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Chapter Directory 539 Back Inland
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Guo Huai, this is our Fuzong's pill. Fuzong ancient books record that this pill is called Danzu, but it doesn't look like the outsiders thought." Xu Bian said and handed a sandalwood box to it. Guo Huai, Guo Huai reached out and took the box, and put it directly into Laojun's gourd.

     "Excuse me, Brother Xu Bian, let's go in and talk." Guo Huai made a gesture of inviting. Although he didn't say anything, Guo Huai was already happy at this time. The original ancestor of the pill was actually here, the opportunity, this is a great opportunity.

     "My brother, don't you check Dan Zu?" Xu Bian asked softly.

     "My brother was right that day. It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive. Since I am a friend, I naturally believe in you." Guo Huai said with a smile, "You take this bottle of pill, I hope it is right. You Fuzong can help. We are both Martial Cultivator. I will just say something. Although the world seems calm, it is really rough in the dark. I hope Fuzong can stand up when we need Fuzong's help."

     "My brother is polite, Fuzong still said that. When it is necessary for us, we will follow Heaven's Way Sect follow blindly!"

     Xu Bian’s excitement resulted in Yu Ping saying that they didn’t know how much Dan Zu had effect on them, but this pill was a real good thing, and Xu Bian felt that he had made a profit.The original ancestor of Dan got it, Guo Huai has no regrets under the East China Sea this time, but Little Mengmeng has been playing a bit crazy in the past few days. Originally, he wanted to go back to find his mother, but in the company of Aqi, the bottom of the East China Sea Little Mengmeng tossed all the fun places, and now she was leaving, the little girl was a little reluctant.

     "Guo Huài Brother, when I finish my work in a few days, I will go to Imperial Capital to visit my brothers. Then my brothers will have good wine, good meat and enough ah." A big man in Donghai said with a smile to Guo Huai. Guo Huai practiced medicine for another day at the Donghai Auction House yesterday. Dahan gave Guo Huai a sea dragon ginseng. Guo Huai took care of his hidden illness and made Dahan feel very happy.

     "Everyone, no matter who comes to the Imperial Capital, you must come to the Clinic of No Treatment to sit down. By that time, the kid will be able to eat and drink. The trip to the East China Sea is very good!" Guo Huai finished, and held hands to everyone. Hugging, flying and jumping onto a big ship. The big ship swiftly left the auction house. Guo Huai stood on the deck and waved his hands with everyone again. Gradually, people on the auction house could no longer see Guo Huai's successful "noisy sea". Youth.

     "Seven brother, what's the matter, are you a little bit reluctant to be here? Could it be Chen Family and your concubine?" Guo Huai asked jokingly."Master Huai joked, but after staying in the East China Sea for nearly a hundred years, it must be impossible without a trace of affection. But thinking about it, it will be more interesting to follow Master Huai in the future." Aqi smiled and said, Guo Huai nodded and looked asleep. Little Mengmeng couldn't help but divination, he couldn't help but shook his head.

     "Boss, I think you just watched the astrology for a long time, we are about to dock, there should be nothing happening." Guo Tongyuan asked with a smile.

     "What can I do? When we get to the offshore, I will contact Kong Jiu and ask him to send a boat to pick us up. This spiritual wood boat must be put away." Guo Huai said softly. He didn't tell Guo Tongyuan. I can only live a short and comfortable life, and within a year, I still work hard.

     When the time passed, everyone on the boat could already faintly see the tall buildings and brightly lit scenes of Donghai City. Guo Huai picked up the sleeping Little Mengmeng, and then all the people on the boat rose into the sky, and then Guo Huai got out of the gourd. He took out a wooden board and threw it on the water, and everyone fell on it.

     "He he, the boss is still thoughtful. If a group of us are in the air, it is really possible to scare Kong Jiu." Xuē Dazhu said with a smile, and everyone nodded.For about half an hour, a good-looking fishing boat sailed towards Guo Huai. When it was almost 100 meters away, the fishing boat’s headlights turned on. Guo Huai saw Kong Jiu standing on the deck looking anxious. It was hard for an old man in his seventies to be tossed up at night.

