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Chapter Directory 621 Sushan
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"He he, I finally guessed right this time. I haven't seen it for so long, but the master hasn't changed at all!" Zhao Jin's words made people in the room laugh happier.

     Guo Huai introduced the people in the house to Zhao Jin again, Ancestor of Water Immortals Shui Yunzi, Dragon Clan Da Neng Ao Feng, Human Race masters Li Shixin, Qiu Daoyuan, and Qi Yunli from Nine Heavens Purgatory. Feng, Fur-head and Ermao are the heirs of the two most awesome Monkey Boys in the world, the destiny Yǔn'er, the Third Crown Prince Xuanyuan Hao, his cheap junior brother Tongyuan, the old way, and the big tigers in human form on Firecloud Island, Fire Divine Beast Guo Huǒ, the descendants of the Great Witch Xuē Dazhu and Kong Fei, the people in a house surprised Zhao Jin even more.

     "It's really unexpected. It took only a few years for the master to come to Mortal World, and he has attracted so many influences. If the master also had such a connection, even if the master soared to Heaven Realm, the master would not be caused by the billowing smoke of the master brother." Zhao Jin exclaimed in his heart.

     "Elder Brother Huai, I forgot to tell you when I was happy, the Sect Master of Mt. Shǔ Sect Master has arrived and is now arranged by Gu Family." Yu'er (Jade) smiled and said to Guo Huai.

     "I was thinking about going to Mt. Shǔ recently. I didn't expect them to come. I'll take a look. You guys will talk first." Guo Huai didn't let a group of people follow, he called Guo Huǒ and walked towards Gu Family."Master, how come Elder Brother Huai hasn't come yet? He left Mt. Shǔ that year and said that he would be back in a year. It has been six years since then. Elder Brother Huai has never been here." The year-old boy asked softly to the two elders beside him.

     "Little Cambrian, you can't blame Guo Huai for this. A lot of things have happened in Huaxia in recent years. Without Guo Huai's move, I am afraid that Huaxia would have been in a mess now." Mt. Shǔ lamented that Mt. Shǔ Sect Master Fei Tianyang who had an accident in Dragon Mountain.

     "Wait, Guo Sect Master is not in Clinic of No Treatment, it is very likely to be related to the Dragon Mountain violent incident. We will ask him if he comes later." Zhang Bujing whispered.

     "Sect Master Zhang, Sect Master Fei, I haven’t seen you for a few days. I don’t know what you two came here to find me this time." Before entering the house, Guo Huai’s words would have arrived first, Fei Tianyang and Zhang Bujing hurriedly stood up and greeted him.

     "Guo Sect Master, long time no see, don't come here unharmed." The two said to Guo Huai with a fist.

     "Stop calling Guo Sect Master. The two elders are Guo Huai. According to age, I will call the two elder brothers." Guo Huai smiled and said, "This little guy should be Xiao Han who I saw on the Medicine Tower that day. Wu, it's not bad. I haven't grown up to be a big man in a few years.""Elder Brother Huai, you can still recognize me. You left Mt. Shǔ that day and said that it was a year later to come to Mt. Shǔ to see me. This is already the sixth year. If Cambrian doesn’t go down the mountain, I’m afraid I won’t see Elder Brother Huai." Little Cambrian said with a pouting mouth.

     "Haha, Guo Huai was wrong with this matter. Let me see what your current strength is, so my brother can compensate you." Guo Huai smiled and said, reaching out and shook Xiao Cambrian's hand.

     "Warlord Realm, haha, yes, really good, Wu Ji Zi really has a set of choosing people." Guo Huai said to himself with a smile on his face.

     "This flying sword will be given to you. The little guy has a double break with sword energy. This is the real practice method of Mt. Shǔ. It's not bad." Guo Huai smiled and handed a reduced version of the flying sword to Xiao Camwu. , Xiao Cambrian was not welcome, and directly held the flying sword in his hand.

     "Two people, don't stand here, let's go in and sit down, and talk about something slowly." Guo Huai said, and several people returned to the house again.

