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Chapter Directory 546 Perfect Wedding
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The wedding emcee was looking for China’s most popular pair of golden boys and jade maidens stars. The witness of the wedding was Li Dafu, secretary of the Imperial Capital municipal party committee. The guests made everyone's eyes wide open.

     The businessmen of Imperial Capital who can get on the table squeeze their scalp, and it is difficult to ask for an invitation. The stars of the film and television industry that can be seen on TV every day are present in the same costumes as they are participating in the awards show. You don’t have to go to work, but you can only pick up money at the Clinic of No Treatment and be directly arranged for dinner at Yuan International Hotel.

     There are more than a dozen limited edition sports cars parked in front of Clinic of No Treatment. These sports cars are nothing, because you can get it with money. No matter how you look at the sports cars, there are some inharmonious military pickups and red flags that are really eye-catching. The No. 01 car, the Navy No. 1 car, the Air Force headquarters car, and the Tyrannosaurus Regiment's Huazilong No. 1 were directly across the two parking spaces, but who would dare to say a word.

     "Sixth, you said that your son was helping with Clinic of No Treatment today. Did you get the signal? Let's see what's going on inside." The Xiangyun Pharmacy next to Clinic of No Treatment was crowded with people. The son of the owner Li Xiangyun yesterday At night, I was called to Clinic of No Treatment to help. When I left, I told my dad that I could take pictures of the situation inside. Li Xiangyun revealed the news. The whole pharmacy was crowded in the morning."Don't worry, whoever, you let me block the signal." Li Xiangyun said loudly, and the few people in front of the light cat hurriedly stepped away. At this time, Li Xiangyun's mobile phone displayed the "Clinic of No Treatment" Scenes.

     "Big guy, I’m Li Dafu, I’m very happy to come to Clinic of No Treatment again for the wedding banquet. I’m very grateful that Guo Huai Hall Lord can make me a witness, but I think I can only be Jia Yuan and Wang Sheng. Witnesses, because I asked the bride and groom’s opinion just now, they have been asking Guo Huai to serve Jia Yuan and Wang Sheng as best man, and then be their witnesses.” Li Dafu said loudly, Guo Huai was taken aback first, then The students who looked at the Clinic of No Treatment behind laughed.

     "Really, a student is a student. Let Secretary Li be a witness and say it's so good to go out. What is the advantage of having the Clinic of No Treatment Hall Lord be a witness." I don't know who the Xiangyun Pharmacy muttered before being caught Threw it out.

     "Persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together, Lao Liu, who is the person who was thrown out by me? Why do you have such friends." A big man asked loudly.

     "Niu Meng, be quiet, I don't know who it is." Li Xiangyun said softly, but a few people recognized the kid who was thrown out, isn't it Li Xiangyun's nephew.At the beginning of the wedding, six people were originally prepared to have the wedding together. However, according to the requirements of several students, Jia Yuan and Wang Sheng held awareness first. Jia Guyun sat in the seat of Jia Family's parent seat, Jia who was planning to show his face. Yuan's Lao Tzu stood in the back honestly, and Wang Sheng's grandfather, Wang Yongjin, also took the place of his son in the same position as Wang Sheng.

     Li Xiaohua's father died very early, and she has been following her grandfather Li Xunyu. Naturally, the position of his parents is the principal of Li Xunyu sitting, and the old man of the Lin family sat beside Li Xunyu without any kind.

     Although Li Dafu is the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Imperial Capital, Li Dafu felt a little pressure in the face of the four elders of both men and women. Four old men and two military leaders. Although Li Xunyu is only the principal of Wucheng Subsidiary High School However, many officials in China are all disciples of Li Xunyu. Not only is the Lin family powerful in Wucheng, but even in the Imperial Capital many industries, there are more or less shadows of the Lin family.

