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Chapter Directory 639 Guo Bad's Identity
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai nodded, and the soul search technique directly fell on the Demon Clan person in the Golden Core state. Almost a moment later, Guo Huai opened his eyes again, with a pill in his mouth, and used it on people of the same state. Guo Huai took a lot of effort to search for souls, and a few people didn't ask too much, waiting for Guo Huai's breath to stabilize.

     "Donghai, go to the East China Sea, the people of Mt. Shǔ still have a living, let's save it." Guo Huai said softly. A group of Martial Cultivators nodded. The people of Demon Clan had no life after Guo Huai used the soul search technique. .

     "Go back to Clinic of No Treatment first. Gu Qianyang is dead. Let's discuss how to save people." Guo Huai finished. A group of people flew to Clinic of No Treatment. The fires on Wuxiang Mountain were Shui Yunzi waved his big hand and it all went out. After a few breaths, everyone returned to Clinic of No Treatment again.

     "Head Zhang, the matter has been settled, and the black hand behind the scenes has been dealt with by us. Let everyone go back separately. Martial Cultivator in the dojo, which is closer, will gather together to practice. Recently, China will not be too peaceful." Guo Huai said softly. , And then gave nearly a hundred jade bottles to Zhangtian Yang.

     "There are some pills in it. Zhang Sect will give it to everyone. One for each person will definitely be enough. You can take the rest to the Wudang disciples. I hope everyone will hurry up and practice. It's a mess." Guo Huai said softly.Zhangtian Yang nodded, and led a group of people to follow the Wuxiang Mountain back to Gu Family to share the pills.

     "Little Huai, where are the people of Mt. Shǔ are now locked up? I think you are a little weak after using the secret method just now. Don't go this time. Let us go over. If there is something, you will talk about it when the time comes. "Taoist Yun Yan said softly.

     "My body is okay, we are not enough, and we have to call some more people." Guo Huai said softly, and Yun Yan nodded.

     When Guo Huai came back, the entire backyard of Clinic of No Treatment gathered people again. Mt. Shǔ's matter must be resolved quickly. Otherwise, if other clone bodies of Desire Demon rush to the East China Sea, the people trapped by Mt. Shǔ will undoubtedly die.

     "Master Shui, Uncle Li, Uncle Qiu, Brother Qi, Brother Li, Tongyuan, Xuanyuan Hao, Ermao and Guo Huǒ, follow me to save people." Guo Huǒ watched the crowd and said softly. The others dare to think. What to say, was stopped by Guo Huai.

     "I haven't finished yet, Uncle Ao, you take Ao Yuan, Ao Zhi and Ao Yu, Dazhu, and Kong Fei to Chen Family Village in Yushu, and find a place to live in the vicinity of Tongtian River. We will fix the affairs of Mt. Shǔ. Go to Yushu to find you." Guo Huai said softly, and Ao Feng nodded gently.

     After arranging the affairs of Mt. Shǔ and Yushu, Guo Huai shouted Yu'er (Jade) into the room again. Ao Feng had already rushed to Yushu with some of Dragon Clan's people."Elder Brother Huai, what else is going on, let's talk about it." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile.

     "Clinic of No Treatment will be handed over to you. If Great Demon is really involved, don’t resist. This Limitless Palace has already recognized the Lord, and now it’s handed over to you. You can enter with this Promise. I don’t know about this Promise. What does it have to do with the old guy from Mt. Shǔ? If something really happens, you take Mengmeng and the others into the Limitless Palace." Guo Huai said softly, and Yu'er (Jade) nodded.

     "After I leave, you can tell them my identity. Lao Tzu is a banished immortal, an banished immortal who was demoted to the lower realm. No matter how bad he is, he is also a person who has been a god, and I am not afraid of others laughing." Leaving the room, he flew towards the East China Sea with China’s few Golden Core Stage masters and Clinic of No Treatment masters.

     Yu'er (Jade) watched Guo Huai fly away, she naturally knew who Yu'er (Jade) said they were. Suddenly there was a lot of anticipation in her heart, what about censorship, what about gods, what about saints, if not Hold your heart, even if you break through the 10th Heavenly Layer.

     Although I don't know what my sister asked me to go to the lower realm to accompany the true monarch, but according to what Elder Brother Huai has done for Mortal World, the day when he rises to Heaven Realm again may not be far away.

     Guo Huai left, and Yu'er (Jade) shouted the women into the room. Although everyone met together every day, it was the first time in these years that everyone got together like this."Sister, Elder Brother Huai went out again just now, what are you calling us here?" Little Lingmo looked at Yu'er (Jade) and asked with a smile.

     "Sisters and sisters, after so many years, do you still remember the appearance of Elder Brother Huai meeting you?" Yu'er (Jade) said, the faces of several girls flushed, they and Guo I know Huai, each has its own differences. Most people met Guo Huai in Wucheng, and I think it has been several years.

     "Sister Yu'er (Jade), did the villain ask you to tell us something? Just tell us what you want." Lin Shuang said with a smile, and several other girls nodded.

     "Elder Brother Huai told you that he is a fairy." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, and the words fell, and the other girls nodded, and Ye Zi and Tang Xi laughed.

     "Yeah, every time I ask him why he is different from before, he always says that he is a god, but in recent years Elder Brother Huai is really good. Many people in Imperial Capital say that Elder Brother Huai is a living god." Murong Weiwei said softly .

     "Then do you believe he is a god?" Yu'er (Jade) asked with a smile.

     "Yu'er (Jade), how could he be a god? He is a big bad guy from head to tail in Wucheng, but because of better luck, he was discovered by your teacher's predecessors and brought him on track." Yóu Yōuyōu said with a smile.Several people nodded one after another. Several of them were similar to what Yóu Yōuyōu thought. Wucheng Vile Tetrad's fourth child was also a famous one in Wucheng.

     "Yu'er (Jade), why are you weird today, what the hell is it." Sun Lingling asked softly.

     "If I say that Elder Brother Huai is a god, do you believe it or not?" Yu'er (Jade) said softly. After being demoted to the lower realm, Telepath True Monarch occupied Guo Huai’s Fleshly Body and became the current Elder Brother Huai."

     Yu'er (Jade) said, several people smiled, as if listening to Yu'er (Jade) telling a story again, Yu'er (Jade) looked at everyone’s expressions, and Little Lingmo couldn’t help it. Nodded, no one believed.

     "You don't believe it?" Yu'er (Jade) asked with a smile, and several girls nodded.

     "Then how do you explain the pill that Elder Brother Huai gave you, how to explain the various magical powers of Elder Brother Huai, have you seen these things before meeting Elder Brother Huai?" Yu'er (Jade) then asked .

     "Sister Yu'er (Jade), if you say that Guo Huai is a real god, then you and him are brothers and sisters, and you are also gods." Lin Shuang asked with a smile."Let you take a look at my deity. If you don't tell you clearly now, will you have a chance to know or talk about it in the future." Yu'er (Jade) said, disappearing in front of everyone, without a trace of clutter. The furry snow-white rabbit sat where Yu'er (Jade) was just now.

     "Little, little mother has become a rabbit."
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