     "Little Brother Huai, One doesn't visit a temple without a cause., Mt. Shǔ recently had a problem, we can't solve it, grandpa asked me to come to you." Zhang Bujing shook his head and said.

     "Senior Zhang Yaochi asked you to come? Could it be that something happened to Medicine Tower?" Guo Huai asked in a daze in a daze."Since Huài Brother left Mt. Shǔ, Grandpa and the elders on the Medicine Tower have been closed to death. It was almost half a year before they came out together. Of course, it brought Mt. Shǔ a lot of good news, just Blood. Circulation Pill has produced nearly a hundred pieces." Zhang Bujing said softly.

     "With the help of those medicines, Mt. Shǔ disciples made rapid progress. Mt. Shǔ, who was facing yellow does not reach green, became on fire again. In the first three years, Grandpa and Grandpa Cheng were silent in refining medicine all day long. Mt. Shǔ's development speed at that time, within ten years, Mt. Shǔ will definitely return to the top of the China Martial Cultivator." Zhang Bujing continued unhurriedly.

     "Let's talk about the key points!" Guo Huai nodded and said four words.

     "Three years ago, an elderly man came to Mt. Shǔ, and he insisted on going to the Medicine Tower to meet some masters on the Medicine Tower. We don’t know the origin of the old man and did not let the old man board the Medicine Tower, but the old man was in Mt. Shǔ After staying for seven days, the old man disappeared from the Medicine Tower after the rest. When I saw the old man again, he followed him from the Medicine Tower and came out. Grandpa respected him, but from that day, grandpa With Grandpa Cheng and the others, they stopped refining medicine, and the Medicine Tower suddenly became quiet." Zhang Bujing said softly."Later on the fifteenth of every month, the old man would go up to Mt. Shǔ Medicine Tower. Until half a year ago, Fire Divine Beast forced the old man out of Medicine Tower. Since then, the old man has not visited Mt. Shǔ again, but Mt. Shǔ has been there since then. From now on, no one has ever broken through again. Grandpa inspected the entire Mt. Shǔ, but didn't find any suspicious places. This made us come down the mountain to find you. I hope Little Brother Huai can follow us to the mountain to see." Zhang After Bujing finished speaking, she reluctantly sat on the stool.

     "I was forced out of Medicine Tower by Fire Divine Beast?" Guo Huai said in a daze. When Guo Huǒ next to him heard the three words Fire Divine Beast, he couldn't help but slapped his spirits and his eyes fell on Guo Huai. Is there anything wrong with Fire Divine Beast?"

     "We have seen Fire Divine Beast in six years. Grandpa said that the Fire Divine Beast was not the two on the Mt. Shǔ Medicine Tower. The Fire Divine Beast that forced the old man should be Two children of Fire Divine Beast." Zhang Bujing said softly, "Grandpa asked us to invite you to Mt. Shǔ this time. One more thing is to see if there is anything wrong with the two Fire Divine Beasts, because grandpa I haven't seen those two Fire Divine Beasts for three years.""Then why don't you come to Master Huai earlier?" Guo Huai didn't say a word. Guo Huǒ beside him looked at the two and asked, and then his whole body was overwhelming, staring at both Zhang and Fei fiercely, and care was chaotic. Huǒ heard that his parents hadn't heard anything in the past three years, and he began to feel a little nervous.

     "Guo Huǒ, you go back first, get ready, and follow me to Mt. Shǔ tomorrow morning." Guo Huai waved his hand, and the pressure on Guo Huǒ disappeared. Guo Huai said softly to Guo Huǒ, and Guo Huǒ watched Guo Huai nodded gently.

     "Little Brother Huai, just now Guo Huǒ Xiaoxiao next to you has reached the Golden Core Stage state at the age of just now. It's amazing." Fei Tianyang said with a hint of surprise.

     "I hope that Mt. Shǔ is nothing big, otherwise Mt. Shǔ is afraid that it will be messed up with Guo Huǒ's temperament." Guo Huai said inwardly without replying to Fei Tianyang's words.

     I just wanted to make time to go to Mt. Shǔ, but I didn’t expect something happened to Mt. Shǔ!
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