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Chapter Directory 632 Misunderstanding
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai left Mt. Shǔ and flew towards Imperial Capital at full speed. The movement this time brought was even more severe. Many casual practitioners once again sighed at the breath of Guo Huai.

     "Brother Huai, there is nothing wrong with going out this time." Yu'er (Jade) watched several people come back. Guo Huai's face was very ugly and couldn't help asking, "I have fortune-telled a few times recently, but the secret has been deceived. , Nothing was found."

     "Let's talk about it after entering the house, you go call all the old men and discuss things." Guo Huai said softly, and Yu'er (Jade) walked towards Gu Family. Not long after, one room was full people.

     "Several people, let's take a look at this thing first." Guo Huai saw that the crowd was almost there, and took out the virtual image obtained on the Returning Breath Platform and placed it in front of everyone.

     "First punish Mt. Shǔ, then destroy Maoshan, Wudang, Kunlun, not one left, Little Huai, could it be said that Mt. Shǔ has been destroyed?" Li Shixin couldn't help asking when he saw the sixteen characters on the virtual image.

     "It's not clear whether the door was destroyed, anyway, Mt. Shǔ now has no living creatures and no corpses found." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Then what are we waiting for? Hurry up and go to Maoshan together, or go directly to Kunlun, we will know who was the murderer of Mt. Shǔ." Qiu Daoyuan said loudly. Qiu Daoyuan's words fell, and a group of people looked at Guo Huai."We originally thought of rushing to Maoshan directly, but then we dispelled the idea. They can make Mt. Shǔ to the present level in one day. It must be so powerful that I dare not venture to Maoshan. I am afraid. This is Demon Clan's conspiracy." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Little Huai, let's go together. In the face of absolute strength, I don't believe what tricks Demon Clan can do. It has been hundreds of thousands of years, and it is the same as before. When I hear Demon Clan, my hands are itchy." Qiu Daoyuan shouted. Said.

     "Uncle Qiu, Uncle Ao, Master Shui, Tongyuan Junior Brother, Third Crown Prince, the five of you will follow me to Maoshan. If something goes wrong with Maoshan, let's go to Kunlun Wudang together to see if we can find out who is the black hand. Others are staying at Clinic of No Treatment and have had so many hands with Demon Clan in recent years, presumably Clinic of No Treatment is already the target of a multitude of arrows." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Master Huai, take me!" After Guo Huai said, a group of elders nodded one after another. The five people Guo Huai yelled were the strongest lineup of Clinic of No Treatment. With the strength of others, they defended Clinic of No Treatment. It's not a big problem, but at this time Guo Huǒ stood up and said softly."Okay, without further ado, we will set off now." Guo Huai said softly, "Yu'er (Jade), the family affairs will be left to you." After saying that, the seven people directly sacrificed their magic weapons. Anyway, Clinic of No Treatment’s backyard is protected by Array Formation. No one can see what’s inside. A group of people flew towards Maoshan.

     "What's going on? How many powerhouses does China have?" Guo Huai's aura once again aroused the discussion of Martial Cultivator around the world, and even the four Great Demon clone bodies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean felt a trace of powerful aura.

     "The fourth child is in trouble, the guy who believes oneself infallible, let him lose this clone body, and I don't know the depth after saving it." Mengmo said loudly.

     When the Imperial Capital arrived at Maoshan, Guo Huai's speed had already reached the limit, but after arriving at Maoshan, Guo Huai was surprised by the scene before him.

     The Great Array of Maoshan Mountain can no longer provide any protection. The original aura of Maoshan Mountain has no vitality, but unlike Mt. Shǔ, there are dead bodies on Maoshan Mountain, making the faces of Guo Huai all gloomy. .

     "Boss, people have been dead for three days. We were deceived. They were Maoshan who came first, then Mt. Shǔ, a group of bastards." Guo Tongyuan said loudly."Let's go, let's split up. Master Shui took the junior and Third Crown Prince to Kunlun, and the others followed me to Wudang." Guo Huai said with a grit, and a group of people left Maoshan, which was full of corpses.

