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Chapter Directory 530 Donghai Fight Doctor (3)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

As everyone watched as Ah Qi was preparing to break through the Bigu Stage realm and enter the Congealing Core Stage, the toxicity of the tears of the fairy reached the third stage. It was originally an itching in the veins, and it could be resisted by Ah Qi's tough will, but now The toxicity of the tears of the gods, Ah Qi could not hold up.

     "If you honestly carry down the second stage, you may still be able to survive the third stage, but you actually want to break through the realm with a body of poison, it is really ridiculous." The ghost doctor said with a hint of sarcasm. Said.

     Everyone was not talking, and their eyes all fell on Guo Huai's body. A Qiqi orifices were bleeding, but to everyone's surprise, in this situation, Guo Huai still pierced and pulled a needle on Aqi body quickly. The body trembled. Later, several Donghai masters could already tell from Ah Qi's eyes that Ah Qi's Divine Sense was in a slack. If it can't be treated in time, Ah Qi will definitely die, but Guo Huai still has no other actions.

     "Several old friends watching the excitement, I advise everyone, it is best to stay away. If the poisonous blood of the body of ten thousand poisons is splashed on your body, the ghost doctor will not be responsible for what will happen then." Said with a smile, the winning ticket is in hand, yes, according to the current situation, Guo Huai will undoubtedly lose."Aqi, I know you can hear me, protect my heart, trust me!" Guo Huai passed the sound into Aqi's mind, and tossed for an hour, whenever he had some clues in Guo Huai , The change in the nature of the poison will make Guo Huai's original preparations all messed up.

     Guo Huai's voice transmission entered Qi's mind. Although Qi was still the same as before, Guo Huai could feel that Qi was working hard to refresh himself in his heart protected by the Great Array of Silver Needles.

     "I know you can't bear it anymore. I can't die by reciting to myself a hundred times in silence. I must wake up after half an hour and recite slowly by myself!" Guo Huai once again passed a sound transmission into Ah Qi's mind During this time, Ah Qi was forced to carry it again for half an hour.

     The ghost doctor was stunned. According to his calculations, Ah Qi could not survive the third stage, but now Ah Qi is still conscious. Looking at the time, the fairy tears will immediately enter the fourth stage of medicinal properties. If he doesn’t do anything, Ah Seven must die, and this battle of doctors can also end.

     After carrying it again for half an hour, Ah Qi was like the same corpse, except that he did not lie down, and there was no trace of breath on his body. Bei Xinren and Wannianfei shook their heads at the same time, although Guo Huai's silver needle was still there. Ah Qi pierced and pulled out, but they did not believe that Guo Huai could still wake Ah Qi under this situation."Patriarch, Brother Seven is dead, a master of Bigu Stage, that's it." A middle-aged man behind the Chen Family Patriarch said softly, even though A Qi was the one who tried Guo Huai's medicine at the time, even though A Qi was only Chen. A deceased member of the Family, but Ah Qi's "death" still made Chen Family feel a little uncomfortable.

     "No, A Qi hasn't completely lost his vitality, but I am afraid that Brother Guo will not return to Power of Heaven." Chen Family Patriarch said softly. If Guo Huai loses, according to the betting contract, Guo Huai needs to go to Guiyi Island for a year. , Chen Family will be completely closed this year. Let's not talk about ghost doctors, Fuzong alone will make them overwhelmed.

     As time passed by, Guo Huai used all kinds of detoxification and detoxification methods he had learned in his life on Qi, but there was no progress. Guo Huai could naturally feel the changes in Qi’s body. Within ten minutes, there is no other way but to use the pill in Laojun Gourd, otherwise Ah Qi will definitely die.

     "After two hours, I have completely figured out the ingredients of the tears of the gods. Why is this happening? What have I overlooked?" Guo Huai shouted in his heart. After more than an hour of tossing, Guo Huai's spiritual power has also been exhausted. The limit."Mr. Guo, if the old man is not allowed to take action, this Ah Qi will not be able to save him even if he is a god." The ghost doctor said with a smile, "If a doctor can deal with the body of all poisons, it is still a kind of poison. Body."

