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Chapter Directory 578 Lust Suicide
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The power of the role model is great, with Xu Hu as an example. The other two dozen people who fell on the ground threw the Qiankun Bag on the ground. Guo Huai was not welcome, and reached out and picked up the Qiankun Bag on the ground. Divine Sense Going in, Guo Huai nodded with satisfaction. Over hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation, these people really have a lot of good things.

     "Little friend, Qiankun Bag, you have already received it, can we leave?" Wu Yuanzi asked softly. He didn't expect to be robbed so many times in the City of Desire. This time he was planted in the hands of a kid. Wu Yuanzi's heart is boundless. Regret, what I think about right now is to stay away from this kid who can't see the realm.

     "They can go, but you can't go." Guo Huai said softly while watching Wu Yuanzi. Xu Hu and others heard Guo Huai say that they could go. They didn't care what Wu Yuanzi would end up with.

     After a few breaths, a group of people fled in all directions. Wu Yuanzi hatedly looked at the number of people he had called. The City of Desire had no permanent allies. He should have thought of this.

     "Boy, what else do you want to do? I have already given you everything. You are a bit out of compliance with this." Wu Yuanzi said loudly."I want to know how this Desire City Gongde and Yang Shou will be traded, and that is, who is the lord of Desire City? Where is he?" Guo Huai said softly, not loud, but Wu Yuanzi heard the word "city lord" again, his face Shang unconsciously showed a trace of fear.

     "Of course, it's okay if you don't tell me, I have many ways to know these things." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes, the puppet technique is quietly falling on Wu Yuanzi.

     "I said, Yangshou and merits are traded to Lord Santo through round stones, and the Santo will pay us a monthly settlement. The reason why we can live so long is that most of Yangshou is bought from Lord Santo. ..." Before Wu Yuanzi finished speaking, his pupils suddenly dilated. In this way, a master of the Fusion big accomplishment period could not die again, and even his soul disappeared inexplicably.

     Guo Huai frowned, Desire Demon, Desire Demon can have such strength in this Desire, only Desire Demon can do it, but since Desire Demon has such strength, why not start with them, Guo Huai is a little confused, but just in Before Guo Huai recovered, a figure in the void fell in front of the five people.

     Desire Demon, Desire Demon appears again."Haha, Xingjun, my city of desire is not bad, you want to kill me, it is ridiculous, let alone you, even the saint back then, there is no such ability." Desire Demon looked at Guo Huai and the others laughed Said.

     "You are not the Desire Demon back then, nor the capital of desire back then. If you were the Desire Demon back then, we would have died long ago." Guo Huai did not speak, Li Shixin stepped forward and said with a smile. "In order to once again transform into the City of Desire, your deity may have already entered, Desire Demon, who gave you the courage, dare to appear in front of us."

     "Who the hell are you two old guys? You have the breath of the shit demon slayers of Human Race, but how could you cooperate with the people of Heavenly Court? Are there few people who cheated your Human Race back then? Desire Demon exclaimed, "I don't have the strength of the year, and you can't exert the strength of the year either, but in the city of desire, I am sure that I want to deal with you. ""Grasp your sister, as long as you kill this clone body of you, the city of desire will no longer exist, go to death." When Li Shixin was talking with Desire Demon, Guo Huai had quietly laid the cloth around Desire Demon. Array Formation, in Mortal World, only the peak strength of Golden Core can be exploded. It is naturally impossible to attack and deploy Array Formation, but to enter the desire to know that Guo Huai's strength can burst out of the realm of big accomplishment under the restrictions of the city of desire Desire's strength is just a breath of time, and Array Formation has been laid down. The Desire Demon relies on the capital of desire, has suddenly lost contact with his mind.

     "Boy, you are cheating!" Desire Demon shouted loudly. Guo Huai can't manage that much. He sacrificed several magic weapons in his hand and surrounded Desire Demon. Xuanyuan Hao and Guo Tongyuan were not idle, and the magic weapons were all out. , And then Li Qiu and the two sacrificed their magic weapon. It was still five to one. Desire Demon bit his steel teeth, but couldn't say a word.

     "Go to hell!" Guo Huai yelled, all the magic weapons controlled by them hit Desire Demon with all their strength, and the other four attacked with all their strength. Desire Demon was unstoppable. The moment all the magic weapons touched his body, Desire Demon Yelled.