     "Master Huai, Master Huai, they are there, dear, what are they standing on? Hurry over, I seem to see Master Huai holding a little girl, thank goodness, Princess Mengmeng is okay, or Monkey Boy, you will be in trouble "Kong Jiu looked at Monkey Boy next to him and said, Monkey Boy's head nodded like garlic.

     "Master Huai, be careful, Monkey Boy, tidy up the bed and let Mengmeng sleep well again." Kong Jiu waited until Guo Huai got on the boat, and a few people hurriedly stepped away. Guo Huai is not welcome, and directly treats the sleeping little girl. Give it to Monkey Boy, and then a group of people behind him flew onto the fishing boat. Guo Huai put the wooden board away, and the fishing boat headed towards Donghai City.

     "Brother Monkey Boy, so you know Master Huai." After Big Tiger got on the ship, they recognized Monkey Boy at first sight, and Big Tiger greeted him honestly.

     "Big Tiger, what happened in the past was my brother's fault. Don't be offended by Big Tiger. Your money is here. I haven't moved." Monkey Boy wanted to continue to explain something, but Guo Huai stopped him, right. While Monkey Boy shook his head, Monkey Boy nodded gratefully, but the Big Tiger people were confused."Master Huai, after receiving your call, I talked to Master Yào and Yuan Ye on the phone. I guess they should be waiting for you on the shore." Kong Jiu said with a smile. For some days in the East China Sea, I didn't expect to be worshipped by his second brother. Brother put down the things he had been waiting for him in Donghai City, which made Guo Huai couldn't help being touched.

     When the fishing boat docked, several customs patrol boats suddenly appeared around the fishing boat. Then Guo Huai saw the acquaintances one by one, Li Yào, Jia Yuan, Niu Meng, Xing Tian and a group of people gathered their eyes on him. .

     "I'm back, second brother, let me call the old man!" Li Yào said with a smile to Jia Yuan. Jia Yuan directly dialed Guo Liuyi's phone. The old man on the phone said nothing and just hang up. Call, Guo Huai had already got ashore from the fishing boat, and Little Mengmeng also awakened the lively crowd outside.

     "Uncle Yao, why have you come to the East China Sea too, but you are not as good as Little Mengmeng. You look at my pearls. I took them out of such a large pearl mussel." Little Mengmeng said. A pearl with a pigeon egg's laughter was handed to Li Yào.

     "Little Mengmeng, you have Uncle Yao, do you have my ah." Jia Yuan asked with a smile, looking up."Yes, all of you, he he, next time I take you out, Donghai will be fun." The little girl unceremoniously distributed a cloth bag of pearls to a group of people who picked up Guo Huai. As a result of polite pearl, let alone, this pearl can really sell for a good price in the interior.

     "No, no, I won't give you the rest. I will let my little mother make me some beautiful things." Guo Mengmeng said with a smile. Everyone saw the pearls in another bag of Little Mengmeng. The colors were bright, and the size was much larger than the ones in their hands. Everyone couldn't help laughing.

     "Don't talk here, let's find a place to eat. It's not a short time to come out. Let's prepare to go back to Imperial Capital at dawn." Guo Huai said with a smile. I left the port and sailed to the best hotel in Donghai City.

     "Wife, nothing is going on, Little Mengmeng is okay, beside me, we are eating, if nothing else, we will be at Imperial Capital tomorrow afternoon." Guo Huai received a call from Lin Shuang and smiled to the phone. Said."It's fine, Yu'er (Jade) sister asked me to tell you, come back quickly, she missed you." Then Guo Huai heard the chattering laughter on the phone, Guo Huai shouted into the phone. Wives, I missed you, and then the phone went quiet, Guo Huai laughed loudly on his own, "Hurry up to eat, and go home after dinner."
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