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Chapter Directory 558 Powerful
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai was in a very good mood. After Feng Yue left, the medicinal materials on Medicine Magic Island could no longer grow at the previous growth rate, but the various medicinal materials on the nine mountains were enough for Guo Huai to toss for a while.

     "Fengyue is gone, and the young master took over these things. There are a lot of Martial Cultivators on the entire Medicine Devil Island, but it is a bit troublesome." Guo Huai said to himself, "I will fix the eighth snake first He, old man, you were the Baqi snake venom back then. Come with me this time.” After that, Guo Huai took Daoist Bu Er and ran towards a circular river between the two mountains.

     "Little Huai, be careful. If this big snake is also at the peak of Innate, we will have some trouble dealing with it." Daoist Bu Er said softly as he looked at a big black snake about 30 meters long in the river, and the big snake seemed to have discovered it. The two Guo Huai looked at Guo Huai cautious and solemn.

     "But relying on the body is definitely not the opponent of this big guy, but the biggest difference between humans and animals is that they are hypocritical. I will trap this big snake first, and then slowly clean up him." Guo Huai said, thinking about it. I saw him swiftly running around the big river, for about ten minutes, Guo Huai smiled."Feng, Xiaoye has been sealed for more than forty days. I will also let this big snake taste the taste of being sealed." Guo Huai said. The whole river seems to have not changed at all, but the big snake in the river is I was frightened by the changes in the river. No matter how I twisted my body, he couldn't swim in the river for half a minute.

     "He he, Array Formation taught by Master Shui, to deal with a snake like you, enough and to spare." Guo Huai said with a smile, and then gave Daoist Bu Er a few words, and returned to Yu'er (Jade ) Around.

     "Elder Brother Huai, there are a total of 946 Martial Cultivators, and a total of 138 Martial Cultivators of Innate peak state. What do you want to do?" Yu'er (Jade) asked with a smile.

     "If you want to leave here and keep the medicinal materials, I will open the seal for them. If you don't want to leave, don't care what happens in the future, he he. Of course, you can win over the masters of Innate peak, because the strength is not Suppress, it's not clear what strength they will be after they go out. The medicinal materials are useless. We can give them some finished medicine." Guo Huai said with a smile, Yu'er (Jade) nodded gently.Suddenly possessing so many geniuses and treasures, although Yu'er (Jade) has mediocre strength in refining medicine, but with the approval of the original ancestor of the pill, she and Guo Huai set up a medicine tripod directly on the top of Genwei Mountain. Starting from the elixir, Shui Yunzi also took a few medicinal plants from time to time to figure out some gadgets by himself. Three days passed quickly, and the medicinal fragrance of the elixir spread from the mountain peak of Genwei, and many Martial Cultivators were on the mountain one after another. The summit of a mountain.

     "Small return pill, success!" Yu'er (Jade) said softly, an emerald green medicine cauldron slowly opened, and a strong medicinal scent came out of the medicine cauldron. A group of Martial Cultivators surrounding the mountain couldn't bear it. He took a few puffs.

     "My name is Guo Huai, Heaven's Way Sect Sect Master, and many of you here should know me. The female devil of Medicine Demon Island was driven away by me, and the people of Medicine Demon Gate have been controlled by me. Now I want to discuss something with everyone." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     A group of Martial Cultivator nodded one after another. Some time ago when Guo Huai contacted Martial Cultivator to deal with the Magic Gate of Medicine, almost the strong people at the peak of Innate were connected with him, and those people just knew that the young man in front of him was a Martial who was not weak. Cultivator, there are many pills on his body, but he never thought that this kid was still a medical practitioner, an excellent medical practitioner.

     "Not much, I can break open the Array Formation of the magic island of medicine and let you out." Guo Huai said softly and exploded like a bomb in the crowd."Cough cough, little friend Guo Huai, we have been trapped in the magic island of medicine for more than 100 years. We have tried various methods of breaking the array countless times. We know that the Array Formation is powerful, and the little friend is sure that we can break it. Open Array Formation?" An old man asked softly, this old man was recognized by many people, Zhou Zaihe, the first batch of people who entered the Medicine Demon Island.

     "The kid said yes, naturally, I can force Fengyue away, and it is not difficult to break the Array Formation in front of me." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Ming people don't speak secret words, little friend Guo Huai, tell me about your conditions, I have been trapped in the Magic Island of Medicine for 63 years and want to go out." Another old man said softly, and the group of people next to him nodded. .

     "You have also seen that I am a medical practitioner and an alchemist. You have stayed on the magic island for so long. In addition to handing in the medicinal materials for the magic gate, I think everyone has a lot of good things. It's your Guo Huai who doesn't grab it, just wants to make a deal with everyone." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Brother, if you have anything to say directly, Zhang Yicao didn't help much in the previous battle. I hope you forgive me." Zhang Yicao smiled and said to Guo Huai, but it was helpless if he didn't help last time. For example, they knew Fengyue's strength very well."Innate Martial Cultivator, Guo Huai is willing to change the elixir for medicinal materials. As for how to change it, we can elaborate. Other Martial Cultivators under the Innate state will hand over 70% of the medicinal materials in your body. I can help you open the seal. Let you leave. If anyone disagrees, Guo Huai will not reluctantly. If you want to leave the Medicine Demon Island again, you must figure out your own way." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Boy, you are a little bully intolerably like this. You want us to keep 70% of the medicinal materials. Why don't you let us keep all of them." A Japanese person said loudly, Guo Huai squinted at the person, and then took a handful of them. The flying knife flew out of the hand and directly pierced the Japanese head.

     "Forgot to say that this transaction is limited to Chinese people. After our Chinese people are busy with their own affairs, if the little master is in a good mood, I will consider other people. As for Japanese people, don't think about it. I can’t run out, Kawada Ghost Axe, don’t think I won’t recognize you if I change my face. Before we Chinese people trade, I will personally clean up you. Last time you guys from Japan Sakura Group went to Mt. Shǔ and hurt my brother. , We have to calculate some of the accounts first." Guo Huai's voice fell, and his figure flashed directly in front of an old man in plain clothes.

     "Little brother, Wu Xu in Xia Maoshan, I don't know what it means for little brother to stand in front of me?" The old man looked at Guo Huai and said softly."I said, your disguise is useless to the young master, Kawada Ghost Axe, we are all in the pinnacle of Innate, if you don't make a move, there will be no chance to make a move." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes. , The old man suddenly slapped Guo Huai.

     "Baka, arrogant Chinese, die for me." This guy who claims to be Wu Xu no longer does any hidden veins. Many Martial Cultivators around have rushed back. Many people have recognized Wu Xu as the former. Kawada Guixue who enters the Medicine Demon Island someday.

     "If it's outside Medicine Devil Island, I might have to work hard to deal with you, but now you don't have to, go to death." Guo Huai said, there was an extra big seal in his hand, which directly hit Kawada Ghost Axe. On his head, although the big seal is not the size of a party, it is enough to deal with Kawada Ghost Axe, just one shot, Kawada Ghost Axe can't die again.

     "Cough cough, it is really difficult to use the current strength to motivate the seal of the sky, but the effect is not bad." Guo Huai said to himself, "You guys, I don't know if you have any objections to my proposal, you can raise it now. , We can discuss it again."

     "He he, my little friend is superb. I don’t have any comments. I’ll just follow what the little friend said. Let’s see what kind of pills can be exchanged for these medicinal materials!" Zhou Zaihe said, took out a canvas bag from his body, and then took it out of it. There are piles of medicinal herbs everywhere."Reproduced Qiankun Bag, Brother Zhou seemed to be a good hand back then!"
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