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Chapter Directory 634 Stick On Body
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Yu'er (Jade) heard someone yelling to tie up Little Mengmeng, his face suddenly became gloomy, and my old lady communicated with you in a kind and kind language, you even wanted to tie up Little Mengmeng. What made Yu'er (Jade) completely burst out was that there were actually a few Bigu Stage masters walking towards Little Mengmeng.

     "Kong Fei, Dazhu, Fur-head, Ermao, Ao Yuan, Ao Zhi, Ao Yu, tie all these people up to me, I am so mad, I really want to attack Little Mengmeng." Yu'er (Jade ) Shouted at the outside yard. Several people who were practicing in the yard next to the reception room heard the voice of Yu'er (Jade) and flew into the reception room.

     "Sister, what's the situation?" Dazhu looked at Yu'er (Jade) with a sullen face and asked softly.

     "What else? These guys are going to tie up Little Mengmeng and threaten you Brother Huai. You can figure it out. I'm mad at me. I'll go out and breathe out. If you can't handle these people, then you guys put Little Mengmeng was tied to them to save others from doing it." Yu'er (Jade) finished, leading Little Mengmeng with a little blank face and strode out of the reception room.

     A person in a room cast his gaze on the six people and one monkey who suddenly broke into the room. At this time, the expressions of Kong Fei Dazhu were much better than those of Yu'er (Jade). They tied Little Mengmeng. These people are really The old birthday star hangs himself, and his life is long.The little girl is not just Guo Huai’s inverse scales, because with these people all day, the little girl’s mouth is also sweet, the elder brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts shouted every day. They were originally a group of guys rescued by Guo Huai. The girl was regarded as the closest person to him, and the group of people in front of me today was going to tie the little girl, it was worth it.

     "Just relying on the six of you and a monkey, do you still want to deal with the failure of our house? If you know, get out and call Guo Huai, or we will let this Clinic of No Treatment not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed. "The people in the room watched Yu'er (Jade) leave, thinking she was calling some people with a height of 8 feet and a waist circumference of 8 feet. After a long period of trouble, it was a few young people and a Monkey Boy. The people in the room suddenly relaxed again.

     "Ermao, let me tell you that the two old men in here are the strongest. They are already in the late Golden Core stage. The boss said before that when dealing with a group of people, the power of role models is great. Go and tie them It will be easier for others.” Fur-head shrank to the size of a normal Monkey Boy and whispered while sitting on Ermao's shoulder."Is it the two old men inside?" Fur-head's voice was not loud, only the few people in front heard it, but Ermao's voice became louder, and his fingers pointed at the two innermost old men, originally two The old man just came to Clinic of No Treatment to see what happened. He didn't think about conflicts with Heaven's Way Sect and Clinic of No Treatment. After all, they have cultivated to their level. Some things will never happen unless they see it with their own eyes. I would believe that at this time I saw a young man pointing at himself with his fingers uncut.

     Fur-head followed Ermao’s fingers and pointed at the two of them. Then they nodded. The two elders became even more angry. Even if they have no temper, Martial Cultivator has been so pointed at for so many years. What's even more annoying is that a monkey pointed at himself like this.

     "Hey, two old men, that means you, the two blushing old men, come out, let me tie you up for business." Ermao's words are more like pour oil on the fire, the two old men whizzing He sprang out of the crowd and looked at Ermao with an angry expression.

     When Ermao and Fur-head pointed at the two elders, many people have already recognized who the two elders are. The two elders in Qilian Mountains, and many of them have never seen them in the China Martial Cultivator world. I have heard the names of the two people somehow, and today they were provoked by a young man from Clinic of No Treatment."Why, if you don't cooperate, I still want to do it!" Ermao asked loudly, "If you do it, go to the yard, don't break the things in the house, otherwise Yu'er (Jade) will definitely be angry." Er Mao took the lead to go out.

     "Today, I will teach your elders a lesson to you, a thick boy who knows no height." Qi Zhanyun made a move. The late Golden Core master, who was just a breath, had disappeared from the crowd, and then appeared in front of Ermao.

     "Teach me for my elders? You are not yet qualified. As for what the sky and the earth are thick, I may not know, but my ancestors must have been very clear when they went up to heaven or down to Hades." Ermao was also unambiguous and punched. Xiang Xiang has appeared on the old man in front of him.

     "The old bones are really hard. Today, your uncle Ermao will loosen your bones." Ermao has been with Fur-head recently. He hasn't learned any good habits, but his mouth is a lot stronger.

     "Er Mao, you can only be the second master, I am the uncle!" Fur-head yelled loudly when he heard what Er Mao said. The people who originally watched the excitement turned their eyes on Fur-head. This little Monkey Boy can actually speak. People say, there are so many weird things about Clinic of No Treatment.

     Although Ermao is only in the realm of Congealing Core Stage, with Guo Huai's pile of genius treasures and he inherited some of the fighting skills of Great Sage Sun, facing Qi Zhanyun, he did not lose the wind."Zhan Feng, this kid is very weird, I am not his opponent alone, you quickly take action, we work together to subdue him." Qi Zhanyun's heart gets colder as he beats him, he completely suppresses Ermao in the Ming Ming realm, but he can't take it in the fight. The slightest cheapness finally couldn't help but say loudly to Qi Zhanyu.

     When Qi Zhanfeng heard what his junior brother said, his face became even more red. Both of them had lived for hundreds of years. To deal with a little guy who was less than 20 years old, he had to join hands, even if he won. Now, Qilian Mountain Fengyun Second Elder's face is completely lost.

     "Why do you come to Clinic of No Treatment? It's really unlucky. Let's subdue this doll first." Qi Zhanfeng shook his head and rushed towards Ermao.

     "Er Mao, use your stick to deal with them. They fight one by one. Why are you polite with them." Fur-head watched Qi Zhanfeng rush towards Er Mao and shouted at Er Mao.

     "Yeah, I see, Brother Fur-head, watch me clean them up with a stick." Ermao said, reaching out and scouring his waist. Several women in the crowd hurriedly put their heads aside, even Ao. Yu's face also turned red. Fur-head asked Ermao to use the stick. What is he doing when he touched the belt? . . . . . A group of people began to think about evil places.Ermao was naturally not going to use the stick on his body against Fengyun Ermao. Originally, the pirated golden cudgel was in his ears, but every time he took it out, he couldn't reach what Guo Huai said. Don't put the miniature golden hoop stick on your waist. When it was supposed to be used today, Ermao discovered that the golden hoop stick on her waist was caught by the belt.

     "Ermao, I mean that iron rod, not another stick on your body, what are you doing? It really embarrassed our Monkey Boy."
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