     Li Dafu is still qualified to complete the task of witnessing marriage. Jia Yuan and Lin Yutong, Wang Sheng and Li Xiaohua are also considered as family members. Several old men laughed, especially Li Xunyu. Originally, Li Xiaohua found a Wucheng Vile. Tetrad himself is quite dissatisfied, but think about another Wucheng Vile Tetrad, Clinic of No Treatment Hall Lord Guo Huai, Li Xunyu is quite satisfied with his grandson-in-law."Hey, I have to tell my grandson who is studying medicine, I must study hard, and strive to enter the Clinic of No Treatment after graduation. Look at the Clinic of No Treatment. If nothing else, the little girls inside are all beautiful women. "An old man said with a smile "for the old and disrespectful", and a group of people nodded.

     Jia Yuan Wang Sheng took their daughter-in-law and walked off the rostrum, and the four couples of Clinic of No Treatment stepped onto the rostrum, which immediately drew bursts of applause and praise.

     A few girls have grown pretty well. In the Clinic of No Treatment in recent years, there is a big beauty bug like Yu'er (Jade). There were some shortcomings in appearance that made Yu'er (Jade) long ago. It's done for everyone. Although the four girls are not as good as Guo Huai's group of women, they are definitely beautiful women.

     "As the Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment, I first welcome all the guests. There are six new couples today. At first they were going to hold the ceremony together, but I still want to go to Clinic of No Treatment. I’m very honored and proud to be the witness of Clinic of No Treatment students.” Guo Huai said with a smile, but his voice was not loud, but every word came into everyone’s ears."Jia Xiaoxiao, Su Tu, Pei Feifei, Ge Yulong, Hou Ruoying, Lin Luoshan, Lei Yunyun, Li Yu, eight people have followed me for four years. To be honest, I am not a good Hall Lord, because I have not been with you until today. I have witnessed their love together, but for each of them, especially their medical skills and medical ethics, I, the Hall Lord, is not bad. I can proudly say that I have cultivated eight people having both integrity and talent for China. Chinese medicine.” Guo Huai's words fell, and the eyes of eight people became ruddy. The scholars died for their confidants. The recognition of Guo Huai is just the direction these students are working hard.

     "Today is a happy day. I have already given the gift. Clinic of No Treatment is not short of money, and the people of Clinic of No Treatment are not short of money. It is a bit cliché to talk to you on such an occasion, but I just had one The plan flashed in my mind. Healers know no borders. Clinic of No Treatment plans to spend 2 billion US dollars to open two branches in United States and Canada. The eight newcomers on the stage will go to United States and Canada after their honeymoon. Be the Hall Lord!" Guo Huai said with a big laugh, and a group of people in the audience stared.

     "Finally, congratulations again, I am proud of you." After Guo Huai said, with a wave of his hand, the clouds in the sky turned into four hearts, exactly the same as the four couples on the stage. Everyone took pictures. , Guo Huai has walked off the stage."Damn, fourth, I knew that my brother had asked you to be a witness. I don't care. You will make a heart shape for me and Yutong. It is best to write our names on it." Jia Yuan watched. The four big cloud hearts of Heavens Above said to Guo Huai.

     "It's all trivial. Are you going to tell my sister-in-law about going to Japan with me? Ask your sister-in-law if I agree. I will leave early tomorrow morning." Guo Huai smiled and said to Jia Yuan.

     Lin Yutong glared at Jia Yuan. He was about to go to Japan just after getting married. Although several guys from Wucheng Vile Tetrad have performed well in recent years, think about the inferiority of these four guys. Lin Yutong placed Jia Yuan's waist. The little hand couldn't help turning around.

     "The plan is to follow the changes. I won't go anymore. Of course I have to stay in Huaxia to accompany my daughter-in-law, Xiaotong. It hurts." Jia Yuan said with his teeth.

     "Haha, stay in Imperial Capital, I will take Brother Yao out for a tour!" Guo Huai said, turned and left Clinic of No Treatment. Today is a day for the six new couples to be happy, staying at Clinic of No Treatment. Many people find themselves and influence the wedding.

     "Brother Yao, the three of our brothers are all married. When are you going to find us a sister-in-law ah! I recently made a fortune telling, this time you go to Japan with me, there is a marriage waiting for you." Guo Huai said with a smile."The relationship is good, fourth, I think back to the past few years, it is a blessing to be a brother with you in this life!" Li Yào finished, the two laughed, the soldier Li Yào, how could it be? Say such a sensational sentence ah!
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