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Chapter Directory 544 Happy Events
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

It’s lively. After Guo Huai handed over the organization of the Clinic of No Treatment student wedding to Jia Yuan, it seemed that the entire Imperial Capital had begun to lively. The flower baskets in the Imperial Capital flower shop were looted again, although this time the marriage was just Several students of Clinic of No Treatment, but in recent years, Clinic of No Treatment has contributed to Imperial Capital, or the contribution to China, everyone with eyes can see it.

     "Ren Fei, where did you get this invitation ah." At a private club of Imperial Capital, a young man held a hot stamped invitation in his hand, which stood out in front of everyone.

     "Where did you get it? Naturally, Jia Yuan sent someone to send it. Otherwise, who would dare to pirate this invitation. At noon tomorrow, my brother will go to Yuan International to have a wedding drink, haha." The young man named Ren Fei said with a smile.

     "A Fei, it's just an invitation. Look at what I have in my hand." A middle-aged man also took out an invitation with a trace of pride, but the color is different, but a discerning person can see it at a glance Out, the invitations in the hands of middle-aged men are obviously more advanced than those in Ren Fei's hands.

     "Earthly Paradise tomorrow noon, although I have been there several times before, but this time is of great significance. It is really an honor to be able to participate in the wedding of several friends of Clinic of No Treatment." The middle-aged man said with a smile.Others in the club showed envious looks. Ren Fei and Dong Lun are not the richest among them, nor are they the most powerful in Imperial Capital, but they can get two invitations. People's status in Imperial Capital will be greatly improved.

     After receiving Guo Huai’s assignment, Jia Yuan drove directly to Earthly Paradise. After discussing with Du Xiao, the two of them were responsible for the wedding banquet, and the other was responsible for contacting guests with invitations. The wedding banquet was handed over to Du Xiao and the venue was set. In three locations, Yuan International Hotel, Earthly Paradise and Clinic of No Treatment, Clinic of No Treatment has 18 tables, Earthly Paradise has 36 tables, and Yuan International has 72 tables.

     As for the business card, Jia Yuan did not specifically explain it. In recent years, Jia Yuan has a list of people who have been friends with Clinic of No Treatment, and directly handed it to his Yuan International think tank. However, Jia Yuan is very satisfied with the work of a group of people. There are three kinds of invitations. Let the people of Yuan International distribute it directly.

     "Haha, Imperial Capital has been calm for so many days, and it should be lively, Xing Tian, you take 36 people to Clinic of No Treatment to help, remember, this time it is to help, don't come back drunk." Xia Wudi said with a smile, Xing Tian selected 36 people down the mountain with a look of excitement."Little Niu Meng, go get some invitations for us, Jia Guyun has already agreed, you go to the little Jia Yuan and ask for it." Niu Meng, head of the May 31st Army, bowed his head. Several old men gave Niu Meng the last instructions.

     "Several chiefs, I can't handle the invitations, so I got a copy of Earthly Paradise. If you have the patience, do it yourself. I have to prepare the gift. You guys talk." Niu Meng turned and ran with a smile on his face. Out of the headquarters, no matter what the grandfather behind him and a group of five-and-one colonists shouted.

     "Guo Huai is the teacher of our May 31. His people are married. We are the masters. Guo Huai doesn't give us invitations. Let's go and help. Go directly to Clinic of No Treatment to help. The big deal is in the Confucian Courtyard. Eating is fine." Niu Zhenshan said with a smile. Several old men nodded one after another, and then a group of people left the command room and went to prepare their own gifts.

     "Dafu, tell Little Huai, I won't join in the fun this time, go and give them the witnesses right now." Cai Tianyang said to the phone, and Li Dafu on the opposite side nodded repeatedly.

     "Fourth brother, No. 1 Officer cannot come as a witness, but Li Dafu, secretary of the Imperial Capital Municipal Committee, will come. I will tell you." After receiving a call from Li Dafu, Jia Yuan told Guo about the witness. Huai, Guo Huai is quite satisfied with the result.Clinic of No Treatment, Yuan International, Earthly Paradise, the three teams were busy until 7 or 8 in the evening, and almost everything was done. Jia Yuan went to one side again and found that there was no major problem. You Zai walked towards Clinic of No Treatment.

