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Chapter Directory 625 Guo Huo Is In Danger
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

In an extremely hidden place in the East China Sea, a group of people surrounded a group of red-haired youths. The red-haired youths were not Guo Huǒ but who they would be.

     "Linglong, you want your source of fire. The long sword in this little guy's hand is not a common grade. I'll help you with this little guy in a moment. By then, this long sword will belong to me, Fan Xinghai." An old man stared at the plane in Guo Huǒ hand greedily.

     "Brother Fan only needs to take action for a while, and that thing belongs to Brother Fan." Master Linglong said with a big smile, "The others, if they are willing to deal with this little guy with the old woman, the things that have to be waited are except for the source of fire. The old lady is willing to divide equally among the few.” Master Linglong said with a smile, and several people took out weapons and magic weapons and stared at Guo Huǒ.

     "Originally I just wanted to pack this old woman to get her things back. I didn't expect that so many gift-giving people came, so I wouldn't be polite with Guo Huǒ." The original strength was already in the Golden Core Stage realm, and Guo Huai was added to myself. Guo Huǒ's strength has greatly increased. Although there are three Golden Core Stage masters surrounding him, Guo Huǒ is confident that he can solve everyone.

     "The kid who smell of mother's milk not yet dried dared to speak wild words and take my sword!" A middle-aged man stabs Guo Huǒ one by one."With such strength, I dare to play swords and die!" Guo Huǒ roared, the fire-attribute long sword in his hand greeted the middle-aged man, the two swords collided, and the quality immediately appeared. Guo Huai gave Guo Huǒ long sword. The name Lihuo is a pirated version of the long sword in the hands of Zhu Rong, the ancestor who played with fire. Although it is a pirated version, it is enough and to spare to deal with the miscellaneous magic weapons in the hands of a few Donghai Sanxiu.

     "Good thing, really good thing, you must get this flying sword." Fan Xinghai watched the man's long sword cut into two pieces by Guo Huǒ's long sword, but he didn't mean to help. Instead, he laughed. , And smiled very happily.

     Counting the Master Linglong and Fan Xinghai, there is also an old man and three Golden Core Stage masters who didn't make a shot. The other Congealing Core Stage masters failed in a few minutes.

     "I don't see which disciple of Huaxia, but the strength is not weak, Linglong, Xinghai, let's go three together!" The Golden Core Stage master who has not spoken said to Linglong Master Tai and Fan Xinghai with a smile."Haha, Lao Wan, it has been hundreds of years. It seems that I have never seen you say such a shameful thing, hit one by three, I like it!" Fan Xinghai finished speaking, and ordered too much to the old man and Linglong teacher. Nodding, the three of them rushed towards Guo Huǒ, the master of Golden Core Stage is much better than Congealing Core Stage, Guo Huǒ dare not care, except for the flying sword in his right hand, his left hand also took out what Guo Huai gave him magic weapon.

     "Linglong, you want the source of fire, you want a flying sword to travel in the sea, then the bead in the left hand of this little baby is mine." The old man named Wan said with a smile, and the three of them had already rushed to Guo Huǒ. Around.

     Although Guo Huǒ is also in the Golden Core Stage realm, and he holds two good magic weapons in his hand, but under the siege of the three of Master Linglong, for almost ten minutes, he gradually fell into a disadvantage.

     "This little baby is very good, but it's not a disciple of my Wanyunzong. Since it's not for me, I must destroy him, Linglong, Xinghai, take advantage of his illness and kill him, go together and continue!" Donghai Wan Yunzong, a sect that is not too small, the head Wanyun is the old man talking.

     "Haha, Lao Wan, I think you are really acting for the magic weapon. If that's the case, then quickly clean up this little baby." Fan Xinghai said with a smile, his strength increased by one point, Guo Huǒ's face became even more ugly."Little Wawa, leave things behind, and we will leave you a whole body!" Master Linglong said too loudly.

     "The whole corpse, sister!" Guo Huǒ said, watching Linglong's three magic weapons about to hit him, an extremely powerful energy radiated from Guo Huǒ, after Guo Huǒ transformed into a human form, the first It once again transformed into the form of Fire Divine Beast.

     "I said, hand over the source of fire, and I will spare you undying." Guo Huǒ, who became the Fire Divine Beast, narrowed his eyes and looked at Master Linglong and said too loudly.

     "Haha, Master, this time we really made a fortune. It turned out to be a profound beast entering the transformation stage. A profound beast of this level will be the same for us if we live or die. The whole body is a treasure. It's easy to handle, just kill it, just the corpse of the profound beast, haha, go ahead, kill this everyone." Fan Xinghai said loudly.

     "A blitzkrieg strategy, otherwise it will be discovered by others in the East China Sea. It is estimated that the thing is not ours." Linglong shouted, her strength improved again, and rushed towards Guo Huǒ.

     "Give me to die, hurt my parents, hurt my brother, you deserve to die." Guo Huǒ, who is incarnate as Fire Divine Beast, has reached the peak of Golden Core Stage. Under the siege of three people, Guo Huǒ is the slightest Don't let the wind fall. For almost ten minutes, Linglong and the three were in a panic under Guo Huǒ's strong attack."Is there any way not to hide it, and if this continues, we have to finish the game." Wan Yun said loudly, with a dark long sword in his hand. As soon as the sword was out, Master Linglong and Fan Xinghai stared Big eyes.

     "Lao Wan, it turns out that you got this sword. It's hidden deep enough!" Fan Xinghai said with squinting eyes. "When we solve the big guy in front of us, let's talk about this sword." He said, Fan Xinghai put away his long sword and replaced it with a Zen stick, the Zen stick of the Buddha.

     "I'll control this big guy, you can find a way to kill him!" Master Linglong gritted his teeth too much, and there was a small fishing net in his hand, but as soon as the fishing net came out, Guo Huǒ, who became Fire Divine Beast, couldn't help but hit There was a chill, this thing is definitely not a good thing for me.

     "Jiuyin traps the god net, take it for me!" Master Linglong shouted too loudly, and the fishing net in his hand flew towards Guo Huǒ, a powerful force fell on Guo Huǒ, Guo Huǒ wanted to avoid the fishing net , But unable to move.

     After the fishing net fell on Guo Huǒ, it quickly grew bigger and trapped Guo Huǒ inside. Fan Xinghai and Wan Yun looked at each other and laughed together."Hurry up and clean up this kid, I can't hold it for long, and it will change after a while." Master Linglong shouted to the two of them, feeling even more anxious. The use of Jiuyinkushen's net against her was not small. The old guy actually giggled.

     When I heard Master Linglong’s words, I looked at Master Linglong. At this time, Master Linglong’s face was too pale, and Fan Xinghai and Wan Yun knew that they had to slay Guo Huǒ quickly, Master Linglong couldn’t last too long.

     "Linglong, hold on for ten more breaths, Lao Wan, let's go together!" Fan Xinghai's voice fell, and the two rushed towards Guo Huai with their magic weapons.

     "It's over, this time I'm afraid it will be a small life. I knew I would wait for Master Huai." Guo Huǒ thought annoyed.
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