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Chapter Directory 677 Imperial Means
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai returned to May 31, and directly distributed all of the more than 80,000 Martial Cultivators from the May 31 Army training ground to more than 6,000 medical clinics around the world. The publicity of the Martial Artist was very well in place. It took almost half a month to arrive at Martial. More than 40 million apprentices have signed up for the Artist Martial Hall, and more than 25 million have met the minimum requirements of the Martial Artist Hall.

     "Is it saved or killed these people? Only after four years will I know. I hope I did nothing wrong this time." Guo Huai said softly as he watched the situation of the Martial Artist martial arts hall that came back every day.

     "Father, that Telepath True Monarch's actions this time are not small. We don't need to do that at all. Why should we give him five years to win Mortal World with our current strength?" Mengmo said to him. An old man in black said softly.

     "Amen, if you win Mortal World now, don’t you feel very boring? Telepath True Monarch, some things are not as simple as you think, now I can’t tell you, there are still four years, four years later, I will follow Tell me something about me and this guy, haha, it's fantastic to want to use the power of Mortal World to deal with my billions of magic soldiers. I want to see how you can beat me in this life." The man in black said After that, disappeared in front of the five demons."It turns out that the emperor father knows everything that happened outside. Since he knows all about it, we don't need to worry. Four years, it was just a blink of an eye." Desire Demon said with a smile, "The emperor is right. It's really boring to deal with ordinary people. If it's dealing with Martial Cultivator, it's a bit interesting."

     A few days after the training ground of the 51st Army was cleared out, Fur-head returned to Clinic of No Treatment. Guo Huai naturally knew what happened when he saw Fur-head.

     "Boss, we are almost done with the things you gave us, but if you bring them all to the Clinic of No Treatment, it will be a little troublesome." Fur-head said softly.

     "Where are they now?" Guo Huai asked with a smile, this time the things handed to Fur-head did a good job.

     "It's all in the East China Sea, on the island we've taken before." Fur-head said with a smile, "I haven't been idle, Ermao watched them drill."

     "Okay, let's set off today. I found a good instructor for them, so I can ensure that their strength can be improved quickly." Guo Huai said with a smile, and walked straight into the North Room in the backyard of Clinic of No Treatment.

     Clinic of No Treatment North House in the backyard. I entered Yutian and never came out. No one disturbed Yutian. Guo Huai gently opened the door today.

     "Mr. Yu Tian, we should go out for activities today." Guo Huai said with a smile.Yu Tian slowly opened his eyes, then slowly stood up, looking at Guo Huai with a smile on his face, nodded.

     "It's been half a year, time flies so fast, let's go, take me out and have a look, Guo Huai, very good, although the descendants of the six-eared macaques have been found, haha, it looks interesting this time." Yu Tian Walking out of the room, his eyes fell on Fur-head and said with a smile.

     "Let's go, the more interesting things are yet to come." Guo Huai said with a smile, Fur-head was a little uncomfortable being stared at by Yutian, watching Guo Huai and Yutian come out together, did not say anything, three of them together Flew towards the East China Sea.

     On an isolated island where Guo Huai and Fur-head stayed at the time, the island has completely changed its appearance. The island is now more than three times larger than before. From a distance, the island is very lively, as small as a squirrel fox. It was as big as a tiger and a lion, and even African elephants had dozens of them. Guo Huai was stunned, and Yu Tian was also taken aback.

     The Big Tiger Ermao first saw Guo Huai and three people fall from the sky on the island. Big Tiger called a loud stop. The birds and beasts that had been sorted out in the queue immediately calmed down."Master Huai, we have all the beasts we want to find. If they are all beasts, it is a bit troublesome, but this time the guy we asked for help, after the boss training, can definitely come in handy." Big Tiger said with a smile. , But the moment his gaze fell on Yu Tian, Big Tiger almost turned into its original form. He forcibly suppressed the power of his blood, and ran to a corner quickly.

     "Guo Huai, do you want me to train this mess?" Yu Tian looked at Guo Huai and said with a smile.

     "He he, it’s wrong for Mr. Yutian to say that, and it can’t be said to be tattered. Although now only a few of them have opened up their spiritual wisdom or have blood inheritance, Great Demon has hundreds of millions of demon soldiers, in order to guarantee the loss. If people don't lose, we have to have that momentum." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Just rely on them, how do you want me to train to train my aura?" Yu Tian asked, looking at the beast that was shaking all over because of his own existence, shook his head and looked at Guo Huai.

     Guo Huai picked up a squirrel from the ground nearby. The little squirrel looked at Guo Huai pitifully, and between Guo Huai a trace of merit was transferred into the little squirrel. Suddenly the little squirrel who had just been scared had a little energy. Looking at Guo Huai with excitement, he looked at Yu Tian very carefully and hid on the side."Using the power of merit to unlock the intelligence of ordinary birds and beasts, there are at least 80 million various orcs in front of you, Guo Huai, do you know how much merit is needed?" Yu Tian couldn't help but asked.

     "I don’t know if I have enough power of merit, but there is no other good way. Merit, we will earn after spending it. If Mortal World can survive this catastrophe, the power of merit is not as much as we want. "Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Haha, you and the adults are really similar. They both like to gamble. They don't care about the gains and losses. These little guys are handed to me. You should keep the power of merit. I will screen it first. It is necessary to make you pay merit. You of the power of power are unlocking your spiritual wisdom, and some rotten woods will be released directly.” Yutian’s voice fell and walked to the front of a group of orcs, just a look. The various birds and beasts that had not dared to move changed even more. Honestly.

     "Hey, if it wasn't for the old man to be trapped, the orcs wouldn't be what it is now." Yutian shook his head and said, and then Yutian's Nascent Soul suddenly emerged from Fleshly Body, glowing golden light all over the body, and the golden light fell into it. On the bodies of all the orcs, a terrifying aura appeared on the entire island just for a moment.Just as Guo Huai was thinking about what happened just now, the Big Tiger six suddenly let out a loud roar, and all these six big men formed a beast pill. Guo Huai was frightened by the situation before him. Big Tiger Six After the human form is the peak of the Congealing Core Stage, it is not easy for the profound beasts to form a Golden Core. Guo Huai naturally hopes that they can break through by themselves at this time, because although the use of pill can make them break through easily, but Cultivation in the future will definitely have an impact. I didn't expect the six people to make a breakthrough together today.

     "Master Xie is perfect." Six big men knelt in front of Yutian's Nascent Soul and said loudly, and then 80 million various birds and beasts bowed in front of Yutian in their own way.

     "Only in this way can it be called a profound beast. This is what it means to be an orc, 40 million, at least a little bit less." Yu Tian said with a smile.
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