     "Brother Yuan, here you are, this wedding has made you bother." Su Tu saw Jia Yuan at the door of Clinic of No Treatment and hurriedly said with a smile.

     "He he, the small picture, I don’t really see it. You look good in this outfit, very handsome." Jia Yuan said jokingly, "Is that girl from your Clinic of No Treatment? There is an extra beauty. I can introduce to my brother when I have time. You guys are going to be married, and my brother is still single."

     "Cough cough cough, Brother Yuan, that's Xiaoxiao, can you help but make trouble." Su Tu said with a black line. Jia Xiaoxiao stayed in Yu'er (Jade) room for a while, and almost didn't recognize it when she first came out. She was beautiful, indeed she was so beautiful.

     "It turned out to be Xiaoxiao, the small picture, then you have to watch it, it's so watery, maybe someone will snatch it away." Jia Yuan said with a serious face, and then saw a beautiful woman, but how do you look How familiar."Asshole Jia Yuan, what are you looking at? Look at you and dug out your eyeballs." The beauty hurried to Jia Yuan and said loudly, "You and Wang Sheng have a virtue. I have already told Wang Sheng, if this month If you don’t give me an answer, we’ll break up. You don’t have to laugh. Xiaotong will come out in a while, and you will suffer.” The beauty who speaks is not someone else, but Li Xiaohua, the daughter-in-law of his third brother Wang Sheng. Xiaotong, who Xiaohua said in her mouth, is her girlfriend who has been with Jia Yuan for several years.

     "Slap!" Beauty, indeed another beauty, walked to Jia Yuan in three steps and changed two steps quickly, not saying anything further, just slap, "Smelly bastard, I didn't dislike you when you were so fat, three years ago When Little Huai got married, you said you wanted to marry me. I don’t care. I will wear a wedding dress tomorrow. If you don’t get married, I will just find a man on the spot and get married."

     Lin Yutong, the eldest lady of the Lin family in Wucheng, was originally a big beauty. She became Jia Yuan's girlfriend under Jia Yuan's stalker. Although Jia Yuan was lustful, she never cheated after being with Xiaotong. But this time the three couples of Clinic of No Treatment got married. I don't know how it touched the nerves of this young lady."Get married, we will also hold a ceremony in Clinic of No Treatment tomorrow. Xiaotong, don't be angry. I will call the fourth child and let me know. We have many relatives in Wucheng. I will call my Laozi to make arrangements." Jia Yuan Lin Yutong slapped and slapped him, the master of the dignified Opening Light Stage peak was shocked by his girlfriend.

     Jia Yuan made a few phone calls, and the bunch of people who had just been free of time became busy again.

     "What? What did you say? Jia Yuan is going to have a wedding at Imperial Capital? Stop kidding. I know about the Imperial Capital wedding. It was a couple of couples from Clinic of No Treatment who held the wedding. They have a relationship with Jia Yuan. ah."

     "Do you love it or not, Jia Yuan said, there is no time for the invitation to everyone, so you can go to Yuan International with the money for the face."

     "Fuck, what is the stimulus for Brother Yuan? Okay, I know, brothers here in Wucheng, I can tell. We rushed to Imperial Capital overnight. Don't worry, Brother Yuan will not lose face. ."

     "Grandpa, I didn’t make a joke. I have been with Yutong for several years. I just took advantage of the great day of Clinic of No Treatment and got things done. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yutong, she is with me. By my side." Jia Guyun was tossed up at night, Jia Yuan explained over and over again."Asshole Wang Sheng, I don't care. If you don't come tomorrow, I will find a man on the spot to marry me. You can go to whomever you want to find in tmd." At 11 o'clock in the evening, Jia Yuan's affairs have just been settled. In a house on the second floor of Clinic of No Treatment, Li Xiaohua shouted into the phone.

     "He he, Xiaohua finally got a convulsion, third brother, you continue to laugh ah!"
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