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Chapter Directory 600 Nine Days Purgatory (nine)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Hu Biao and others talked to Guo Huai about the purgatory messenger for a while, and Guo Huai gradually understood what the purgatory waiter was.

     "Little Huai, from the sky tower is over there. In the past 100 years, many people have been to the sky tower, but no one has come out of the sky tower alive, because everyone who has been to the sky tower will always have The body was found around the tower. We don't know exactly how the person died." Hu Biao said softly.

     "I see. I won't go rashly. Let's drink first, and then consider it when I see the purgatory."

     Guo Huai said with a smile, and a group of people started eating and drinking again.

     The next day, when Guo Huai woke up, Li Moxiao took Guo Huai to a place from Heaven Purgatory, which was ten thousand times more luxurious than Li Moxiao's residence.

     "This is the messenger mansion. I can't go in anymore. Newcomers can go in. If you want to stay in Congtian Purgatory, the purgatory messenger will give you a property. If you want to leave, he will tell you what you need to pay." Li Moxiao said softly.

     "It is my luck to be able to meet Old Brother Li in Cong Purgatory. Thank you brother. If I have nothing to do, I will stay in Cong Tian Purgatory, but this time I can't stay in Cong Tian Purgatory for too long. My brother can rest assured, Guo Huai. Don't do things that are uncertain." Guo Huai finished speaking and walked straight into the waiter's house."My son, please come inside. The messenger already knows that the son is here, and I let the little girl lead the way for the son." An eighteen or nine-year-old girl, although not as good as Yu'er (Jade), but better than other women The child is much more beautiful, and the dressing is bolder, and the layer of tulle on the body allows Guo Huai to see everything inside.

     "Cough cough, I trouble my sister to lead the way." Guo Huai coughed slightly, and followed the woman to another courtyard in the messenger house.

     "Sister, I don't know how many messengers are in this messenger mansion." Guo Huai asked softly while looking around.

     "Just one messenger, hehe, son, my name is Mingyue, I don't know what the son is called, if possible, I hope the son will meet the messenger and can help Mingyue say a few words in front of the adults, let Mingyue follow the son. "Speaking, Mingyue's body naturally leans toward Guo Huai, and the towering chest rubs Guo Huai's arms.

     "Sister Mingyue, wait until you see the messenger." Guo Huai deliberately stretched a little further, Mingyue also quickened his pace, and the two quickly walked into a house full of aura.

     "The messenger is inside, Mingyue is humble, so I can only send the son here. The rest of the road, the son will go by himself." After speaking, Mingyue turned around, and walked out of the house with a trace of dismay.Luxurious, this house is extremely luxurious, not to mention that the floor is made of pure gold. The wood in the entire room is made of fine golden sandalwood, which is not much better than the golden sandalwood of Clinic of No Treatment. , The oil under the open flames lit on both sides of the corridor is the oil refined from the ancient Spirit Beast corpse mixed with passive water. It burns without any peculiar smell. Two hundred visited potted plants, not to mention the bell, the soil inside It turned out to be the Pure Land of Bliss. This kind of match matched the gold, wood, water, fire and earth to the extreme.

     "Haha, I knew yesterday that a distinguished guest entered me from the Purgatory from Heaven. I wanted to invite the son, but it felt a bit abrupt. I didn't expect the son to come today." Guo Huai walked to a door and opened the door. , An extremely comfortable voice came into Guo Huai's ears.

     Push the door to enter, and the things greet the eye make Guo Huai have a surprise.

     Eighteen women, each of them more beautiful than the bright moon just now, dressed more boldly and openly, and even a few women surrounded by a middle-aged man were not wearing one thread all over, which Guo Huai could not hold back much. Take a look.

     "Invite Mr. Guo Huai in and take a seat!" The middle-aged man said with a smile. Several women beside him who were not wearing one thread walked quickly in front of Guo Huai, pulling Guo Huai and sitting diagonally across from the messenger. Row.Guo Huai felt the dry mouth and tongue. At this time, a cup of tea had been brought to Guo Huai.

     "This tea is the tea from the tea tree on the island of Xitian Bliss World Da Zizai. It takes less than ten thousand years to produce one or two." The middle-aged man said with a smile, and then drained the cup in one gulp, "forgot to tell. You, my name is Cong Yan, you don’t have to call my envoy, I’m how old you are, just call me Cong Yan.

     Guo Huai still didn't drink the tea in front of him, but smiled and nodded. The women beside him were kneeling in front of Guo Huai and were not going back.

     "From the big brother, I am here, presumably the big brother should also know the purpose of my coming this time." Guo Huai took a deep breath and said softly. The Cong Yan in front of him is the same as himself, the peak of Innate, but Guo Huai dare not. Make sure that you are the opponent of this Cong Yan.

     "There are generally only two things to come to me. One is that a newcomer comes and asks for a mansion from me, and the other is that I want to leave Purgatory from the sky and ask me to help. I think my brother should want to leave Purgatory from the sky and come to me. Right." Cong Yan still said with a smile.

     "Since Big Brother Cong has guessed it, please tell Big Brother Cong what I need to pay to leave Congtian Purgatory." Guo Huai asked softly."Brother, isn't it good for me to go from heaven to purgatory? Is it because you are absolutely suppressed here and unable to cultivate? If you want to practice, I can find a place for you, you can fully display your strength, the aura here is better than Xiao Xitian didn't let it go." Cong Yan said with a smile.

     "Leave, why do you have to leave? What do you want here? I have food, wine, and beauty. If you want status, you can live in my messenger mansion. I can share everything in the messenger mansion. My brother shared, why did I want to leave?" Cong Yan's voice was a little excited, but only for a moment, Cong Yan recovered his calm again.

     "The situation is forced, I must leave, not only to leave from the Purgatory of the Sky, I want to leave the Purgatory of the Nine Heavens, and to leave from the end of the Purgatory of the Nine Heavens in an upright manner." Guo Huai said softly.

     "If this is the case, then I won't stop you. As you said, I can help you leave Congtian Purgatory, but you have to see if you are willing to give what I want." Cong Yan stood up and said. Then a crystal ball appeared in front of Guo Huai and Cong Yan, and Yu'er (Jade) with Little Mengmeng and Nangong Lingmo was playing in a very beautiful place.

     "From the big brother, needless to say, I can't agree to your terms. I'm bothering you today." With that, Guo Huai got up and prepared to leave."Brother, if you don't leave, why not live in my messenger's house? Isn't it better?" Cong Yan said with a smile. He knew that Guo Huai would not be willing to have an accident with the three girls in another plane of Purgatory. He was right. .

     "Thank you for your kindness, Lord Envoy. I can't give what the Lord Envoy wants. I have to leave the Purgatory from Heaven. There is another way. I want to try from the Heaven Tower." Guo Huai's voice spread in the room. , And then people have left the room.

     "Why there are always people like this, but you have to toss for a good day, go and toss, Master Yuan will take your life." Cong Yan said angrily, and then dragged several women to his side and began to ravage them. .
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