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Chapter Directory 666 Acquaintance Meet
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"The self-cultivation of an actor? What kind of book is this? Isn't this martial art unsuccessful?" Wu Gang muttered to himself, "Boy, put me down first. I will give you some spells, definitely better than Chen Qingyuan. Your medical skills are much better."

     "Spells, if you know spells, then the sows can go up the tree. I will bring you something to eat when you eat. Don't brag about it. You are sick, but you are sick. You have fantasy." Wu Yang said loudly.

     "The sow goes up the tree, what's the difficulty for the sow to go up the tree, fantasies, what kind of fantasies, sick, what kind of sickness do I have!" Wu Gang was a little puzzled and wanted to say something. Wu Yang has already walked The room.

     "Haha, I'm so happy, haha, Wu Yang, this kid, can talk to this big guy for so long, haha!" After Chen Jiadi returned to the hospital, he found that there was nothing wrong, and he slipped into the monitoring room again. When it came time for Wu Yang to chat with Wu Gang, it made him happy.

     "It's time to eat. After eating, you have to send something to the big guy. Although it is to trouble the boss, we have to be a little humanitarian." Chen Jiadi said as he walked out of the monitoring room.

     A good lunch, after Chen Jiadi and Wu Yang had sound and color told others what Wu Gang said today, a group of people laughed again.Every day Wu Yang took the time to chat with Wu Gang. Wu Gang also said nothing to this descendant. He did not see the self-cultivation of the actor. He chatted with Wu Yang every day, but Wu Yang from start to Finish did not say anything about putting him down.

     "Brother Chen, after chatting with Wu Gang for a few days, I feel that I can rewrite a Journey to the West. No, it should be an interesting story about Heavenly Court." Wu Yang smiled and said to Chen Jiadi while eating.

     "As long as you don’t gossip like him, this big guy is really good too. It’s been five days since we’ve been tied up. I’ve never mentioned going to the toilet once. You said he wouldn’t be really sick. , Come to the hospital to see the boss." Chen Jiadi suddenly remembered this.

     "Yes, Brother Chen didn't tell me that I had forgotten about it. Or we will put him down and take him to the toilet." Wu Yang said softly, Chen Jiadi nodded and finished the meal. After that, the two walked into the reception room where outsiders were not allowed to enter.

     "Brother Wu Gang, I'm here again." Wu Yang said loudly before entering the house.

     "Brother, Lao Tzu is your ancestor, you are inferior." Wu Gang yelled. Even though he had no temper anymore, he was a little bit angry after being tied with immortal ropes by a few boys from Mortal World. ."Oh, why are you so angry today." Walking into the room, Chen Jiadi said with a smile, "It's not our brothers targeting you. You came to our Clinic of No Treatment to make trouble but it was your fault, although your urinary There is a problem with the system, you can tell us directly, there is no need to make trouble." Chen Jiadi said, putting Wu Gang down.

     "The urinary system?" Wu Gang searched for the information he had obtained from a few foreign homeless men when he first arrived in Mortal World, and immediately knew what it meant. "You have a disease in the urinary system. I tell you, if you are conscious, hurry up. Let me go, otherwise Chen Qingyuan won't be able to save you."

     "Who is so temperamental, knows the name Elder Brother Huai? Could it be that Heavenly Court sent someone down." Yu'er (Jade) had a fortune-telling a few days ago. The hexagram has only two characters, so let her tolerate it. I can't help but come out of the Limitless Palace. Before I get to the Clinic of No Treatment, I heard Wu Gang's shout.

     "Big sister, I haven't seen you for a long time. Before the boss left, he said that you are back to Heaven's Way Sect. When will you be back?" Yu'er (Jade) walked to the reception room, yet he hadn't seen Big hanging in mid-air. Chen Jiadi said with a smile on the guy's face."Big sister, Brother Chen and I caught a big guy who went to our hospital to make trouble, he he, is a funny guy. Big sister, go and see, he said he still knows you." Wu Yang said with a smile. Yu'er (Jade) has already seen who the hanging person is, and suddenly a complete gamut of all five flavors.

     "Wu, Wu Gang, why are you here!" Yu'er (Jade) said to Wu Gang's shadow with a hint of excitement.

     "Yu'er (Jade)? Is Yu'er (Jade) here?" Wu Gang found Yu'er (Jade) at the moment when Yu'er (Jade) appeared in the Clinic of No Treatment, and then Wu Gang's face turned red, ashamed, this time he was ashamed.

     "Receive!" Yu'er (Jade) chanted a mantra and said a concluding word. The immortal tie rope tied to Wu Gang directly fell into the hands of Yu'er (Jade) and was immediately tied Wu Gang, who had been suppressed by the rope for so many days, was finally able to use the power of immortality. The big iron chain that hung him was directly shaken into powder by his power. Wu Yang and Chen Jiadi were completely silly.

     "Wu, Wu Gang, big sister, you really know this guy!" Wu Yang stammered.

     "Yes, it's nothing for you anymore. Let's go out first." Yu'er (Jade) said to the two of them with a smile, and the two ran out like escape."Boy, if you dare to tell me what happened, you are just like the iron chain just now. You can do it yourself." Wu Gang's voice came into the ears of the two, Chen Jiadi and Wu Yang nodded hurriedly. Wu Gang just let them run out.

     "Haha, haha, Wu Gang, haha, where did you get this dress? Also, you were actually hung up by two little guys Chen Jiadi and Wu Yang. Sister, I won’t come out, you have to I’m hanging here all the time, haha, I’m so ridiculous. When I go back, I must tell my sister that I’m so happy." Yu'er (Jade) smiled presumptuously. It’s been a long time since I was so happy. .

     "Little Yu'er (Jade), I kindly went to the lower realm to find you, so you dare to laugh at me." Wu Gang said with a flushed face, "Chen Qingyuan, you let him out, today is nothing to play with."

     "Okay, I'm so angry with some little guys, I'll get your clothes on, your clothes are so funny." Yu'er (Jade) looked at Wu Gang and couldn't help but smile again stand up."Laughing again, I really turned my face, hurry up and find suitable clothes for me." Wu Gang said loudly. Yu'er (Jade) ran out quickly and directly arranged Chen Jiadi to make it for Dazhu Kong Fei before. The place of the clothes brought Wu Gang directly a set of suitable clothes. After putting on the clothes, Wu Gang was very energetic, but he couldn't tell that he was the third general of Heavenly Court, and the general of Wu Gang. , But looked a little like a bodyguard.

     "We will have dinner together for a while. Although Mortal World has only been a few years, I think we haven't seen each other for a long time, my sister is okay." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, "You will live here in the future, Elder Brother Huai doesn’t know when to come back. When Elder Brother Huai comes back, tell him something. Also, remember one thing, this is Mortal World, you are Wu Gang, Wu Gang from Heaven's Way Sect, and Heavenly Court warlord has nothing to do."

     Wu Gang nodded as he listened, yes, I'm in Mortal World now.
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