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Chapter Directory 531 End Of Fighting Doctor
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai's words made everyone's eyes wide open. How could this be possible? A person who has been included in the death list by many people not only has the possibility of living, but even the realm can be improved by two levels. Bigu Stage to Golden Core Stage, join in the fun There are many Golden Core Stage masters among the people who want to enter Golden Core Stage from Bigu Stage easier said than done.

     The ghost doctor's gaze was staring at Ah Qi, watching the seven-colored patches on A Qi's upper body and face slowly fade and disappear. The ghost doctor felt that his palms began to sweat, which is impossible. The master said, There is no way to crack the tears of the fairy, and the antidote on his own body can only make this big guy live for another year.

     A little bit of time passed, and the seven-colored patches on Ah Qi's body had completely disappeared. The Fleshly Body, which had no vitality, was now full of energy fluctuations. From time to time, several muffled thunders appeared above the East China Sea Auction House. What does this thunder mean? , How could people in the Golden Core state not know that only when the Congealing Core Stage enters the Golden Core state, will such thunderstorms be drawn.

     "Lao Bei, we seem to have all guessed wrong. This young man from Heaven's Way Sect should be able to deal with the tears of the ghost doctor." Wan Nianfei said softly, and Bei Xinren smiled and nodded. At this time, the ghost doctor began to sit a little. Can't help it."Ghost doctor, what do you want to do? If you don't want to fight doctors, we can compare with others." Guo Huai watched the ghost doctor's fingertips appear black, and a silver needle stuck straight on the ghost doctor's arm. Asked while looking at the ghost doctor with a smile.

     "Hmph, don't be too happy, the tears of the gods will explode at the end, and it will kill this big guy, and you will lose the last one." The ghost doctor gritted his teeth and said.

     "Whoever loses and who wins will know in ten minutes. I hope that the last outbreak you mentioned can really break out." Guo Huai said softly, but at this time, the auction house has spread to every corner. Guo Huai of Heaven's Way Sect, this match should be the ghost doctor lost.

     In thirteen minutes, there was a huge outbreak of Shenxian Tears, but it was just such an outbreak, which completely activated all the medicinal effects of the pill that Guo Huai took to Ah Qi, supporting the pure energy of this medicinal effect. , Ah Qi opened his eyes, Golden Core is completed, Ah Qi has truly entered the ranks of the strong, Mortal World Golden Core Stage master.

     "Impossible, this is impossible, you can't crack the master's poison, you are cheating, you must be cheating." The ghost doctor looked at Ah Qi waking up, couldn't help but shouted, and then suddenly confronted desperately. Ah Qi started."The outcome is determined, Guiyi, you lose, don't you still want to do it?" Guo Huai did not do it. Bei Xinren and Wan Nianfei shot at the same time, directly stopping the fist of Guiyi on Ah Qi.

     "Old man Bei, old man Wan, do you dare to take care of the ghost doctor island?" The ghost doctor shouted at the two old men.

     "I would like to lose the bet. You are from Donghai. If you were a black hand just now, where is our Donghai face?" Bei Xinren said loudly, Guo Huai pointed his thumb at Beiwan.

     "Seven brother, you collected this pill. You were planning to use this pill to renew your life. I didn't expect you to fight for your own strength and give me the rest of the pill, but I said this pill at the beginning. I'll give you the rest. Take it away. After today's things are over, I will tell you how to take it." Guo Huai said with a smile, Ah Qi is also welcome, and directly took the pill. At this time everyone will look at Gathered on Guo Huai and the ghost doctor.

     "Ghost doctor, you lost!" Guo Huai said softly with a blank face. The ability to finally find a way to detoxify is Guo Huai's biggest gain in this fight. Of course, if there is a greater gain, it is the ghost doctor. The two words spoken just now, Master, who is the master of this ghost doctor, Guo Huai wants to know."What if you lose? Don't you dare to let me follow you, if you dare, I will follow you, but you must be prepared to be poisoned at any time." The ghost doctor said with a smile.

