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Chapter Directory 599 Nine Days Purgatory (eight)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Qi Yun put away the Dachui | sledgehammer in his hand. Looking at Chen Daichong who fell on the ground just now, Guo Huai guessed it was right. The person on the ground was Lifeng, and he almost killed Lifeng just now.

     "What a powerful illusion." Guo Huai and the three said at the same time.

     Just as the illusion was broken open, the passage from the eighth floor to the ninth floor was illuminated.

     "Damn it, how is it possible? How could he break my five elements, I don't believe it." Yuan Chengmeng stood up and shouted loudly, not too much or not believing it, dealing with Houtian's peak realm, unexpectedly broke him Array Formation.

     "Hmph, break open, and when you get to the top floor, I will clean you up myself." Yuan An said. The entire top floor suddenly resembled the Mortal World hell, and there were crying sounds everywhere.

     Guo Huai and the three rested for almost three hours on the eighth floor of Xiantian Pagoda. With Guo Huai's pill, Guo Huai and Qi Yunsong almost recovered 90% of their strength, but Li Feng was not so lucky. Under Huai's continuous attacks, the injuries left on his body were almost completely recovered, but the internal injuries would not be able to recover within a few years.

     "Little Huai, you are really cruel ah." Li Feng said softly, he naturally would not understand. When he saw Guo Huai, it was just a nine-star Great Demon. Although he had an antagonism with Great Demon, he was compared with Chen. Qingyuan was so cruel to Chen Daichong, which was far behind."Brother Lifeng, if you can leave Nine Heavens Purgatory, Guo Huai will definitely find a way to heal all your injuries. Don't worry." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Li Feng nodded.

     "Little Huai, you go up, we won't go anymore. Faced with the illusion, we have no power to fight back. If we continue to follow up, it will cause you a lot of trouble. It is better to go up by yourself and wait for you to break Open all the Array Formation of Xiantian Tower. If we can let us out, we will go out. If there is no way, we will talk about it at any time." Qi Yunsong said with a smile.

     Li Feng nodded afterwards. After passing through the illusion just now, Li Feng had no idea of going up. The eighth-floor illusion was no longer something he and Qi Yunsong could resist, let alone the ninth-floor illusion.

     "Well, if I can break through the Nine Heavens Purgatory, I will definitely find a way to take the two old brothers out, and I will go." Guo Huai didn't say much, and he took a leap and appeared on the ninth floor of Xiantian Tower. .

     "Yuan An, you are not dead?" Guo Huai ascended to the ninth floor of Xiantian Pagoda, and saw the child on the ninth floor at a glance, who is not Yuan An or who.

     "Big Brother is not dead, how could I die." The child said with a smile, "But Big Brother can't keep his life on the ninth floor." The child finished speaking and disappeared on the ninth floor of Xiantian Tower. Then the appearance of the Ninth Floor completely changed, and there was blood everywhere, bones everywhere."Illusory, purgatory fantasy. If you want to pass the Xiantian Tower, you have to break through this purgatory fantasy." Guo Huai said to himself.

     "Help me, please, help me, I don't die." A cut-off person dragged half of his body and moved towards Guo Huai a little bit, but Guo Huai's mouth showed a smirk. For almost an hour, all the illusions before him disappeared.

     "No, this is impossible. It is clearly purgatory. Why are you not affected at all? Is your heart made of stone?" Yuan Cheng appeared in front of Guo Huai and shouted at Guo Huai, "Also, Why is there no one you know in Purgatory? Haven't you ever cared about anyone in your heart?"

     "The illusion of purgatory is the most terrifying illusion among the illusions. Mortals ascend, wipe out the demons, resist the sky thunder, this is the most basic requirement, but the ancient people ascend, there is one thing to experience, and that is to go through purgatory , Put everything down." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "What does the ancient method of ascension have to do with you, don't think that I don't know your life experience, you are just a degraded immortal, the ancient method of ascension has nothing to do with you." Yuan Cheng said loudly."Yes, the ancient method of ascension really has nothing to do with me, but when I was in Heavenly Court that year, I experienced this purgatory illusion. The art of mind reading is the only way to achieve big accomplishment." Guo Huai did not hide it. Said that since he first appeared on the ninth floor, he already knew what the illusion was in front of him.

     "No wonder, it's no wonder Yuan An lost to you, Big Brother, you won again." Before Guo Huai had time to say anything, he had disappeared in the Xiantian Pagoda.

     "Haha, finally someone has entered Congtian Purgatory again, haha, little friend, my name is Li Moxiao." A middle-aged man appeared beside Guo Huai and said with a smile.

     "Don't worry, little brother, the place you passed through is completely different from Heavenly Purgatory. This is heaven, haha, a more comfortable place than any place." Li Moxiao said with a smile.

     Indeed, Li Moxiao was right. The place in front of him is indeed too comfortable. Whether it is the aura in the air or anything in front of him, it gives him a very comfortable feeling. From stepping on the purgatory from the sky, Guo Huai is already in the realm of Innate. Strength, with such aura, you can break through and enter the Opening Light Stage within a year.

     "Little friend, don't think about it, everything in front of you is real, you don't need to worry anymore." Li Moxiao said with a smile as if he could see what Guo Huai was thinking about."Brother Li, when I go to Guo Huai, I don't know if I want to leave Purgatory from the sky, do I have to wait for the sky to get out?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Leaving? Why do you want to leave? This place is more comfortable than any place I have stayed. Why do you want to leave." Li Moxiao said with a smile, "Brother, you come with me first. I will introduce you to some friends. Leave, they should know what to do."

     Guo Huai nodded, and followed Li Moxiao towards a luxurious courtyard.

     "Mo Xiao, a visitor is here, it's time to have a meal, let's come together quickly." Just walked into the yard, a beautiful woman said with a smile, nodded to Guo Huai, and Guo Huai smiled and walked in.

     "Brother, this is my wife Lin Yun, and some friends will come over in a while, let's wait a while." Li Moxiao said with a smile. The voice here hasn't fallen yet, and several middle-aged men and women have already walked in.

     "Mo Xiao, when I came here just now, I heard Lin Yun said that there was a visitor, this is the little friend in front of me." A big beard asked with a smile.

     "Hu Biao, my eldest brother, this is the little brother Guo Huai, who just came from that damn Xiantian Purgatory." Li Moxiao said with a smile."Being able to come from Xiantian Purgatory, the little brother is not so strong." Hu Biao said with a smile, and then introduced a few people behind him. A group of people swept around the table and sat down, a table of rich food.

     "Listening to what Old Brother Hu said just now, do you want to pass the Nine Heavens Purgatory? There are other ways besides the Nine Heavens and Nine Pagodas?" A few people chatted for a while, and Guo Huai probably has a general understanding of Congtian Purgatory. It is a piece of paradise, and I also learned some ways to leave the Nine Heavens Purgatory.

     "Leaving from the heavenly purgatory can be achieved by leaving from the heavenly tower. Of course, there is another way. You only need to give the purgatory envoy something he wants. As long as you can pay a sufficient price, let alone from the heavenly purgatory, it is directly It’s okay to leave Nine Heavens Purgatory," Hu Biao said softly.

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