugly."Brother Luo Yu, I have delayed the auction of your auction house again. There are a hundred catties of fine wine here, which is considered to be compensation for your auction house." Guo Huai threw a gourd to Ding Luoyu. In fact, Guo Huai and the auction house are already an alliance. , It’s not an exaggeration to give your allies something.

     Ding Luoyu took the wine gourd directly, smiled and nodded to Guo Huai, worrying about how to ask the bad man to order some wine for his old man to deal with the errand, but he didn't expect the bad man to directly give a hundred catties, Heaven's Way Sect , Payable, payable.

     The auction will continue. The hundreds of items sold in the afternoon are progressing very quickly, and the prices are not low. Guo Huai once again photographed a few magic weapons that can be distributed to Dazhu and others. Fu Zong did not follow the chaos, and Fu Zong also took the final shot. A few lots were sold, but the atmosphere of the whole auction became a little bit wrong in the later stage of the auction. Everyone focused their eyes on Guo Huai and Fu Zong.

     "Lao Wan, you said that the young man fought with a group of Fuzong guys, who has a better chance of victory. Fuzong should take the lead in Xu Kuang, who is already at the peak of Golden Core. If not deliberately suppressing his strength, he should be able to break through Nascent Soul. Stage has entered the Leaving Body Stage, and the strength is not weak." Bei Xinren said with a smile.

     "Lao Bei, if you don't suppress your strength, can you already fly to Heaven Realm." Wan Nianfei didn't answer Bei Xinren's words, but asked Bei Xinren jokingly.Bei Xinren did not answer, his eyes fell on Guo Huai, the same Golden Core peak state, but it gave Bei Xinren a feeling of incomprehension. Bei Xinren could not figure out what adventures or gains such a young man would have. How many pills are taken to pile up in such a realm.

     "Asai, the strength of this Guo Huai is not weak. Although it is in the same realm as you and me, according to what you said on that day, you can defeat you without using a magic weapon. If I fight alone with him, I may not be able to Take advantage of it. If there is a war in a while, you directly run back to the Fuzong Elder’s Mansion and call for people, be sure to keep them in the East China Sea, otherwise we Fuzong may be in trouble." Xu Kuang said through the sound transmission.

     Xu Sai glanced at the group of people around Guo Huai, the masters of the six incarnation stages. If he hadn't succeeded in a sneak attack with magic weapons on that day, he might not be able to easily capture a few people. Look at Dazhu and Kong Fei, although they are only Bigu. Stage realm, but it gives Xu Sai an uncomfortable feeling. It seems that he is also a good fighter. With the addition of Guo Tongyuan who can’t see the way, Xu Sai also understands why 3rd Elder Xu Kuang is so cautious. and solemn."The last lot to be auctioned today is also from the source of the East China Sea. This is a stone tablet with words inscribed on it. However, the people at our auction house cannot recognize what is written on it. It may be a record stone, but it may also be. The recorded method, as the last lot of the auction, we are going to give everyone a benefit. The characters on the stone tablet have been printed by us. You can take a look at it. The stone tablet will be auctioned at a low price later." Ding Shuyu laughed Said.

     A group of people looked at the big screen at the auction site, but in almost five minutes, everyone shook their heads. Can the messy things displayed on the big screen be called a word? No wonder the auction house took it out to share with everyone, it was too foolish.

     "Girl, tell me what the price of your stone tablet is. If it's cheap, the old man will just buy it as a stepping stone, so don't waste everyone's time." The Patriarch Zheng said with a smile. , You finally come up with such a broken stone finale, it is hard for the auction house to still want to make a fortune by clever.

     But at this time, no one didn't know what Guo Huai thought in the heart of the expressionless Guo Huai. If anyone knew, they would try to grab the stone monument."The stele of good and evil, how could the stele of good and evil appear in Mortal World? According to legend, after Nuwa walked the road of merit, she obtained a stone stele called the stele of good and evil, on which there was a very powerful Immortal Art named good and evil. There was a report, but I didn't know why, but the stele of good and evil was missing. I didn't expect to find it in Mortal World." Guo Huai be wild with joy, thinking secretly in his heart.

     If he did not have the experience of being in charge of the Book of Heaven back then, Guo Huai would not recognize this stele as the stele of good and evil that was lost that year, because Guo Huai could not fully recognize the inscription on it. Only then did I recognize the last lot of this auction, the priceless treasure, the stele of good and evil.

     "The base price of this stele is one thousand high-grade spirit stones. If you have friends who want to take pictures, you can bid." Ding Shuyu said softly with a reddish face.

     "One hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones, please hurry up, if not, don't delay the little master's affairs." Guo Huai stood up and shouted. A group of people once again set their eyes on Guo Huai's body. The price of top-grade spirit stones is not bad for this young man.

     "Hundred thousand, is there any higher?" Ding Shuyu asked in a formal way, Guo Huai's heart was like ten thousand stampeding horses, beauties, stop shouting, in case there are people shouting, you let me continue to shout or not. ."Shuyu, don't stop 100,000 top-grade spirit stones. This stele is directly given to Brother Huai. This auction is over and everyone can leave." Ding Luoyu said loudly while standing on the stage. This time there was no one in the audience. There are objections.

     Guo Huai nodded to Ding Luoyu, and was not in a hurry to get the stone tablet. If the stone tablet is taken away now, some people will be able to see what happened. Now it is not too late to solve the Fuzong issue.

     Guo Huai looked at Fur-head, who had entered the transformation stage, and nodded gently to Guo Tongyuan. The battle of Fu Zong, Guo Tongyuan did not need to participate for the time being, Guo Huai led the Big Tiger six and Dazhu Kong Fei directly out , The little girl wanted to fly out, but was directly stopped in his arms by Guo Tongyuan.

     "Little Mengmeng, stay here honestly. This time the boss and the bad guys are not easy to fight, don't let the boss be distracted." Guo Tongyuan said softly.

     Little Mengmeng nodded half-knowingly, and sat down on the stool in the box. At this time, the people of Fuzong also flew out of the auction venue.

     "Big Tiger, set up the formation, you stop that Xu Sai, how he bullied you at the time, how do you bully you now! Dazhu, Kong Fei, stop other people, if you dare to resist, kill it!"
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