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Chapter Directory 642 Show Flaws
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai just finished the volcanic beast, and suddenly felt that he was touched by an extremely hidden Array Formation under the Clinic of No Treatment. This Array Formation was originally Guo Huai figured it out after fighting with several Great Demons. An Array Formation of, any person with Great Demon breath enters Clinic of No Treatment, it will touch that Array Formation. I didn’t expect Great Demon to enter Clinic of No Treatment brazenly today.

     "Little Huai, what's going on? You didn't fortune telling during the afternoon of Heavens Above. There was nothing, why are you so nervous?" Shui Yunzi asked softly.

     "Master Shui, let's go back to Imperial Capital right now. I don't know if it was the Great Demon who went to Clinic of No Treatment. I'm afraid Yu'er (Jade) will suffer." Guo Huai finished, and didn't talk to Mt. Shǔ people. Explained, took Shui Yunzi and a few people to the Clinic of No Treatment.

     Soon after Guo Huai and several people left Clinic of No Treatment, Clinic of No Treatment came to a patient, a middle-aged man, with good energy, but he came to Clinic of No Treatment and said that he was sick. Several people from Chen Jiadi After taking turns to get his pulse, he didn't find any problems with this man. Yu'er (Jade) came from the backyard of Clinic of No Treatment after hearing the news.

     "I don't know what the sir is called!" As soon as he arrived at the Clinic of No Treatment consultation, Yu'er (Jade)'s eyes fell on the middle-aged man. This man is not a mortal, Yu'er (Jade) can clearly feel By the time, the power of immortality is released, others can't feel it, but Yu'er (Jade) is extremely sensitive to this power of immortality."You are the wife of the true gentleman, Heavenly Court really gave the true gentleman's face, and let a fairy come down to accompany him, no wonder the true gentleman is reluctant to leave Mortal World ah." The middle-aged man said with a smile, "I From the same place as you, I specially came to visit the true monarch today."

     After the middle-aged man finished speaking, Yu'er (Jade) nodded slightly, knowing the origins of her and Guo Huai. Eight or ninety-nine or ninety-nine came from Heavenly Court, but they were enemies or friends. Now Yu'er (Jade) ) Not sure yet.

     "Now that I know the identity of Yu'er (Jade), I don't know what happened to my husband when my husband came to Clinic of No Treatment this time." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile and asked some students from Clinic of No Treatment to withdraw. Down.

     "This is not a place to talk, otherwise we will tell it inside." The middle-aged man said with a smile, "I am the true king of all medicines. Back then I was a close friend of Telepath True Monarch in Heavenly Court. This time I have something to do in Mortal World. Come and meet Telepath True Monarch."

     "True Master Wanyao? I have never heard your husband mention the name of your lord." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, "But since he is a friend of the husband of Heavenly Court, please stay in the hospital first. One day I will return to Clinic of No Treatment." Yu'er (Jade) finished speaking and instructed Zhou Tianyang to prepare something to eat. When it’s time to eat, he is ready to let the Wanyao Zhenjun eat together.It was noon, but the meal was served. Zhou Tianyang made a few more dishes because of the arrival of the real king of Wanyao. Without Guo Huai, Yu'er (Jade) called Li Yào and Jia Yuan to accompany the real Lord Wanyao in the backyard. After eating and drinking, I and a few other girls ate at another table.

     "Brother, since you are my fourth brother's friend, that's our brother's friend. It's here in China. Our brothers have a good time with my brother. Let's drink one." Li Yào raised his glass to Wanyaozhen Jun said.

     "Since it is the brother of Guo Little Brother Huai, that is my friend. When we first met, these gadgets were given to the two brothers." The real king Wanyao was really generous in his shot, and he directly gave each of them a water -Evading Bead, Yu'er (Jade) glanced at him, this quintessential king is really generous.

     "Then we won't be polite to my old brother, we will accept this thing." Li Yào Jia Yuan looked at each other and put the Water-Evading Bead away directly. The three continued to drink, but Wanyao really Jun's gaze, however, glanced at the girls on Yu'er (Jade) table.

