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Chapter Directory 576 City Of Desire
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

After Guo Huai sealed Little Lingmo and Little Mengmeng, he shouted Li Shixin, Qiu Daoyuan, Third Crown Prince and Guo Tongyuan to arrange Array Formation in the entire Chen Family Zhuang resident. After ensuring that there was no problem, the five of them were in Chen Family. Zhuang's five positions were guarded, waiting for the next day to dawn.

     "My lord, that Guo Huai set up an Array Formation at Chen Family Village. I didn't dare to come close. This time I scared them a lot. I guess they dare not act blindly without thinking." Wei Xingzi faced the black at the bottom of the Tongtian River. Yi Ren said softly.

     "I will go out in a while and give this clone body to that kid, hoping that these people will leave Chen Family Village as soon as possible." After the man in black said, the person had disappeared in Tongtian River, and Wei Xingzi slowly stood up and sat On the bench aside.

     At 3 o'clock in the morning, when people are most sleepy, although it is nothing for Guo Huai, the group of people living in Chen Family Village and the rescued villagers of Chen Family Village have entered a deep sleep state. At this time, a cloudy wind blows. , Guo Huai, who had already entered a state of concentration, suddenly opened his eyes.

     "Come on!" Guo Huai transmitted the sound to the other four people. Although the five of them are all masters in Mortal World, they dare not care about Desire Demon.

     "Since it's here, why bother dress up as God, play the devil." Guo Huai hovered in the air and said loudly, Chen Family Zhuang placed Array Formation, he naturally didn't worry that someone in Chen Family Zhuang would see the scene before him."Smelly boy, the old man gives you a chance. If you don't go, I will kill to the last one to Chen Family Village this time." Desire Demon said loudly, a strong breath enveloped Chen Family Village.

     "Both are restricted by Mortal World rules, kill to the last one, it's not your decision." Li Qiu and two appeared in the air at the same time, and the three of them surrounded Desire Demon.

     "Human Race master, no wonder a Xiaoxiao banter is so mad at others." Desire Demon squinted and said, "There are two other little guys, show up too, everyone is here, I will pack you all together, Chen There are so many beauties in Family Village, haha, I can enjoy it."

     Desire Demon's voice fell, Xuanyuan Hao and Tongyuan Daoist also appeared in mid-air, with all their magic weapons revealed. Facing Desire Demon, no one dared to be careless.

     "Hands, whether it is Desire Demon or not, under Mortal World rules, I don't believe that the five of us can't deal with you." After Guo Huai said, the five people rushed towards Desire Demon with various magic weapons.

     "The light of the rice grains dare to do this again. I will show you how far you are from me today." After Desire Demon said, the whole sky suddenly became dark. Originally there were stars in the sky, but now it is pitch black, pitch -dark.

     "Magic!" Desire Demon yelled, and the five people felt a terrible pressure at the same time, which had completely exceeded the pressure that Golden Core could bear."The seal of turning the sky, break it for me. Third Crown Prince, sacrifice a magic weapon, don't worry about the sky thunder, Great Demon is with us, even if there is a sky thunder, you must deal with Desire Demon first." Guo Huai yelled, others He is not worried about the three of them, but the Third Crown Prince is no more than Congealing Core Stage. If Desire Demon wants to deal with the Third Crown Prince, it will be much easier.

     "Huntian Ling, break it for me!" Xuanyuan Hao yelled, and a hole was opened in the shady curtain. Then Hun Tian Ling wrapped Xuanyuan Hao in the middle, Guo Huai took a deep breath, and a flying knife slashed towards the shady curtain.

     "Broken!" The knife light flashed, and a nearly 100-meter hole was cut in the dark, and Desire Demon's location could be vaguely seen. Guo Huai then rushed towards Desire Demon.

     Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan also used their own methods to break the shady, and played against Great Demon countless times. Such tricks can't trap the two Human Race powers.

