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Chapter Directory 605 Great Heir
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Jiutian Yuansheng watched Guo Huai disappear with the Mengmo, and couldn't help saying that it was broken. At this time, Yu'er (Jade) walked out of a hidden place.

     "Master Yuansheng, where is Elder Brother Huai? Is the guy just now the clone body of the Dream Demon?" Yu'er (Jade) asked softly.

     "Unexpectedly, without the Dream Orb, the Dream Demon could even use a clone body to perform the Divine Sense dream. The little friend is trapped in the dream." Jiutian Yuansheng said softly.

     "This is Jiutianfu, Master Yuansheng can't find the entrance to the dreamland and rescue Elder Brother Huai?" Yu'er (Jade) is not nervous, but it is definitely not good news to be caught in the dreamland of the dream monster.

     "The dream of Divine Sense trapped many people back then. I'm impotent, but you don't have to worry too much. Although it is Divine Sense of the Dream Demon, the strength of Divine Sense is not in the realm of Congealing Core Stage. The Dream Demon uses its Divine Sense to turn into a dream state. It's like an uncontrolled Array Formation. As long as the little friend can find the Array Formation, he can walk out of the dream." Jiutian Yuansheng said softly.

     Yu'er (Jade) nodded lightly and released the Zhenghuan Little Mengmeng and Lingmo who were playing with the Jiutian Monster Fish. They didn't see Guo Huai, and the two little girls didn't panic.Guo Huai did not panic at this time. Although he entered the Divine Sense dream, the dream in front of him was different from what he imagined. An ancient city is smaller than his desire. What is in it, Guo Huai needs Take a look at it to know.

     Entering the city, there are a lot of people on the street, and the restaurants on both sides of the road have good business. Guo Huai knows that everything in front of him is a dream, but if he wants to break the dream, he must find someone who understands and asks. Up.

     "Master, give me a pot of shochu, half a catty of beef, and any special dishes." Guo Huai walked into a restaurant, found a place where no one was sitting, and said with a smile to the shopkeeper.

     "The guest officer, wait a minute, Xiao Er, first serve the guest officer!" The director said loudly to the Xiao Er in the shop, and Xiao Er quickly put a pot of soju on the table, and arranged the cups and chopsticks by the way.

     "Brother, don't leave first, I have something to ask you." Guo Huai smiled and pulled Xiao Er and said softly.

     "Guest, I don't know what else you have ordered." Xiao Er asked blankly.

     "There are things I want to ask my brother." Guo Huai said, handing Xiao Er an ingot and said with a smile."He he, guest officer, I don’t know what you want to ask, just ask, Chen Xiaoer knows everything about Xiaoxiao in Chaos Wind City." Xiao Er said with a smile, the restaurant is not busy, the shopkeeper continued After the settlement, he didn't call Xiao Er to do other things.

     "This is Ranwind City?" Guo Huai asked with a smile. ,

     "The guest officer came from a different place. This is Ranwind City. It's okay now. Don't go out at night. The wind and sand will be heavy, and those who will blow will not find the way." Xiao Er said with a smile.

     "I don't know who the lord of the Windwind City is?" Guo Huai asked again.

     "I haven't seen the city lord. The city lord mansion is too far away from us. If the guest officer wants to go to the city lord mansion to do business, just walk along the street." Xiao Er said with a smile, and the shopkeeper asked him to give Guo Huai on. Cai, Xiao Er sat down again.

     "I don't quite understand what the guest officer said. There are a lot of people in Ranwind City. If you are looking for someone or buying something, just walk inside. Don't look at us, Ranwind City is thriving." Xiao Er Said somewhat confusedly, Guo Huai didn't ask much, smiled and nodded, Xiao Er happily took the ingot and left."I don't know how many years this dream has existed. The people in front of me are the descendants of the people who were trapped in the dream. They are amazing, really amazing." Guo Huai said softly, after eating, Guo Huai left an ingot again. Walked out of the restaurant by himself.

     "Monkey Boy, stinky Monkey Boy, if you dare to come and eat again, watch me interrupt your monkey legs!" When Guo Huai was walking on the road, a little Monkey Boy covered in golden hair came from the second floor of a small restaurant After rushing out, making a grimace at the hotel owner, he swaggered along the road.

     "Little Monkey Boy, please wait!" Guo Huai watched the little Monkey Boy walk not far, and quickly chased after him. This is not an ordinary Monkey Boy, because the Monkey Boy has three hairs on the back of his head and his body. The different monkey hairs are not understood by others, but Guo Huai saw it really. These three monkey hairs are from Great Sage Sun.

     The little monkey stopped and looked at Guo Huai with a look of excitement, squeaking, Guo Huai stepped forward, and the little Monkey Boy was not welcome and sat directly on Guo Huai's shoulder.

     "Haha, I didn’t expect that I met Great Sage’s descendants here, haha." After Guo Huai chatted with the little Monkey Boy in animal language for a while, he found that he was right. This little Monkey Boy was Great. When Sage was trapped in a dream, he accidentally saved a little Monkey Boy."Okay, I'll go to Monkey Mountain first. I want to see what the place Great Sage stayed in back then has become. Maybe Great Sage left me with a way to get out of this dream." Guo Huai smiled. Said, one person and one monkey walked towards Monkey Mountain.

     For almost half an hour, Guo Huai followed Monkey Boy out of Ranwind City to a densely wooded area in the back mountain. When the little Monkey Boy arrived, he shouted to the sky. There were several beasts. Guo Huai laughed. Little Monkey Boy and Great Sage are definitely related, otherwise, with the current strength of Little Monkey Boy, how could it be possible to call these big guys.

     "Water curtain cave!" Guo Huai looked at a place with mountains and water, and smiled happily. I couldn't imagine that Great Sage was trapped in a dream, and he still wanted to create such a pirated water curtain cave. ah.

     Guo Huai looked at Little Monkey Boy. Little Monkey Boy couldn't help but shook his head. He wanted to enter the Water Curtain Cave from the end of the mountain. Little Monkey Boy thought he had no such ability, but Guo Huai thought about it and understood that this dream is true. , But after all, it’s just a dream, and it can’t be the same as reality. After tens of thousands of years of inheritance, the little Monkey Boy can inherit the three monkey hairs of Great Sage.

     "Go, I'll take you in and take a look!" After Guo Huai said, the little Monkey Boy jumped on Guo Huai's shoulder, and Guo Huai's sword went directly into the water curtain cave.When Chen Qingyuan followed Sun Wukong to practice, although Great Sage did not lead his apprentice very much, Chen Qingyuan was talented and intelligent, but he learned a lot from Great Sage. After entering the water curtain cave, Guo Huai started in the water curtain cave. Strolled in.

     "This is your ancestor's stuff. You can take whatever you look like. Anyway, it's all for you." Guo Huai looked at the little Monkey Boy and turned around, then said with a smile, little Monkey Boy. After a while, I found a lot of interesting things.

     "Chichichi!" Guo Huai searched for it, but did not find a clue to break the dream before him. At this time, the little Monkey Boy called and Guo Huai leaped forward and landed in front of the little Monkey Boy.

     "Take it, this is the Changing Form Pill. Great Sage didn't take it back then. I probably stayed here for the sake of future generations." Guo Huai said softly. When following Great Sage Sun, Chen Qingyuan asked about Changing Form. About Pill, Great Sage only said a word at the time.

     "My ancestors taught me seventy-two changes. This Changing Form Pill has no effect on me. What about people and monkeys? Dadao will not give you more preferential treatment because you are a person."
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