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Chapter Directory 601 Nine Days Purgatory (ten)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Walking out of the room, Guo Huai saw Mingyue again. Mingyue seemed to have known what had happened and looked at Guo Huai in surprise.

     "My son, you have offended the messenger. From now on, you will have a hard time in purgatory from the sky." Mingyue said softly, and then a call came from the house where Guo Huai had just walked out. Mingyue bit his lip and walked into the house , Guo Huai shook his head gently, and left the messenger's house by himself.

     Walking out of the messenger's house, Li Moxiao was still waiting at the door, watching Guo Huai come out, and hurried forward to greet him.

     "Brother Li, thank you for your hospitality yesterday. Guo Huai is leaving today. If we can see you again, Guo Huai will surely deliver a good wine. Let's not go home until drunk." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     Li Moxiao wanted to say something, but he immediately understood what Guo Huai meant. He just said to be careful, then turned and walked towards his mansion without looking back.

     "Congtian Tower, let me see what secrets Congtian Pagoda has." Guo Huai said to himself, and walked towards Congtian Tower quickly.

     Compared with the surrounding buildings, Congtian Tower is not like the Zhongtian Tower in Zhongtian Purgatory and the Xiantian Tower in Xiantian Purgatory. It is the most obvious building in Purgatory. Congtian Tower is not too conspicuous in Congtian Purgatory.

     "Look, someone actually entered the Congtian Pagoda. It's a good day to be so tired." Several people watched Guo Huai enter the Congtian Pagoda and started talking."Is there any bet? I bet that this kid will definitely come out of the Sky Tower a year." A middle-aged man said loudly, coming out of the Sky Tower means death.

     "It's two years, this kid has a good face, maybe he has some patience and I'm not sure." Another person said.

     Then a group of people followed to place bets, living in the tower, not having to worry about clothes and food, the only fun is gambling, they have gradually become numb to human life, before it was a gambling fight, now it is a gambling from the tower, For them a few years, the time will soon come.

     "I bet this young man will leave Purgatory from Heaven." Just after everyone had placed their bets, an old man said with a smile.

     "Old man ghost, you haven't seen it for a hundred years, are you stupid in your cultivation, leave Purgatory from the sky, if you don't have to go to find the messenger, otherwise no one can leave from the tower." An old man of the same age as the old man in front of him said loudly .

     "I have a hundred keys to the cemetery here. Who of you dare to take the magic weapon in your body and bet with me, you will not find this Guo Huai's body in a hundred years, do you dare?" The old man is holding a hand in his hand. The key-like thing asked loudly.Then the crowd began to lively again. After almost an hour, a group of people bargained with the old man, and agreed with the old man. As long as someone finds Guo Huai's body within a hundred years, the old man must give them the key to the cemetery. Of course, If Guo Huai's body is not found after a hundred years, they will have to give all the things they have obtained for so many years to the old man, a gamble, it is a gamble.

     Naturally, Guo Huai didn’t know that it was messed up outside because he entered from the sky tower. Driving from the sky tower from outside is no different from the other two purgatory pagodas. It has the same nine floors, but after entering, Guo Huai couldn’t help but stare. Big eyes.

     From the 1st-Layer of the Sky Tower, the medicinal materials everywhere, any Mortal World plant is a priceless thing, and it can resurrect the bones. What puzzled Guo Huai the most was that no one was seen from the first floor of the Sky Tower.

     "Take nine medicinal plants on the first floor to open the passage to the second floor." At the place where the passage should have appeared, a wooden sign read this sentence.

     Guo Huai didn't dare to be careless. After repeated selections, he selected nine medicinal materials, covering a wide range of medicinal materials that can be used for nine major diseases such as detoxification, healing, and rejuvenation. He took one each. After finishing the selection, the channel was bright. Up, Guo Huai flew in."Nine kinds of martial arts in rubbing can leave." From the second floor of the tower, there are nearly ten thousand stone tablets. Each stone tablet is inscribed with various martial arts, ranging from fairy magic and Taoism to secular martial arts, everything that should be here is here.

     Guo Huai took a deep breath and didn't look at other places. As long as he saw the name of the martial art, he rubbed it directly. The nine stone steles were completed and the passage opened. Guo Huai entered the tower without any pause. Three floors.

     "It's no wonder that I was able to win both of my elder brothers. He has such a mind, and he can control his heart in the face of so many good things. It seems that he is really possible to climb from the top of the Tianta ah." On the ninth floor, the same child is exactly the same as Yuan An and Yuan Cheng who died in purgatory.

     Guo Huai’s prudence saved Guo Huai’s life. Every layer from the sky tower is a big treasure, but like 1st-Layer, if anyone is greedy to pick one more herb, he will be punished by the sky tower and will be trapped forever. Layer, 2nd-Layer is the same. The reason why many people die in the tower and their bodies appear around the tower is because of avaricious and insatiable.

     3rd-Layer, the magic weapon of glittering jewels to delight the eye, although there is no magic weapon, any magic weapon is enough to cause a dispute between the rivers and lakes. For the Martial Cultivator at the pinnacle of Golden Core, these things in front of them have a fatal temptation.The nine magic weapons can also be recognized as the master. Guo Huai is no longer calm this time, but after a long time of choosing, Guo Huai only took away nine of them, and the person has reached the fourth floor of the tower.

     "Haha, someone can break into the fourth floor of the Sky Tower. You have to hand over four things you choose from the first three floors before you can leave. Anything will do, haha." An ancient voice rang in Guo Huai's ears Guo Huai was stunned, opened Laojun Gourd, and placed four herbs on the four-layer plate.

     "Haha, congratulations, you can go to the fifth floor of the Sky Tower, but you are also stupid enough. Why do you have to hand over the things you got from the Sky Tower with so many things, haha." The voice sounded, Guo Huai Appears on the fifth floor.

     For the same four things, Guo Huai will continue to take out the herbs, the 6th-Layer is still four, Guo Huai will take out all the herbs, plus two martial arts, the person reaches the 7th-Layer, this time five things, Guo Huai will The Chinese martial arts rubbings were handed over, and it was 8th-Layer.

     "Weird request. I want something from the first three floors, and something from the back. I don't know what I want from the ninth floor of the Sky Tower."

     Guo Huai thought to himself that 8th-Layer requires six things. Guo Huai looked at his carefully selected magic weapon and asked him to surrender the magic weapon."When I was on the fourth floor, I said I could hand over other things. I don't know if I can give him other things this time and open the passage." Guo Huai thought to himself, but Guo Huai just wanted to take out his own things, he couldn't help it. Put the magic weapon obtained from the third layer on the eight-layer plate.

     With the remaining four magic weapons, Guo Huai reached the top of the tower, another child, exactly the same as Yuan An and Yuan Cheng, but this time Guo Huai's expression was much calmer.

     "Big Brother, you can suppress the greed in your heart and come here. You are really amazing. You are the first person to come here for thousands of years." The child said with a smile, "My name is Yuan Yuan. I should thank you for having passed the previous purgatory, allowing me to put the astral power of my two brothers into my body. I am about to break through the realm of Innate, haha.

     "I want to leave Congtian Purgatory, what can I do?" Guo Huai asked softly as if he hadn't listened to the young man.

     "You still have four things from the Sky Tower on you and hand them over. In addition, if you leave your gourd, you can leave." Yuan Yuan said with a smile.

     "These four magic weapons are from the Sky Tower. I will give it to you. Laojun Gourd is my thing. You can't take it away. Don't you think you want this gourd a bit too greedy." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes. ."If you don't give it to me, you can beat me, and if you win me, you can leave."
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