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Chapter Directory 549 Treasure Island Appears
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Hillar took away a few Japanese people, followed by his three entourages and was directly loaded into the helicopter that brought them. Then the three people made a free fall over the crater. Even if they were undying, three people were thrown into Mt. There is absolutely no hope of survival in Fuji crater.

     "Hello everyone, I'm Kitano Inoue, welcome everyone to come, let's wait a moment, Miss Mina Yoshikawa will be there soon, then we will go to a wonderful place together." A middle-aged man said loudly with a smile. When the voice fell, Mina Yoshikawa appeared in front of everyone following her father.

     "Inoue-kun, I don't know where we are going this time?" a middle-aged man asked with a smile.

     "Our Sakura Group bought an island full of geniuses and treasures from the United States, and wanted to share it with the Chinese medicine practitioners of our great empire. If anyone wants to leave now, you can tell me that there will be half an hour on the plane. Pull you to the open sea, where our warship is waiting." Inoue Kitano said with a smile.

     Inoue Kitano’s words made a group of people stare. They never thought that the infamous Sakura Group would have such kindness. Although they were murmured in their hearts, even if Sakura Group tried to spoil them, they would not treat all the Chinese medicine in Japan. Kill all.Inoue Beihai was very satisfied. None of the Chinese medicine practitioners raised objections. Then nearly a hundred helicopters pulled all the Chinese medicine doctors away from the entire villa. Finally, the group of Chinese medicine doctors were taken on a warship, and they drove at sea for almost two days. The warship stopped. On the sea as far as the eye can see.

     "Where is the island? Where is the island full of treasures?" Several Chinese medicine practitioners standing on the deck couldn't help sighing while looking at the sea as far as the eye can see.

     "Ono-kun, how could such a genius and treasure place be on the sea? You go in first and we will naturally notify you if you find the place." Kitano Inoue said with a smile, and then everyone on the deck was "persuaded" to enter the warship inside.

     "Master Kawada, we have found the location described on the map, but we can't find the island. This matter has to be troubled by Master Kawada." Kitano Inoue walked to a part of the warship and its hidden place, facing one. The simple old man said softly.

     "There is nothing wrong with this place. I can feel a trace of energy fluctuations. If the guess is correct, this place should be an Array Formation. It should be the method of the Huaxia people. This treasure should be left by the Huaxia people thousands of years ago. "The old man said softly.

     "Master Kawada, is there any way to break this Array Formation, otherwise we are going to return empty-handed." Inoue Kitano said softly."Go and invite you old guys from the Sakura Group. I alone can't break this Array Formation." Kawada Ghost Axe, known as Japan's No. 1 Ninja, is already a master at the peak of Golden Core, but not It belongs to the Sakura Group, but for such a good thing, the Sakura Group must notify the Japan lone ranger.

     For about a few minutes, the whole gloomy room was filled with people, and several old people who were not born in Sakura Group appeared in the room.

     "Old ghost Kawada, you have to get 30% of the benefits. You can't even break Xiaoxiao's Array Formation." An old man said with a smile.

     "Thirty percent belongs to me. This time I call you to ask for another 30 percent. This 30% is from Baqi. Without Baqi's help. I can't open this Array Formation." Kawada said with a smile, but he heard He said that it would be 30%, and the faces of a group of old men changed.

     "Kawada, you are a bit bullish intolerably doing this!" an old man couldn't help but said.

     "Watanabe-kun, do you think you can talk to me like this when you reach the Golden Core Stage? I said I want all of this treasure. What can you do with Sakura Group?" Kawada said, the breath of the whole body soared , A group of people opened their eyes, Golden Core peaked, and a golden virtual infant could be faintly seen. Even if the masters of the entire Sakura Group teamed up, they would not be his opponent.But when Kawada's breath leaked, Guo Huai and Daoist Bu Er, who were resting in the warship, opened their eyes at the same time. They looked at each other and then laughed.

     "Things are much more interesting than previously thought, old man, if you are against that guy, how sure are you." Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "I just became False Core. I didn't expect Japan to have such a master. If I meet, the old man's life is going to get in." Daoist Bu Er said with a smile, "But such a powerful kid should be able to deal with it. I'm not worried."

     "United States people will not give such a guarantee to the Japanese people so kindly. Wait and see, there must be a good show." Guo Huai said with a smile, and the two closed their eyes again.

     "Kawada, put away the coercion. Since Yaki-sama requires 30%, we give 30%." A gorgeously dressed Japanese whispered with a hint of helplessness, and the others were not talking about anything.

     "Tonight, let the doctors stay in their own room. I will invite Master Yaqi. The treasure land will naturally open tomorrow morning. Then let these doctors in." Kawada finished speaking and disappeared into the house. .After dinner, I wanted to stand on the deck afterwards, but was stopped by a few people in black. Guo Huai frowned, and an uncomfortable breath came towards him from the distant sea, Guo Huai didn't think much about going back to his house.

     "Father, this time I'm afraid it will be difficult to find a Japanese person. Protect yourself and see the opportunity and act." Guo Huai returned to the house and said softly to Daoist Bu Er.

     "Unexpectedly, every country has masters. It seems that it was right to come out this time." Daoist Bu Er said softly. Suddenly he heard a few powerful auras outside the warship, and then felt that the warship began to sway like a leaf on the sea. Getting up, lasting almost an hour, the warship fell silent again.

     "Take a good rest, the show will not begin until tomorrow." Guo Huai finished speaking, sitting cross-legged, and entered the state of concentration.

     The next morning, when Guo Huai and Daoist Bu Er just walked out of the room, they saw a group of people rushing towards the deck. Guo Huai and Daoist Bu Er looked at each other, and the two quickly walked towards the deck.

     "Oh my God, this is simply a miracle. Yesterday was the sea as far as the eye can see. How could such an island appear today? A miracle, really a miracle." A Japanese doctor said loudly.However, Guo Huai was different from a group of people's sighs. The precious place in front of him felt extremely uncomfortable. He said that the danger was beyond mention, but I don't know why, Guo Huai resisted this precious place deep in his heart.

     "Master, be careful, this place is very weird." Guo Huai finished, and the old man nodded. At this time, Inoue Kitano appeared in front of everyone.

     "Everyone, the treasure has already appeared, everyone line up and prepare to go in. After entering, you must run around, otherwise Sakura Group will not be responsible for what happened." Inoue Kitano said with a smile, everyone nodded. At this time there is still an old man. A very monster-looking man appeared in front of everyone.

     More than 300 doctors walked into the island in a long line. When Guo Huai and Daoist Bu Er landed on the island, Kawada Ghost Axe and the extremely demon-looking man focused on the two of them, and then looked When Guo Huai smiled slightly, the two looked at each other and shook their heads.

     On the treasure island, Guo Huai took a deep breath and made a big deal. Not only are the mountains full of treasures, but also the Array Formation on the treasure island, the seal formation, and the ability to seal all Martial Cultivator. Other doctors may feel Can't come out, but Guo Huai and Daoist Bu Er really feel that Houtian is the pinnacle, and now they can only play the strength of the Houtian pinnacle.
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