     "This wine is really delicious. No wonder Guo Huai is unwilling to go back. There is a beautiful woman and good wine. It's a nice little day." After a few glasses of wine, Wan Yao Zhenjun said with a smile, Li Yào and Jia Yuan was taken aback, Yu'er (Jade) stood up and walked to the real Lord Wanyao, winking at Li Yào and Jia Yuan."Sir, if this wine is good, drink more. When Elder Brother Huai first arrived, he praised the wine without cease, saying that Heavens Above does not have such a wine." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, Li Yào and Jia Yuan naturally heard what Yu'er (Jade) meant, and saw the body of Wanyao Zhenjun again.

     "Yeah, Heavens Above doesn't have such a good wine either. I will have a few more glasses today." Wanyao Zhenjun said with a smile, and a glass of good wine was consumed again.

     "Brother Yao, come out, I have something to tell you." Yu'er (Jade) smiled at Li Yào after he toasted the Lord Wanyao. Li Yào nodded and walked out.

     "This person is not a friend of Guo Huai. If I am not mistaken, this person is most likely our enemy. You can send a letter to Violent Dragon Group Xia Wudi, and let the Martial Cultivator of Violent Dragon Group's Golden Core realm. Come to the Clinic of No Treatment and ambush all around. If he wants to deal with us, let him pay a price.” Yu'er (Jade) finished speaking, Li Yào called Xia Wudi directly by going to the toilet, Guo Huai left with a group of people from Clinic of No Treatment. Only Yu'er (Jade) can compete with the person in front of him. If anyone can resist for a while, only a group of Golden Core soldiers from the Violent Dragon Group Up.Li Yào finished the phone call to Xia Wudi. Xia Wudi did not dare to delay. He brought soldiers from the Violent Dragon Group Golden Core realm and appeared outside the Clinic of No Treatment. Of course, all of them condensed their breaths, and the medicine fell. Did not find anything.

     "Sir, my husband hasn’t come yet. I’ll toast him again. Our group of women are too strong to drink. After drinking this glass, I will take them back to the house and rest. You and my eldest brother and second brother will talk for a while. The meeting will be back." Yu'er (Jade) said, draining the cup in one gulp.

     Wanyao Zhenjun looked at Yu'er (Jade) with a playful smile, and drank all the wine in the glass, but he stopped directly in front of Yu'er (Jade).

     "Since Guo Huai is not here, I will take a few younger siblings out for a walk. Just after drinking it, it's not bad to go out and let the air out." With that, the real Lord Wan Yao actually shot Yu'er (Jade) directly.

     "An thief, I have known you are not Guo Huai's friend, not a friend. The person who sees Clinic of No Treatment at this juncture is the enemy. Tell me what you are going to do at Clinic of No Treatment this time." Yu' As er (Jade) said, the ribbon in his hand tied the true king of Wanyao directly like a brown seed.

     "How can you know my identity? My clone body cultivates the Ninth-Rank Heavenly Immortal Art, and the Immortal Qi exudes from the whole body." Wanyao Zhenjun asked incredulously."The wine you just drank was all made by Guo Huai himself. Since you are his best friend, how could you have not drunk Elder Brother Huai's wine? Obviously you are not Elder Brother Huai's friend, not his friend, But at this time, I came to Clinic of No Treatment again, and I looked around with unclean eyes. Do you think we will catch the wrong person?" Yu'er (Jade) Mei stared sharply and said loudly.

     "It's a fairy from Heavens Above. I didn't expect me to reveal my stuff, but what about revealing my stuff? It depends on you group of people who still want to keep me from the poisonous demon." The voice of the true king of Wanyao fell, and the clothes all over his body became Black, the appearance has also become the appearance of the Poison Demon's deity, "So many beauties, it is a pity to follow Telepath True Monarch, I will barely accept them all!"
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