     "Everyone, go away. The rest is my personal grievances with Ghost Doctor. If anyone needs to see a doctor, go to the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment in a month. Guo Huai is waiting for you at the Clinic of No Treatment." Guo Huai did not answer the ghost doctor's words, and said loudly to everyone.

     There were still a few people who were going to watch the excitement, but since Guo Huai said so, a group of people don’t stay too much. This young man can’t afford it. It’s better to have a good relationship with him. Everyone said goodbye to Guo Huai. This auction will Regardless of whether you have gained or not, everyone is quite satisfied to be able to meet the number one person like Guo Huai.

     "Little Brother Huai, Ah Qi will follow you from now on. It's really unexpected. Ah Qi has such a chance. After some time, my Chen Family will go to the Imperial Capital to visit my brother." Chen Family Patriarch finished speaking and brought his own. People also left the auction, and now the whole auction house’s fighting doctors are only left with Guo Huai and Ding Luoyu’s elders, as well as ghost doctors.

     "Boy, what do you want?" The ghost doctor squinted at Guo Huai and asked loudly. It is impossible to escape directly. Not to mention dealing with Guo Huai, it is just a one-on-one fight with Ah Qi. It's hard to win."Brother Luo Yu, this time the East China Sea and his party are very disturbing to the auction house, but we can get closer and closer in the future." Guo Huai said, holding Ding Luoyu in his arms, and then pulling Ding Luoyu aside.

     "Here are ten big money back pill and one 9-rank Golden Core. I won’t say much about the role of big money back pill. You keep this 9-rank Golden Core for use when you fly to the Heaven Realm. Make sure you half the work. , twice the effect, don’t be busy thanking me for now, I know that the people of Fuzong have contacted your auction house. When they go to the mansion that they photographed, it will be fine for my brother to let me know. It’s very deep, I’ll leave it to my brother.” Guo Huai said in a soft voice, Ding Luoyu took the medicine that Guo Huai gave and refused? The fool refused.

     "Brother Huai don't worry, I will let you know when the time comes, Fu Zong's strength is not weak, you must be careful." Ding Luoyu said softly, after seeing Guo Huai's magical medical skills, Ding Luoyu has made up his mind and must follow This Guo Huai is good.

     "Brother Luoyu, I have to be bothered at the auction house for a few days. The matter between me and the ghost doctor has not been resolved, but I can rest assured that there will be no trouble, but I have to stay in the yard where we lived before. That's it." After Guo Huai said, Ding Luoyu nodded, Guo Huai and his group walked back to their residence with the ghost doctor."Young Master, I know that you have a good relationship with that Guo Huai, but I'm afraid it would be wrong to let them stay in our auction house." An old man said softly.

     "There are ten great reward pills here. I can't find a reason to refuse him. I'm going to see my grandfather in a while. I'll take care of this." Ding Luoyu finished speaking, and turned and left the place where he was fighting the doctor.

     In the forbidden area of Ding's house, two people, one old and one small, were sitting face to face. The old man took the Guo Huai and gave Ding Luoyu Golden Core to play a little, and laughed at Ding Luoyu.

     "Grandpa, this pill really does have an effect on the ascent of Heaven Realm as Brother Huai said?" Ding Luoyu asked softly.

     "This Guo Huai is not a mortal. I am now in the Fusion Stage realm. I am only a short distance from Crossing Tribulation. Now I can only stay here to avoid the thunder. With this medicine, the day of Lao Tzu's Crossing Tribulation is not far away. That Heaven's Way Sect has a good relationship, not just on the surface, but you have to really have a good relationship with him, and how far the Ding family can go in the future, I am afraid that it will be on that Guo Huai." The old man said in a low voice.

     Ding Luoyu was completely stunned. Only a few people knew about his grandfather's forbidden land in Ding's house. The old man suppressed his strength to avoid Heavenly Tribulation, but he did not expect to comment so highly on Guo Huai."Boss, how do we deal with this ghost doctor? Take such a guy with you, I'm afraid something will happen sooner or later.
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