     "Body of Ten Thousand Poisons?" There were four words in Guo Huai's mind, Body of Ten Thousand Poisons. Although the body of ten thousand poisons was not recorded in the heavenly book, there is a record about the body of ten thousand poisons, Guo Huai. Suddenly the eyes lit up.

     The Poison Demon Body, the Poison Demon collected eighty-one Source of Evil back then to refine his Fleshly Body into the Poison Demon Body. Dallo Golden Immortal did not dare to approach him. The Poison Demon Body was no longer a poison. Nai Xie body was eventually pierced by ten thousand drops of tears of a newborn baby from an ancient Buddha in the Western Paradise, and the poison demon was sealed. Guo Huai thought of the records of the celestial script that year.

     "The body of ten thousand poisons, I am afraid that it is no longer a poisonous body. It is already an evil body. Back then, the ancient Buddha used tens of thousands of drops of babies’ eyes. That is the purest thing. Since it's an evil body, it should be solved with Zhiyang things." Guo Huai thought to himself in his heart, got up and stood up, his eyes fell on a boy at the auction house 10,000 meters away.

     "Don't move Ah Qi, I'll go back." When the voice fell, Guo Huai flew directly to the boy, "Dazhu Kong Fei, each person prepares seven drops of essence and blood, and I will use it later."Guo Huai got up and flew, and many strong men followed and flew. I saw Guo Huai falling beside the boy, and then a group of people followed. The little boy under three years old was scared to pee. Guo Huai was not wasted at all. , Put all the boy urine in the jade bottle.

     "Little guy, the little master scared you. Forget about this pendant, the little master will give you compensation, he he." Guo Huai said, a seven-color string bean pendant hung inside the little boy's neck, and the child suddenly Not crying, a pair of black brondon eyes looked at Guo Huai. The boy's mother saw at a glance that the kidney beans are not ordinary products, and smiled and nodded to Guo Huai.

     A few old guys glanced at the seven-color string beans and couldn't help but smile. This Guo Huai is really generous. Not only is the material of the string beans is unusual, each of the three beans of the string beans is covered with a Xiaoxiao Array Formation. , I am afraid that such a thing cannot be bought without tens of thousands of high-grade spirit stones.

     But after a while, a group of people followed Guo Huai again and flew back to the place where the doctor was fighting. Now is not the time to study the pendant, the life of Ah Qi is in imminent peril.

     "Master Huai, the blood has been taken out, what we need to do." Dazhu and Kong Fei stood in front of Guo Huai and said softly.

     Guo Huai didn't say much, and directly poured the two parts of blood into the jade bottle he had just filled with the boy's urine, and then directly crushed a 9-Color Pill medicine and put it into the jade bottle."Aqi, if you believe in the little master, the little master will help you to the end. It is only a small time to detoxify the poison. The little master will help you deal with the vulgar wounds of these years. If you can save the little master a god pill, this little master The god pill is still for you." Guo Huai said, he opened A Qi's closed mouth and poured all the contents of the jade bottle into A Qi's mouth.

     "Hmph, in the situation of the big guy now, you actually gave him such a strong medicine, even if it can detoxify, the big guy will undoubtedly die. His current situation simply cannot support such a powerful medicine." The ghost doctor glanced at it. Out of the last pill that Guo Huai had joined, she couldn't help but say.

     "If the masters of Bigu Stage can't even hold this kind of pill, that's what Bigu Stage. I know what you mean. Isn't it the body of ten thousand poisons? The master has one medicine and two cures. If the body is done, Ah Qi will naturally have no problems." Guo Huai said, squinting at the ghost doctor.

     "That big guy moved, it's unexpected, he is still alive." I don't know who shouted, and everyone turned their eyes on Ah Qi again.

     "Ahqi, stabilize your mind and break through the Bigu Stage. As for whether you can directly Congealing Core into the Golden Core realm, it depends on your own destiny."
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