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Chapter Directory 623 Disaster Of Shushan
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai and his swords flew extremely fast. Five people, three Golden Core peaks, and two Congealing Core big accomplishment masters rushed from Imperial Capital to Mt. Shǔ. Guo Huai didn’t have a breath of convergence all the way. I don't know how many Martial Cultivators have been tossed in the road.

     "The Great Array of Mt. Shǔ has not been broken open. How did the mysterious old man enter Mt. Shǔ that day, haven't you checked?" Guo Huai and several people came to the front of Mt. Shǔ Great Array and couldn't bear it. The resident asked Zhang Bujing and Fei Tianyang, "Mt. Shǔ Great Array has a loophole. Guo Huǒ has arrived at Mt. Shǔ."

     Zhang Bujing and Fei Tianyang were shocked. The two of them couldn't imagine that the Great Array that had protected Mt. Shǔ for thousands of years had a loophole, and neither of them had discovered it. How could this be possible.

     "Let's go, let's go to Mt. Shǔ first." Qi Yun said, he naturally found the loopholes in the Great Array of Mt. Shǔ and flew directly into Mt. Shǔ.

     "Who is here, please report your name." Just after entering Mt. Shǔ, several Mt. Shǔ disciples discovered Qi Yun and Li Feng, directly surrounded the two of them, and asked loudly.

     "Fuck off, fuck off, a bunch of scumbags, why are you doing it?" Qi Yun said loudly to a few Mt. Shǔ disciples, a lot of age, and he has not been questioned like this, obviously two old guys It was a bit uncomfortable to be questioned like this in the first place."Get back quickly, and don't be rude to the two seniors." Before Qi Yun's voice fell, Zhang Bujing, Fei Tianyang and Guo Huai had also entered Mt. Shǔ, Zhang Bujing hurried to Mt. . Shǔ disciple said.

     "Meet Sect Master." A group of Mt. Shǔ disciples saw Zhang Bujing and Fei Tianyang hurriedly giving Mt. Shǔ martial arts gifts to them.

     "Don't see you or see you, did a young man with red hair enter Mt. Shǔ? Where is he now?" Guo Huai was polite to a group of Mt. Shǔ disciples and asked loudly.

     "Red-haired youth? We have been on Limitless Peak, and we haven't seen any red-haired youth." The leader of a group of Mt. Shǔ disciples who patrolled the mountain said hurriedly.

     "Impossible, I have felt the breath of Guo Huǒ in Mt. Shǔ." Guo Huai shook his head and said, "Two people, I will use Mt. Shǔ Returning Breath Platform to see if Guo Huǒ has gone to Medicine. Tower ."

     Guo Huai didn’t wait for Zhang Fei’s agreement, and flew directly to the Returning Breath Platform. A group of Mt. Shǔ disciples glanced at Guo Huai and looked at the two Sect Masters. The Sect Masters did not object, and they didn’t bother to follow this. The masters compete.

     "You go to the elders' mansion and call out the elders of Mt. Shǔ. Come here, there is something important!" Zhang Bujing remembered that there was a problem with Mt. Shǔ Great Array, and hurriedly said to the disciple of Mt. Shǔ. Walked quickly towards the elders' mansion.Guo Huai boarded the Returning Breath Platform. In addition to its magical effect on healing, the Returning Breath Platform can also be used to find people, but apart from Guo Huai, it is probably Mt. Shǔ that no one knows how to use the Returning Breath Platform.

     Guo Huai played a stick of incense on the Returning Breath Platform, and he whispered a word search softly. The 18 yuan Yin-Yang Twin Jade around his body slowly floated up, and a transparent first-class gem appeared in front of Guo Huai. The shadow of Guo Huǒ.

     Guo Huǒ sneaked into Mt. Shǔ, a group of Mt. Shǔ disciples did not find Guo Huǒ. After Guo Huǒ boarded the Limitless Peak, they went straight to the Buddha Pagoda, because Guo Huai has been guiding him to practice for these years, the array of Buddha Pagodas Formation did not stump Guo Huǒ.