     A few people had just left, and some casual cultivators not far from Maoshan climbed to Maoshan one after another, and then the entire Chinese cultivation world was in chaos.

     "Maoshan was slaughtered. The breath of the strong comes from the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment."

     "Mt. Shǔ was slaughtered, and finally the breath that left Mt. Shǔ disappeared in the position of Clinic of No Treatment."

     "Clinic of No Treatment, the strong left Maoshan to go to Wudang, Kunlun."

     Naturally, Guo Huai did not know the rumors from the outside, but at this time, many Martial Cultivators had found Clinic of No Treatment.

     "Little girl, we need an explanation, or let Guo Huai Hall Lord come out. We know that he is not only the Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment, but also the Heaven's Way Sect Sect Master. Your Heaven's Way Sect is really powerful. We know this. , But if you kill Mt. Shǔ first, and then kill Maoshan, you should give us an explanation.” Several casual repairers are in the backyard of Clinic of No Treatment and are talking with Yu'er (Jade).

     "Mt. Shǔ has an accident. We know that Elder Brother Huai did take Heaven's Way Sect people to Maoshan, but it was not to kill people, but to save people. I don't know what your words mean." Yu'er (Jade ) Whispered to everyone."Heaven's Way Sect didn't restrain his breath, and went back and forth between Imperial Capital and Mt. Shǔ Maoshan. What else do we say, now the whole Mt. Shǔ can't find a single figure, and there are dead bodies everywhere in Maoshan. You said you were trying to save people. , Is this your way to save people? Let Guo Huai come out, we have to confront him." Another Martial Cultivator shouted loudly.

     Facing a group of Martial Cultivator questions, although these Martial Cultivators are not strong, Yu'er (Jade) has nothing to do with them. They have been clamoring to see Guo Huai and asked Guo Huai to give an explanation, but Guo Huai is not now In the medical hall, the medical hall is really messed up, because not only the Martial Cultivator in the realm of Opening Light Stage, but also Martial Cultivator from all over China have rushed to Clinic of No Treatment one after another.

     "Elder Brother Huai, they were fooled. This time they are in trouble." Yu'er (Jade) calmed a group of Martial Cultivator again, and couldn't help but whispered. Although several old people are powerful, it is impossible to attack a group of Martial Cultivator. It is not easy to get some Yinde in Mortal World. They don't want to talk about their Yinde because of the ignorance of a group of Martial Cultivator.

     Guo Huai took Qiu Daoyuan, Ao Feng and Guo Huǒ to Wudang. Wudang Shoushan Great Array was not broken, so Guo Huai was relieved. A few people directly broke the array into Wudang. Although the head of Wudang and Guo Huai had never been I met, but I knew Guo Huai, and happily brought Guo Huai to the reception room."What? Master Guo Sect said that Mt. Shǔ and Maoshan were destroyed? How could it be possible that Mt. Shǔ and Maoshan are the marquee of our Huaxia reckoned to be first or second best. Who has such ability." Wudang head Zhangtian Yang He shook his head and said, "I did feel the breath of a strong man from Imperial Capital to Mt. Shǔ a few days ago, but it seems that no one at Imperial Capital can kill Mt. Shǔ."

     "A few days ago, the Sect Masters of Mt. Shǔ Jianqi Sect visited our Clinic of No Treatment to find me. Later, I followed them to Mt. Shǔ. Mt. Shǔ was poisoned by people from the Linglong Sect of the East China Sea, so I found the Linglong Sect of the East China Sea again, but when everything was done and I returned to Mt. Shǔ, I found that Mt. Shǔ was destroyed." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Guo Sect Master, you should have gone to Maoshan before you came to Wudang. Would you like to explain to me what happened to Maoshan?" Zhangtian asked, squinting his eyes.
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