     Guo Tongyuan made it even simpler. At the corner of the shady scene that Guo Huai broke open, with something that looked like a hook in his hand, he broke the shady scene effortlessly, and the figure of Desire Demon appeared in front of everyone.

     "Desire Demon, take it out if you have any means!" Guo Huai said loudly that the flying knife was thrown out directly. There are a lot of magic weapons on his body, but the flying knife Guo Huai left by Li Xunhuan Feisheng has been tempered again, although it is still not used It slashed the state of Heavenly Tribulation back then, but it was enough to deal with Desire Demon, who was also only the pinnacle of Golden Core."The City of Desire! Since it's here, don't leave." Desire Demon yelled. The environment around the five people completely changed. Guo Huai's flying knife returned to his hands again, and Li Qiu's magic weapon fell at the same time. In his hand, the Third Crown Prince spreads out, and Guo Tongyuan holds the moon hook in his hand.

     "The City of Desire, it's impossible. What we were dealing with just now was the real Desire Demon, how could this be possible." Li Shixin murmured, "If it wasn't for the Real Desire Demon, how could it be possible to turn into the City of Desire."

     Qiu Daoyuan nodded in agreement, while Guo Huai frowned. Although he had never fought with Great Demon before, Desire Demon's desire capital and Dream Demon's Huntianmeng Mansion had two great tricks. Mighty, how could he not know.

     "If it is really the City of Desire, our trouble will be big." Guo Tongyuan said softly. Although he had never fought Great Demon back then, he had also heard of the prestige of the City of Desire.

     "Let’s go, if Desire Demon turns into the city of desire at the peak of Golden Core, he will also have to pay a heavy price. This Desire Demon is probably already fuse together with the city of desire, as long as we break through the city of desire , Desire Demon is completely dead." Guo Huai said softly, and the five people walked towards the city of desire."Several people, I won't say much about this Desire City. Hold your mind and find a way to find the Desire Demon clone body in the Desire City. As long as you kill the Desire Demon clone body, we can go out." Guo Huai said softly. Said, the four nodded.

     Entering the City of Desire, a smell of wine wafts over your face, which is a hundred times stronger than the wine made by Guo Huai. Several beautiful women twist their curvaceous figures, wearing only a layer of veil, looking at them with a charming smile. Four of them, all snow-white and faintly discernible, Xuanyuan Hao couldn't help taking another look.

     "Little brother, come in, come in, I will make you a god." The woman saw Xuanyuan Hao looking at her, and a greasy voice came into Xuanyuan Hao's ears.

     "Cough cough, what is good about being a god? If I'm a god, I still don't want to go in." Guo Huai felt that there was something wrong with Xuanyuan Hao. There was a jade bottle in his hand, and a foul smell entered Xuanyuan Hao's nose. Inside, Xuanyuan Hao suddenly woke up and said loudly to the beauty.

     Going all the way, after almost an hour, Guo Huai's face turned gloomy, the City of Desire was even bigger than Imperial Capital, and everything is extremely real. You know that they are trapped and desire to know, and the experience of this journey also lets They want to stay here forever."Lingfeng, when Lingfeng was trapped in the capital of desire, I didn't expect that I would still see her in the rest of my life." A woman appeared in the attic, Li Shixin stopped and watched the woman mutter.

     "The magic jade, the magic jade is also here." Qiu Daoyuan also stopped, looking affectionately at a woman not far away.

     When the three races fought, Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan both had their own cultivating buddies. They fought together for countless times. It is impossible for them to have no feelings. After staying in the desire for so long, they suddenly appeared in the softest part of their hearts. People's minds suddenly became confused.

     "Uncle Li, Qiu Uncle, phantoms, everything is phantom!" Guo Huai could not help shouting when he saw the changes of the two elders. Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan shuddered and looked up. It's gone.

     "What a great city of desire!" Guo Huai couldn't help but said.
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