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Chapter Directory 534 One Against Four
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

For almost five hours on the seabed, the auction house’s 3rd Elder and 7th Elder took the four Fuzong people to a very remote place in the East China Sea. The two pulled a bunch of seaweed aside, and the other was a simple seabed. The door appeared in front of everyone.

     "Friends of Fuzong, this is the entrance to the unknown mansion that was photographed by Elder Xu Kuang. The gate of the void will appear every three hours. Wait a while and you will see the true face of the gate of this mansion. We will go back first." 3rd Elder said with a smile.

     "Two wait a minute, we can't see the gate of the void now, we have no way to determine whether this mansion was the one we photographed by the elder Xu Kuang, the two should wait until the gate of the void appears before leaving." One of Fuzong's The old man stepped forward and stopped them and said.

     "Yes, then we'll accompany you for a while." The auction house 7th Elder said softly, and the two of them moved a little apart from the four of Fu Zong. The masters of the Golden Core realm will have no problem staying on the seabed for a day.

     "Let’s just wait here. After the two elders of the auction house leave, let’s go over again. The four Golden Core peak masters, it’s a bit difficult to kill them all at once. If one of them ran out. At that time, it will cause a lot of trouble to the auction house." Guo Huai told Guo Tongyuan and Fur-head through the sound transmission.Ten thousand meters away, the three of them converged their aura to the limit, and the four of Fuzong would never notice that there were four others here.

     "Junior brother, make sure this cave is the place where you hid the treasure back then, if not, we will come for nothing this time." Guo Huai asked with a smile and voice transmission.

     "Boss, I can't be sure until the Void Gate appears. When I ascended back then, in order to keep a back hand, Fleshly Body carried the sensory stone of the mansion, but the ascendant failed and the sensory stone was long gone, otherwise I don’t need it. So troublesome." Guo Tongyuan said softly.

     After waiting for about an hour, Guo Huai felt a strange energy rushing towards them from the bottom of the sea, and then rushed to the two elders of Fu Zong and the auction house. Guo Huai's eyes fixed on the location of the residence just now. , A virtual door flashed with a treasure word on it, appeared in front of everyone.

     "Junior, but is your mansion back then?" Guo Huai asked through the sound transmission.

     "Yes, I stayed in the East China Sea back then, haha, boss, wait to see a good show. It's just a foolish dream for them to break the Array Formation outside my mansion." Guo Tongyuan said confidently. , Guo Huai smiled and nodded."Friends of Fuzong, the mansion has confirmed that we are going back to our lives." 3rd Elder said softly, but at the moment they were about to leave, an invisible rope entangled him and 7th Elder. together.

     "What do you mean?" 7th Elder asked with a sullen face. Before the people who brought Fuzong to the mansion, Ding Luoyu had told them that Fuzong was not a good thing. Xu Kuang died at the auction house. They are very likely to be. Turning over, I didn't expect to really turn over.

     "Two, my elder Xu Kuang, Fuzong, has disappeared in your auction house. Asai’s whereabouts are still unknown. Now you find a mansion and say that they bought it. We don’t believe it. Naturally, we have to wait for the mansion to open and take a look at the mansion. There is something in it, so I can put two of them, so I'll be wronged for the two first." The old man Fu Zong who had not spoken raised his head and looked at the two with a smile.

     "Xu Bian, you are Fu Zong Xu Bian." 3rd Elder said loudly, and the old man nodded with a smile.

     "Haha, I didn't expect that there are still people in the East China Sea who know Xu Bian, the king of my formation. Now that I know I am Xu Bian, you don't want to run away. I also put an Array Formation on this rope. You can't break it." Xu Said with a smile.

     "Great Elder, don't write with them anymore, Mr. Meng hastened to open the mansion as intended. There should be good things inside." Another Fuzong elder said softly.Xu Bian nodded, and walked straight to the front of the door, put his palm on the door of the void, and slowly closed his eyes.

     "Brother, do it, this Array Formation was laid out by you back then. You should know best how to break the array. After Fur-head and Tongyuan breaking the array, you drag the two elders of the auction house into the array together, and the rest Leave the matter to me.” Guo Huai can feel the Array Formation on the Void Gate 10,000 meters away. When Xu Bian’s palm is placed on it, the Array Formation has changed, and after that, the Array Formation has changed. Strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term) Alright.

     Guo Tongyuan nodded, and the three looked at each other. Guo Huai was the first to rush over, but the target was not Xu Bian who was breaking the array, but the three people around Xu Bian. The elders of Fu Zong were naturally not good. The moment the Guo Huai breath appeared, the three stood with their backs facing each other, forming an offensive and defensible formation.

     "You are Guo Huai from Heaven's Way Sect. We are not going to trouble you. You dare to deliver it yourself." Fuzong First Elder shouted loudly.

     "Huh, Xu Kuang was killed by the little master. You know what you Fuzong did. You want to take treasure from the mansion. Your thinking is too simple. Come on, let the little master see what strength you have. Go on with the four of you, hahaha." Guo Huai laughed and the flying knife in his hand stabbed an old man in Fuzong."The third one, the three of us led this guy away and don't affect the big brother breaking the array." An old Fuzong man said, rushing directly to Guo Huai, and the other two also surrounded Guo Huai from two directions.

     "Junior brother, right now, you go to the mansion and leave me alone." Guo Huai roared and Guo Tongyuan appeared directly. Xu Bian, who had already entered the gate of the void by Divine Sense, suddenly felt pressure, and quickly removed Divine Sense. After exiting, Guo Tongyuan smiled at the corner of his mouth and opened the Array Formation.

     "Fur-head, fast!" Guo Tongyuan yelled at a place not far away. In terms of strength, Fur-head is not an opponent of anyone present, but in terms of speed, no one can be faster than this six-eared macaque In less than a breath, Fur-head had already grabbed the two elders of the auction house and turned and entered the Great Array.

     "Brother Tongyuan, the boss is still outside, let's go out and help." Fur-head looked at Xu Bian outside the Void Gate with a frustrated expression, and couldn't help but said Guo Huai, who was surrounded by three people.

     "Don't worry, the boss must have a way. Let's go to the mansion and take a look." Guo Tongyuan said with a smile, "The two auction house brothers, the kill sb for his property goods are made by us. There are some good things in the mansion. , You can follow in, but nothing will be distributed to you."3rd Elder and 7th Elder nodded, Guo Tongyuan reached out his hand to untie the rope tied to them, and then "blatantly" stuffed the rope into his clothes. Naturally, the two old men couldn’t say anything. It was someone else. Killed his own life.

     The four of Guo Tongyuan entered the mansion, and Guo Huai's current situation was extremely dangerous. Because Guo Tongyuan controlled the Array Formation, Xu Bian could no longer break the array outside, so the anger naturally spread on Guo Huai's body.

     "Boy, you have ruined our Fuzong's good deeds. Since we can't get the treasure in the mansion, we will take your head and go back to life." Xu Bian shouted, "I want to see how you can be one enemy four. "

     "Hmph, even if the little master does not spoil your good deeds, based on our relationship, after you get the mansion baby, will you go to the little master's trouble?" Guo Huai said, suddenly there was one more person in his hand, not Xu Who will the game be?

     "Great Elder, save me ah!"
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