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Chapter Directory 526 Big Devil Trail
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai finished talking with a few people, and he quickly laid a few Great Arrays in the void. At this time, Fu Zong’s 3rd Elder Xu Kuang flew out of the auction venue.

     "Old thief from the Xu family, flying so fast, don't you want to run." Guo Huai shouted at Xu Big Tiger. The others in Fu Zong had already dispersed in several directions.

     "Boy, I need you today to pay for what you say and do today." Xu Kuang said, with a long knife in his hand, and a powerful breath came from the blade. Guo Huai didn't dare to care. Holding the pirated sky-shaking seal he refined and refined in his hand, he directly greeted him.

     "Dazhu, four people, let's one and two, think of a way to get them together." When the voice fell, Kong Fei increased his speed by another point, blocking the two Fuzong disciples who had escaped separately in one place, in the realm of Bigu Stage. To deal with Opening Light Stage, enough and to spare.

     "Six big guys, get out of me. Have you forgotten what the little master caught the other day?" Xu Sai couldn't help shouting as he watched the Big Tiger surrounded him.

     "The shame of that day, we have to get it back today." After Big Tiger finished, several big guys looked at each other. After spending so many years together, they naturally understood the meaning of these eyes. Xu Sai felt that his whole body pressure had doubled. The six big guys actually put together Array Formation and surrounded themselves.Then people from several big families in the East China Sea came out of the auction hall. The Chen Family master took several disciples of Chen Family and flew into the void, and several other big families who got on the table sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight. Looking at the two parties who have already fought in the void.

     "This young man is not weak. If Xu Kuang doesn't unlock his suppressive power, Golden Core alone will not be a young opponent at all." Bei Xinren said with a smile.

     "The two big guys over there, if I suppress my strength in the Bigu Stage realm, I don’t think it’s easy to win against them. The younger ones are fine to deal with. Look at that guy. The tricks are deadly. All are killer moves. !" Wan Nianfei pointed to Dazhu and Kong Fei and said.

     "The six big guys besieging Xu Sai are not easy. The transformation period is not in the realm of Bigu Stage. Six people besieging Xu Sai, a golden core master who has the slightest tribal disadvantage." Several old men looked at Big Tiger and the six discussed spiritedly .

     "Boy, your Heaven's Way Sect is a bit bully intolerably." After Xu Kuangcan dodges the overturning seal in Guo Huai's hand, he saw that the four Fuzong disciples had been captured by Xuē Dazhu and Kong Fei. He shouted at Guo Huai."Bully intolerably, Xu Sai sold my daughter and the six Spirit Beasts of the family to the auction house in Donghai. Why don’t you say that I am bully intolerably, Donghai Fuzong, don’t think I don’t know who you are, even Xu Fu back then? Thank you, Heaven's Way Sect ancestor three points, just you, do not apologize for doing something wrong, you still can't make sense, today I want to tear your face with Fuzong, undying!" Guo Huai shouted.

     Originally, the people in Donghai had heard of the contradiction between Guo Huai and Fu Zong. Now they can understand why the young man in front of him is so angry. Isn't the thing that the person who cultivates the most hated is to attack his relatives?

     "Xu Sai, I will raise my strength to the Nascent Soul Stage realm in a while, and I will help you break the Great Array. Don't worry about us. Go to Fuzong and invite people from the Elder's Mansion. These people can be regarded as Liangzi with us. It's completely knotted." Xu Kuang told Xu Sai through the sound transmission. The latter glanced at Xu Kuang and nodded gently.