     Guo Huai sighed lightly, it’s okay, but the sigh hasn’t finished. Guo Huǒ's figure once again appeared on top of the first-grade gem, Guo Huǒ holding a fire-type flying sword, descended from the Buddha Tower with a gloomy face Leaving Mt. Shǔ, of course, Mt. Shǔ disciples did not see all this.

     "Guo Huǒ's parents and his sibling must have had an accident, otherwise this kid could not be so angry." Guo Huai's expression also became serious.

     "Two Sect Masters, I'm going to the Medicine Tower to take a look, Brother Qi, Brother Li, you two will help Mt. Shǔ set up their Great Array." Guo Huai finished, and flew towards Flying in the direction of the Buddha Tower, the outside of the Buddha Tower will not have any effect on Guo Huai."Is Lord Zhang Yaochi here?" Guo Huai entered the Stupa and shouted loudly on the first floor of the Stupa. At this time, several old people appeared on the first floor of the Stupa at the same time.

     "Little Huai, I haven't seen you in some days, but your strength has improved so fast." Zhang Yaochi looked at Guo Huai and said, Cheng Dakun and several other old men also nodded.

     "The spirits of the old men are pretty good. I don't know who can tell me what happened to a mysterious old man who appeared in Mt. Shǔ a few days ago." Guo Huai said with a smile while looking at the old men.

     "Little Huai, you look at these prescriptions first." Zhang Yaochi did not answer Guo Huai's words, but just handed a few pieces of animal skins to Guo Huai. You don't need to look at Guo Huai to feel that Zhang Yaochi handed him a few Zhang animal skin is extraordinary.

     "Yin and Yang Tongshen Pill, Nine Yang Sustained Life Pill, Nine Stars Great Nourishing Pill." Guo Huai looked at the first three animal skins and narrowed his eyes. "Master, this prescription is not for you Mt. Shǔ for nothing."

     "Such a precious prescription, even if it is given to us in vain, we dare not ask for it." Zhang Yaochi said with a smile, "The strength of Taoist Linglong is not inferior to the little friends. You can take a look at these pills." Then, Zhang Yaochi handed a jade bottle to Guo Huai.

     Guo Huai turned out to be the jade bottle. He just opened the jade bottle a small slit, and a scent of medicine came out, but after a while, Guo Huai's face became gloomy."Little Huai, is there a problem with this medicine?" Zhang Yaochi naturally noticed Guo Huai's changes and asked softly.

     "Nine Insects and Nine Herbs Conferred God Pill, old man, do you know what this pill does?" Guo Huai said gloomily.

     "Aunt Linglong said that ordinary people taking this pill, whether it is Martial Cultivator or not, can directly step into the Bigu Stage realm after taking it. We haven't found someone to taste it yet." Zhang Yaochi said excitedly.

     "Fortunately, you haven't found someone to test the medicine, otherwise you are really the sinner of Mt. Shǔ. Take out all the medicines and prescriptions that Linglong Daoist gave you, Linglong Daoist, I think it should be poison and medicine. The game set by the Mos Alliance is about the same." Guo Huai said with a sullen face.

     "Little Huai, it's a bit unnatural for you to do this." Before Zhang Yaochi spoke, Cheng Dakun next to him stood up and said.

     "Do you think I'm going to take advantage of your Mt. Shǔ?" Guo Huai grinned furiously. "You want Mt. Shǔ to die, just keep those pills, and you Mt. Shǔ will give you a pill. Do you still think you have a baby? Don't you guys feel that something is wrong recently."

     Seeing Guo Huai’s expression doesn’t seem to take advantage of Mt. Shǔ. Think about it if Guo Huai wants to take advantage of Mt. Shǔ. Last time this Medicine Tower had Cheng Dakun lost to Guo Huai. Several elderly people were a little scared. Up."I’ll go to see Fire Divine Beast first. If something happens to Fire Divine Beast, you are really the sinners of Mt. Shǔ. I really don’t know what Wuji had thought back then, and how he left the Buddha Tower Mt. Shǔ.” Guo Huai shook his head helplessly, turned and flew towards the top of the Stupa, where the Fire Divine Beast is located, Mt. Shǔ has rarely been visited these years.

     "Old man Zhang, are we really wrong!"
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