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Chapter Directory 631 Pioneer Mountain
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

That night, Guo Huai and the three rushed to Limitless Peak. An unknown premonition appeared in Guo Huai's mind, and Guo Huǒ frowned.

     "Go, let's go to the Divine Martial Hall together, Guo Huǒ, remember my words, no matter what happens, don't be impulsive anymore." Guo Huai said softly, Guo Huǒ nodded, Great outside the Mt. Shǔ mountain gate Array was opened by Guo Huai again, and the four quickly flew into Mt. Shǔ.

     "Master Huai, the situation is not right, why does Mt. Shǔ have such a bloody smell?" Guo Huǒ frowned and asked, Qi Yun and Lifeng had also clenched their fists, and something was wrong with Mt. Shǔ.

     "Brother Qi, Brother Li, let's turn around and see if Mt. Shǔ is still alive." Guo Huai's words made Guo Huǒ eyes widened. According to Guo Huai's meaning, Mt. Shǔ was destroyed. ,how can that be.

     "Let's go, let's go to the Medicine Tower to take a look." Guo Huai said, taking Guo Huǒ towards the Medicine Tower, the Array Formation outside the Medicine Tower was broken, Guo Huai's face was even more ugly.

     Guo Huai and Guo Huǒ entered the Medicine Tower and flew to the top of the Medicine Tower. There were no traces of the two Fire Divine Beasts and the fire. Guo Huai's heart was really messed up. If everything went wrong with Mt. Shǔ Medicine Tower, then Mt. Shǔ It's really over.Guo Huai didn’t say much, and took Guo Huǒ back to Divine Martial Hall to see if Qi Yun and Li Feng had found anything. When they returned to Divine Martial Hall, Qi Yun and Li Feng also flew to Guo from a distance. Huai approached.

     "No one, no corpse!" Qi Yun shook his head and said, "There is no living thing left in such a big school. Something must have happened."

     "Yeah, even Miemen has never seen such a clean one. We left here only a little more than a day. Who can have such strength." Li Feng shook his head and said.

     "I went to the Returning Breath Platform to take a look. I don't know if the Returning Breath Platform was destroyed by someone." Guo Huai finished speaking and flew to the Returning Breath Platform by himself. This time, several people did not follow.

     Guo Huai placed a few pieces of Jade Core on the eight houses of the Returning Breath Platform. After Divine Sense entered the Returning Breath Platform, a virtual image appeared in front of Guo Huai. Guo Huai wanted to see what happened to Mt. Shǔ, but the Returning Breath Platform did the same. After being touched, there are only sixteen characters on the virtual image. First punish Mt. Shǔ, then destroy Maoshan and Kunlun Wudang, leaving none.

     The blood-red sixteen words, as if knowing that Guo Huai would use the Returning Breath Platform to check the situation of Mt. Shǔ, provoked Guo Huai nakedly.

     "Little Huai, what's the matter?" The Qi Yun trio looked at Guo Huai's face very ugly. They couldn't help but fly onto the Returning Breath Platform, and their eyes fell on the virtual image."Someone has to deal with the Martial Cultivator of Mortal World, Mortal World is going to be in chaos." Guo Huai said softly, "Five demons gather, the world is chaotic, and the things recorded in the heavenly book are about to happen."

     "What to do? Let's go to Maoshan now, maybe we can see who is doing the trick?" Guo Huǒ said coldly, Mt. Shǔ was wiped out, his parents and elder brothers will live and die, Guo Huǒ is the only one now. The idea is to see who did these things.

     "Go, go back to Imperial Capital. If someone can kill Mt. Shǔ within a day, just let us just go back and find a way." Guo Huai finished, and Guo Huǒ did not. Against, the four people left Mt. Shǔ and flew in the direction of Imperial Capital.

     "Before such a catastrophe, I can maintain such a calmness. It seems that my father is right. If this time Demon Clan's plan fails, the biggest variable will be in this Telepath True Monarch." Pacific Ocean deep, four men and one The women were sitting around a round table. They looked at a crystal ball. On the crystal ball was the situation of Guo Huai and the others in Mt. Shǔ.

     "It's a pity that our true body can't break through the Great Array. Otherwise, let alone a Telepath True Monarch, even if the heavenly court all the immortals are all down, we can also clean them up." A clone body of the poison demon said loudly ."The third child, it's up to you whether we can come out or not. If the Eternal Demon Insect can wake up, our Array Formation is sealed in front of us, it is not a shit, I don't know when the Eternal Demon Insect will be able to wake up ah." Bloodline laughed Asked.

     "When I mentioned the matter of the Eternal Demon Insect, I was angry. At that time, I said, I would directly grind these corpses into powder, and then use the air to spread directly across the world. It will take ten thousand years. The Eternal Demon Insect will definitely wake up. Break the seal of our Array Formation and we can go out. Now Mortal World Heavens Above has long been our Demon Clan site, so it's still so troublesome to use now." Poison Demon said loudly.

     "The third child, according to your wishes, is to resurrect the demon at the expense of World myriad things. This is the evil thought in your heart. If you can't eliminate the evil thought in your heart, you will always stop in the realm of saints." Just after his words fell, there was one more person in the room, the old man came out, and five people were not talking.

     "Father, why are you here?" Mengmo said softly while looking at the old man."Let’s see if you guys continue to do something extraordinary. I said that Mortal World’s affairs must be carried out under Mortal World’s rules. We must not break Mortal World’s rules, otherwise we Demon Clan will have a great opportunity. We just have to take a bath, our billions of demon soldiers can only end up with the merits of the human and gods." The old man's voice was not loud, but a trace of it passed into the ears of several Great Demon.

     "Father's lesson is that we won't mess around." Several Great Demon nodded and said.

     "We have endured for hundreds of thousands of years. It's not too late. We are getting closer and closer to the day of the decisive battle. Don't expose our strength easily. I will help you untie the seal when it comes time. I will call you today. I’m here to remind you that if Demon Clan fails this time, all of you will be destroyed.” The old man finished speaking and disappeared into the room.

     "Brother, I feel that my father was a little too cautious this time. I don't know how many magic soldiers you have now. I now have tens of millions of magic soldiers. As long as I can go out, all these magic soldiers can be used by me. I don't believe that Mortal World has so many Martial Cultivators that can block the rise of Demon Clan." Desire Demon said loudly."Ten million demon soldiers, how many demon soldiers do you have now when you reach the fifth sister? Thirty million, do you think she is as arrogant as you? What father said just now, you must remember clearly, or you will really come out What happened, don't blame me for disregarding brotherhood." Mengmo said loudly while looking at the four of them.

     "Brother, if it weren’t for this time I’d help you, your clone body wouldn’t be able to come out. Father teaches us. If you say this with your current strength, don’t say that the younger brother looks down on you, you don’t have the ability. ." Desire Demon said loudly without buying the dream demon account.

     "Fourth, look at me!" Mengmo heard Desire Demon's words, but was not angry, and said to Desire Demon with a smile.

     "Big brother, let the fourth brother, if you two want to fight, wait until the real body comes out." Although it is also a clone body, Desire Demon fell directly into the dreamland of the dream demon at the moment he saw it. In the middle, if it weren't blocked by the medicine demon, the clone body of Desire Demon would die in the dream of the demon.

     "Really my big brother, he almost killed me." Desire Demon squinted his eyes and said, "But I hope that after you and I break through the Array Formation, you will have this kind of strength. Second brother and third brother, Mt. . Shǔ has been done, the eldest brother dare not play with him anymore, if you dare not, just quit, I will play with this little banter." After speaking, Desire Demon disappeared in front of several people.
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