     "Boy, even if you die, I have to put you on your back. Since that's the case, let's die together." Desire Demon roared, his body exploded in the air, and the master of the big accomplishment period blew himself up.The five people saw Desire Demon blew themselves up, and once again offered a defensive magic weapon. Guo Huai even took out the Eight Diagrams Town Evil Map in Lao Jun's Gourd, and wrapped them up.

     Even so, when Desire Demon blew himself up, the capital of desire disappeared. When the five Guo Huai reappeared in Chen Family Village, Xuanyuan Hao had fainted and Guo Tongyuan had bleeding from his seven orifices. Although he could not die, his whole body was weak. Li Qiu's clothes were tattered by the aftermath of the explosion, and there was a bit of a human race master.

     Guo Huai is a little better, but at this time, I also feel the blood swelling in the blood. It took more than ten minutes to calm down.

     "Little Huai, amazing, it killed a Great Demon, haha!" Li Shixin laughed and said, Guo Huai smiled at the corner of his mouth. Yeah, under the restrictions of various rules, he actually forced Desire Demon. I blew myself up. It was the first time such a thing was placed in Heavenly Court.

     However, Guo Huai did not dare to take the slightest care at this time. Although Desire Demon blew himself up, this Tongtianhe was indeed weird. Desire Demon died and there was a Wei Xingzi. Based on their current state, if Wei Xingzi has a problem, yes. They are definitely bad news.

     "Uncle Li, you and Uncle Qiu take this medicine first. I will go to see Third Crown Prince and Tongyuan Junior Brother. Tongtianhe can't stay for long. Let's leave early tomorrow morning." Guo Huai said softly, and Li Qiu nodded. ."Elder Brother Huai, what happened just now, the breath of the five of you suddenly disappeared at the Chen Family Village residence. Did you fight Desire Demon again?" Guo Huai got Xuanyuan Hao and Guo Tongyuan into the house, Guo Tongyuan has recovered 20% after taking the pill. Xuanyuan Hao hasn't woke up yet, but there is no worries about life. Guo Huai has just returned to the house, Yu'er (Jade) poured him a cup of tea and asked softly.

     "We did a big deal just now. We will tell you after we return to Imperial Capital." Guo Huai said softly, "Yu'er (Jade), you take the seven-star compass and go outside to lay out the Array Formation. Tonight, everyone's safety depends on you. Yes, let's leave early tomorrow morning."

     Yu'er (Jade) nodded and flew away, Guo Huai sat cross-legged, three pills of pills were stuffed into his mouth, and he began to restore the influence of Desire Demon blew up.

     At five o'clock in the morning, when the sky was light, Guo Huai took a deep breath and woke up from the meditation. Older Li Qiu recovered 70% to 80% of his body. Xuanyuan Hao walked out of the house with the help of Guo Tongyuan. Several people Looking at Guo Tongyuan and Xuanyuan Hao, their faces were pale. Although they don't know what happened, they probably guessed something Ni Duan."Brother Yao, Brother Yuan, Dazhu, Kong Fei, Guo Huǒ, you guys go to start the car, let's leave here first, Grandmaster Yufeng, you go and talk to the villagers in Chen Family Zhuang, we will leave in an hour." Guo Huai arranged the matter with everyone, and walked towards the Chen Family ancestral hall.

     "I originally wanted to visit the following ancestors, but the people enshrined in this ancestral hall are younger than Lao Tzu. The Chen Family has developed to this point. You are all responsible. If you die, you will die. Lao Tzu does not blame you." Huai whispered in the ancestral hall, and finally wrote his father's name on a blank rank, and then placed it on the highest place of the ancestral hall.

     "When there are no demons in the world, I will return to Chen Family Village. I hope that the Chen Family Village will be there." Guo Huai left a sentence, turned and walked out of the ancestral hall. The cycle of cause and effect, Guo Huai could help others, but he could not. Help your descendants, this is Heavenly Dao.

     "Little Huai, I have already explained the things that should be explained, let's go!" Grandmaster Yufeng came back from the outside and said to Guo Huai with a smile. These people don't know about the Great Demon, so naturally they don't know what happened.

     "Goodbye, Chen Family Village!"
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