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Chapter Directory 586 Rebirth
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"I am Cai Tianyang, yes, this joint operation is an order from me, old commander, this matter is related to the life and death of the entire Huaxia, now I can't tell you clearly, but you will know in a few days." Cai Tianyang held the phone and said softly, the old man on the other end of the phone said and knew, and directly hung up the phone.

     "Aaron, tell everyone in the family that everyone captured by the Imperial Capital joint operation cannot be protected. Wait for Tianyang's letter!" After the old soldier finished speaking, he walked out of the study and went straight back to himself In his bedroom, only his son, who was in an important position in the army, was left with a surprised expression.

     Many people originally thought it was a simple action against pornography and hacking. Because of the participation of people from Violent Dragon Group, many people in Imperial Capital began to contact and try to find ways to fish out those who were caught in their families. After a big family failed to find people, they also knew that things were going to be big.

     "Excuse me, who is the Guo Huai Hall Lord?" The young people who picked up the goods in the three entertainment city walked to the backyard of Clinic of No Treatment and asked Guo Huai softly.

     "Put things over there and come in with me." Guo Huai said. The three of them did not dare to neglect. After putting the things in, they carefully followed Guo Huai and walked in."When will you start picking up the goods at Beiye? Who are the goods generally supplied? Who is the main source of your entertainment city? I need to know the details." Guo Huai asked the three.

     "Hall Lord Guo, the three of us started picking up goods from Master Bei three months ago. I don’t know how they met Master Bei. I met Master Bei accidentally. He gave me fans and gave them free of charge. I'm naturally happy to trade with him." Zhu Zaitian, manager of Tianwaitian Entertainment City, said softly.

     "As for our main source of customers, this is hard to say. Think about it. People who go to the entertainment city usually like to hang out. Some people may drive for two hours to fly or fantasize after playing in the wee hours. Not necessarily, this is really impossible to say. We have the details of some of the VIP cards that apply for us, but Zhu Zaitian can’t get it out for everyone.” Tian Waitian’s manager said softly, and the other two nodded. .

     "Are there many guests in and out of your three entertainment cities?" Guo Huai asked again softly. The three had not spoken yet, and Li Yào walked in from outside."Fourth old, there is news from Wucheng Paradise. They also got new products from a man named Bei Ye three months ago. In addition, several of my comrades in arms have also heard news about them. There are also new products in the entertainment city." Li Yào's words made Guo Huai shook his head. The matter was more serious than he thought, and the plan was about to change.

     "Go ahead and get the medicine. After taking it, go to Violent Dragon Group Xing Tian and go directly to the quarantine area." Guo Huai whispered to Zhu Zaitian and the three of them opened their eyes wide.

     "Hall Lord Guo, there is nothing wrong with our body. We have heard about the quarantine area. I feel that this is a bit messy. What happened to the entertainment city? Do you have to be quarantined when you go to the entertainment city?" Zhu Zaitianren Can't help but say.

     "There is a problem with the drugs you are taking, and now you still can't feel it. Once the drug addiction occurs, you will know that the drugs this time are completely different from your previous drugs." Guo Huai said loudly, and Zhu Zaitian was not talking anymore.

     "Want to know what your drug addiction is like?" Guo Huai looked at the three people in doubt, and then asked, the three of them nodded indifferently at the same time. Guo Huai watched the three of them wave their hands, and then gently Sighed.In the illusion, Guo Huai directly pulled the three of them into the illusion that he had set up. In the illusion, Guo Huai let the three of them taste the corpse and corpse poison directly, but for a moment, Zhu Zaitian slammed his fist against him If it weren't for Guo Huai, the other two would stop in time, they would bite their tongues and kill themselves.

     "This is how your best drug addiction looks like. Would you like to see it?" Guo Huai asked softly, and the three shook their heads in a hurry, feeling that they would never want to try again for the rest of their lives.

     "Go ahead and get the medicine. I don't have time to take care of you now. Please pray that the corpse poison in your body will not attack, otherwise you have tasted the feeling, and it will be difficult for you to die by then." Guo Huai said, Regardless of the other three, he pulled Li Yào back into the house.

     "Things are in trouble." Guo Huai said softly. According to Li Yào, there have been many corpse drugs of the eternal devil in China. This time the corpse is more dangerous than I thought. The only thing I can do now The thing is to pray that the corpse poison will slow down, at least it seems that the corpse poison will not occur within three months.

     "I hope that the medicine this time can prevent people who have not inhaled drugs from being infected by corpse poison." Guo Huai couldn't help but said, "You can't sit and wait for death, you have to let a few old guys go out and give the drug dens That's it, Eternal Demon Insect, how many corpses are there!"After Guo Huai finished speaking, he pulled Li Yào out of the room and came to the old house of the Kong family. Li Qiu, Shui Yunzi, several people from Dragon Clan, Xuanyuan Hao and Guo Tongyuan were all in the living room with them, as if waiting for Guo Huai. same.

     "You should all know about the Eternal Devil. Not only the Imperial Capital appeared, but also found in many places in China. Now we need some help." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Haha, I'm not in trouble, I can laugh now, not bad." Shui Yunzi said with a smile, "Five demons gather, the world is chaotic, I didn't expect that Shui Yunzi was sealed for so many years, and I caught up with this chaos. ."

     "Cough cough, Master Shui, compared to you, the kid is far worse. If you can't control this mess, it will be a big trouble." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Trouble, trouble is trouble. If the seal of Eternal Demon Insect Mother Worm is broken, Mortal World will be a trivial matter, and Heavenly Court will be even more troublesome." Shui Yunzi said with a smile.

     "Regardless of whether Heavenly Court is troublesome or not, I have intervened in this matter, and the causal cycle has to fall on me. This time I need a few people to help." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Other places are unclear. The corpses of the Eternal Demon Insect appeared in this place. Let’s go and see them separately. It’s best to find the corpses, and almost try to control the local situation.""You can get things done with Imperial Capital first, these things will be handed over to us." After several people finished speaking, they disappeared into the room without waiting for Guo Huai to say more.

     "Such a big thing has happened in Mortal World, you guys at Heavenly Court, you probably know it too." Guo Huai couldn't help but whispered as everyone left.

     Heavenly Court, Jade Emperor frowned, Wang Mu | Queen Mother walked alone in the imperial garden. The fairies who originally followed Wang Mu | Queen Mother were thrown aside by Wang Mu | Queen Mother. People who didn’t know thought it was Jade Emperor. What offends Wang Mu | Queen Mother?

     "Mortal World was hoodwinked. It means that some people don’t want you to know about Mortal World. Now I can’t check Mortal World’s things. It means that there are many people in Hongjun and Chang’e. Who do you look anxious for? Can I control the two of them?" Wang Mu | Queen Mother walked back to Jade Emperor and said with a smile.

     Jade Emperor shook his head helplessly. Jade Emperor, a seemingly awesome character in Heavenly Court, compared with the two people mentioned by Wang Mu | Queen Mother just now. No, he couldn't write at all.

     But what Jade Emperor and Wang Mu | Queen Mother didn’t know was that at this time, Moon Palace, Chang'e and Old Ancestor Hongjun played a chess game immediately. Chang'e waved his jade hand, the board was messed up, and Old Ancestor Hongjun was not angry. , Looking at Chang'e with a smile.

     "It's not you or me, who was the one who was fooled."
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