     Guo Huai also saw Xu Sai and Xu Kuang looking at each other, and he couldn't help but feel a little worried. After fighting with Xu Kuang for so long, he could naturally feel that Xu Kuang's strength was more than his current level, although he was not only such strength, but Guo Huai couldn't dare to let go of strength like Xu Kuang."Boy, I didn't want to kill you, you asked for everything, let you see what the strength of Fuzong 3rd Elder is, Heaven's Way Sect, I have never heard of China having such a sect!" Xu Kuang With that said, his own realm directly broke through the Golden Core realm, a round Nascent Soul that was exactly the same as himself appeared in the Dantian, and then Nascent Soul was directly separated, which means that Xu Kuang’s strength is at least Nascent. Soul peak, even as long as he wants, he can enter the Leaving Body Stage at any time.

     "It turns out that there is a hole card, Nascent Soul Stage, yes, this kind of strength is a bit tricky." Guo Huai said softly without expression. If he is only facing a Nascent Soul Stage master, Guo Huai will rely on his magic weapon. A battle is still possible, but what he is worried about now is whether Xu Kuang will save Xu Sai. If the two join forces, the Array Formation laid down by the Big Tiger six will be broken. It is difficult to keep all these people. Up.

     "A Sai, it is now, in the southeast direction, rushing out from the direction of the giant bear, and hurried back to Fu Zong for help." Xu Kuang moved, almost as Guo Huai thought, he ran directly to the six Xu Sai and Big Tiger. Directly rushing through a gap in the originally impeccable Six Beast Dragon Array, Xu Sai ran towards the outside at that instant."Boy, is it possible that you still want to be one enemy two, and you will pass my level first." Then, Xu Kuang's speed is faster than the first grabbing speed. I don't know how much, and directly blocked Guo Huai's path.

     "Big Tiger, do your best, forget it if you don't," Guo Huai said loudly, and he fought Xu Kuang again.

     "Boss, this guy is too fast, we can't catch up." Bear Three couldn't help but said.

     "Chasing, if we can't stop this Xu Sai this time, we will have no face to follow the boss, and let's go back to Firecloud Island." Big Tiger said, directly burning the blood in the body, and the speed is faster, but watching Xu Tiger had immediately escaped from the sphere of influence of the auction house, and the crowd of spectators couldn't help shaking their heads. It was basically impossible to stop Xu Sai.

     Just when everyone was sighing for Big Tiger, a golden light flashed from the auction venue and rushed in the direction of Xu Sai's escape.

     "Who is that? The speed is too fast. I am afraid that the masters of Separating Divinity Stage have no such speed. When will the auction house have such a number one person." Bei Xinren was the first to discover the golden light.

     "Big Tiger, I'm going to stop that guy, you guys are ready to line up." A handsome blond boy shouted at Big Tiger, Big Tiger was shocked, and then the breath of the boy let Big Tiger know that the blond boy was Who is it, Fur-head, Fur-head transformed successfully."Who are you, why did you stop me from going, I don't want to die, or I will be undying with you." Xu Kuang looked at the boy in front of him and shouted.

     "You don't know the little master so soon. When you locked the little master in the cage, it seemed that the relationship between the two of us was good!" Fur-head looked at Xu Sai and said with a hint of joking.

     "You, you are the little Monkey Boy!" Xu Sai knows who the boy in front of him is, and he guessed right at the beginning. This little Monkey Boy has a terrifying blood in his body, otherwise it is impossible to be like this after transforming. ability.

     "It's not for me, then die," Xu Sai said, rushing directly to Fur-head, although Fur-head is not slow, but in terms of strength, it is quite different from Xu Sai, but at this moment , The Big Tiger six had already chased him, and once again trapped Xu Sai in the six beasts trapped in the dragon formation.

     "Boy, die, I will let you see my real cultivation level today." Xu Kuang watched Xu Sai trapped again, and a Divine Sense that had been suppressing his own strength in his body was forcibly broken open by him. Separating Divinity Stage, Going directly over the Leaving Body Stage and entering the Separating Divinity Stage, Bei Xinren even stood up directly. It is impossible for Fu Zong Xu Kuang to have such strength.

     "Devil breath, there is demon breath in the body, it is possible that your Fuzong people are also related to Great Demon, if this is the case, then the young master will not have to keep alive."
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