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Chapter Directory 671 Dawuguan Project
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

With Wu Gang training Dazhu several people, Guo Huai doesn't care about that. Almost every few minutes, he hears several people screaming like pigs killing pigs. Listening to Guo Huai becomes accustomed to it.

     "Finally get your meridians fixed, so that Witch Clan's strength can be maximized." Wu Gang said with a smile at the eight unadults who had been tossed by themselves, all collapsed on the ground." Wait, I'll give Guo Huai some medicine. Why is it so crisp? I crawled down when I started playing."

     Wu Gang asked Guo Huai for the pill. Guo Huai was also generous. He directly gave Wu Gang a jade bottle with almost a hundred pills in it.

     "He he, brother, in Mortal World you can refine pill of this quality. If you go back to Heavenly Court and lend you Laojun’s gossip furnace, will you be able to make a nine-day gathering pill? I will come out with medicinal materials, and my brother will get me a hundred and eighty stoves." Wu Gang didn't care whether Guo Huai agreed with him or not, and walked away with a smile.

     "If you can get Laojun's gossip stove for me, I will definitely get you one hundred and eighty stoves of medicine." Guo Huai said with a smile.Guo Huai spent half a year in May 31st, and more than 80,000 soldiers have all entered the realm of Opening Light Stage, and the speed of progress has exceeded his imagination. Although his own medicine is very effective, the style and will of the soldiers is still Guo Huai couldn't help but stretch out his thumb. If these people follow him on the Heaven Realm in the future, under the same strength, 80,000 people will deal with 300,000 heavenly soldiers, and they will definitely not fall behind.

     "Brother, you give me eight people, I will give you back seven, Dazhu will follow me from now on, the Great Witch blood in his body is the same clan as mine, the descendants of our clan, whether it is Human Race or monsters It’s still a god who can’t die anymore to Demon Clan.” Wu Gang led seven people to Guo Huai, but he didn’t see Dazhu. Guo Huai looked from a distance and saw Dazhu still meditating again. Nodded.

     "Seven people, all enter the Golden Core Stage realm. The seven of them work together to deal with you a little harder. If you count Dazhu, it should not be a big problem for you." Wu Gang said with a smile, "Of course there is one more point, Little Brother Huai No need for Array Formation and magic weapons."

     "You mean, do I just use Fleshly Body to confront your Great Witch people?" Guo Huai said with a smile, and then Wu Gang also laughed.

     These people have already broken through the opening light stage realm. If they want to continue to break through, the pill alone has little effect. Guo Huai is about to start the second step of the plan."Kong Fei, I'll leave it to you first. I will go back to the medical hall to prepare for the opening of the martial arts hall. Don't let these people lose their practice." Guo Huai explained the matter and wanted to go back with Wu Gang. As a result, Wu Gang said he was waiting for Dazhu to wake up, and Guo Huai flew towards the Clinic of No Treatment.

     Guo Huai returned to the hospital, and Yu'er (Jade) took the women out of the Limitless Palace. The strength of the people surprised Guo Huai.

     "Yu'er (Jade), their strength is not what you piled up with pill, how can they improve so fast." Guo Huai pulled Yu'er (Jade) aside and asked in a low voice, "Especially Little Mengmeng, This is no longer the state of Golden Core Stage. Don’t be fooled. By then, if the little girl rises on the ground, it will be difficult for me to go to Heavenly Court with my current strength."

     "He he, Yu'er (Jade) still understands this. Didn't Wu Gang tell you? Wu Gang gave the little girl a Nascent Soul stone. As for the improvement of other people's strength, thank you sister. "Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile.

     It turns out that the first batch of weapons that Chang'e asked Wu Gang to bring to the lower realm were all made by Chang'e himself. The girls each took two of them. The weapons carried some training knocked on the door and recognized the weapons. After the Lord, it was automatically passed into the minds of several people, just like Fairy Maiden Chang'e was instructing the practice on the side. With such a big boss-level task to help, it would be difficult to cultivate."Wu Gang didn't tell me, how many weapons the fairy brought, ten thousand? Five thousand? One thousand? Not even one thousand, right?" Guo Huai looked at Yu'er (Jade) and shook his head, suddenly Come down, "Yu'er (Jade), the fairy gave Tang Xi and the others weapons, right?"

     "There are more than seventy pieces left here. Don't be too greedy. Although these weapons seem simple, they are not easy to refine. It is not easy for my sister to get Wu Gang to use these." Yu 'er (Jade) said with a smile, and threw the remaining pile of weapons to Guo Huai.

     "That's right, that's right, but the fact that the fairy brought weapons is a reminder to me. If I can equip all our people with magic weapons within five years, he he, will I be sure when I deal with Demon Clan? Bigger." Guo Huai thought with a look of longing.

     "If you want to equip one hundred million magic soldiers, easier said than done, even 10 million magic soldiers is very difficult." Yu'er (Jade) smiled and said, "Let’s talk about what happened to you this time. ."

     "Opening the martial arts hall, the progress of the army is much faster than I thought. Now that more than 80,000 people have all entered the realm of Opening Light Stage, I am going to let them cultivate while training others." Guo Huai said softly.This time it’s Yu'er (Jade)’s turn to stare wide. More than 80,000 ordinary soldiers have all entered the Opening Light Stage realm in half a year. What kind of speed is this? Even if Mortal World was full of aura, this speed It's fast too.

     "Elder Brother Huai, you are not an Opening Light Stage soldier piled up with pill." Yu'er (Jade) couldn't help asking.

     "Naturally, I have given them a little pill, but they can break through, and it is all due to their own efforts." Guo Huai said softly, "There are still four and a half years, and now I can only do my best and obey the destiny." Guo Huai said softly, "I contacted Brother Yao and Brother Yuan, and you asked Lingling to contact the Great Medic planning team. The plan for the Martial Artist martial arts hall has to be advanced."

     Then I got busy all the time. After Li Yào, Jia Yuan, and Wang Sheng arrived at Clinic of No Treatment, Guo Huai took the three to Earthly Paradise. After Earthly Paradise had a big house, other people came one after another."Mr. Guo, are you really going to start a martial arts gym on a global scale?" Imperial Capital, or some of China's most famous investors, all appeared in the box. This time, the five thousand martial arts gym is more difficult than the medical gym. Some, Guo Huai didn’t think about taking all his belongings together. Although money is meaningless to him, Guo Huai is still ready to use the power of other people because he doesn’t have so much time to promote. To choose people, Demon Clan does not have much time for Mortal World.

     "Lingling, tell me about our plan for the Martial Artist martial arts gymnasium this time." Guo Huai smiled at Sun Lingling. Sun Lingling, who is already in the Bigu Stage realm, looked at China’s most famous investor, without a trace of nervousness. What? My husband is a god, and I call you all to give you face.

     "To put it simply, Martial Artist is going to open 1,000 martial arts halls in China, and the other 4,000 martial arts halls are distributed all over the world. We need investors to find housing and go through the formalities. The Martial Artist is only responsible for the Hall Lord. Train, train to the martial arts gym." Sun Lingling said with a smile. After speaking, regardless of the surprised expressions of a group of people, he sat in his seat.

     "Mr. Guo, Miss Sun, I don't think your plan will work at all. If this is the case, we can't cooperate."
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