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Chapter Directory 683 First World War
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Everyone watched Guo Huai’s youngest son Guo Buyu walk into the air step by step, and finally squatted down on Wu Gang’s shoulders. The latter smiled and touched Xiaodu’s head, but did not send the little guy. past.

     "Wu Gang, if something happens to my son, I will ask you!" Yu'er (Jade) yelled to Wu Gang, Wu Gang smiled and nodded. The entire Clinic of No Treatment is rarely paid attention to. I’ve never practiced since I’m too young. I just see the little guy playing with a few adults every day, but I don’t know that this little guy often learns some Immortal Art from Wu Gang. In terms of strength, the little guy is better than Clinic of No Many people are much better.

     The people at Clinic of No Treatment became nervous, and conflicts have started in other places. The place where the Martial Artist opened is rarely in cheap places. Demon Clan’s 100 million demon soldiers swept through some marginal cities in the world like locusts. Someone posted a message and a few pictures through the Internet, and there was no more text. The aliens are here.

     "Aliens? It's not an exaggeration to say that they are aliens, but they are more terrifying than aliens." The Martial Artist who knew something about Demon Clan said softly while looking at some pictures on the Internet."This is the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment. All the Hall Lords of the Martial Artist martial arts hall can hear clearly. According to the principle of proximity, ten medical halls will gather all the Martial Cultivators in the martial arts hall together. "Li Yào sent a notice to the major Martial Artists around the world through the Internet.

     "Brother Yao, the third and fourth are not here, let's go out and have a look." Jia Yuan, who is already at the top of Golden Core, said with a smile, Li Yào and Wang Sheng ordered a bit, the three flew directly out of the Great Array, Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan smiled and nodded. His apprentice is very good. If Demon Clan is here, someone should come up first.

     "Old Li, you take it here. I will go with the three little guys. It has been hundreds of thousands of years. Old friends are here. I will meet them." Qiu Daoyuan finished speaking and rushed to Li Yào. in front of.

     "Apprentice, no matter what happens for a while, don't be stunned and rush to the forefront. The master suffered such a loss back then." Qiu Daoyuan repeatedly asked, the three nodded, and the four flew into the air. The speed is extremely fast, and within a few minutes, you can already see a piece of Demon Clan in the sky.

     "Hey, the person on the other side seems to be at the lowest level of Bigu Stage, and there are so many magic soldiers." Jia Yuan said softly. The voice was falling, and there were a few more people around. The people who came were Wudang and Mt. Shǔ. A group of masters of Golden Core Stage."We went to Clinic of No Treatment. Little Huai is not in the hospital. I heard that Mr. Qiu was bringing you over, so we followed." Fei Tianyang said softly.

     "Shoot, shoot me, and knock down the people flying above." At this time, a country under the magic soldier has been in chaos. All kinds of modern weapons are shot in the air without money, and the warheads are shot from the air After falling, the magic soldiers of Heavens Above smiled and looked at the situation on the ground.

     "Come out, that person is Ming Yu. The eight Great Demon generals back then did not expect him to be alive." Qiu Daoyuan looked at a guy with black armor in the distance and said softly. Before he and Li Shixin were sealed, he looked at Ming. Yu was sealed and unexpectedly breaking the array came out.

     All the people of Clinic of No Treatment know that Mortal World Demon Clan has come out, but they don’t know how these people came out. This is the thing that makes Clinic of No Treatment people most afraid of. The seal Array Formation of the year can be opened. , Is there any way to get this magic weapon?

     A month ago, Ran Deng left from Jiutian Mansion and returned to the Mortal World mansion with the magic weapon obtained from Jiutian Yuansheng. A nine-winged eternal monster was in an Array Formation surrounded by wicks. This is eternal The female insect of the demon insect is also the biggest trump card of the burning lantern.After the last month of hard work, the Demon Insect broke the seal. As soon as the Mother Worm of the Ancient Demon came out, it took less than an hour for all the Array Formations trapped in the Great Demon to be completely broken. It is in the human form with the ancient Buddha.

     "Randeng, you occupied the body of the ancient Buddha with the body of the Demon Venerable in the previous life. You said that the Demon Venerable is impulsive and aggressive for hundreds of thousands of years. I think the people who can win the Demon Venerable by fighting wits and bravely in the world are There is no ah." A beautiful woman said with a smile. This woman's length is not much better than the Chang'e of Moon Palace.

     "Magic Flower, when I sealed you, you once resented me." Ran Deng said with a smile.

     "It’s not about resentment. If I were you, I wouldn’t be as simple as a seal, but the cycle of causality. Today you rescued me again. I still have to pay back your favor. Let’s talk about it. How?" Mohua said with a smile.

     "Haha, it’s nothing big. Help me open the seals of a few children and magic generals. If you want to rule Mortal World with me this time, and finally rule the Three Realms, then you just follow. If you don’t want to participate, I won't force you either." Demon Lord said with a smile.

     "Tell me where they are. I'll go to break their seal formation first. I want to see how strong Lord Demon Venerable can be after hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation." Mohua said with a smile.After a day’s effort, the magic flower bred nearly ten thousand worms. Although the worms just reproduced were only in the opening light stage realm, they had the ability to swallow the Mortal World Array Formation. In less than a day, the world sealed the Great Array. All opened, Great Demon gathered, and then directly summoned Demon Clan in his own sealed land, and billions of demon soldiers were born.

     "Master Demon, Demon Flower is willing to listen to your orders this time." In this way, Eternal Demon Insect completely surrendered to Demon Clan.

     In the void, Demon Clan’s army also spotted Qiu Daoyuan’s group of people. Ming Yu’s eyes were fixed on Qiu Daoyuan. Although the first battle that year had lasted more than 100,000 years, he still remembered this guy, poison. Qiu Daoyuan, the magician, the guy who sealed himself with a group of Human Race masters.

     "All the magic soldiers are ordered, ten thousand people, don't kill, we need to be angry, and enslave the entire Mortal World." Ming Yu roared, behind him, millions of magic soldiers divided into more than one hundred groups, and rushed towards Mortal. World.

     "Master, what shall we do now?" Jia Yuan couldn't help but ask Qiu Daoyuan as he watched piles of people rushing to the ground like dumplings."We can't close things on the ground. Mingyu and I had a grievance back then. If we want to leave, we have to fight with them first. Sacrifice the magic weapon and don't keep your hands. Remember, the master's requirements for you. Only two words, alive." Before Qiu Daoyuan's words fell, Ming Yu had already rushed towards them with a group of people.

     "Mingyu, I just sealed you back then. This time it's not as simple as a seal. Go and die." Qiu Daoyuan said. Although everyone is at the peak of Golden Core, the strength that erupts is different. Qiu With Daoyuan as the center, a group of people all sacrificed magic weapons and rushed towards Ming Yu and the magic soldiers beside him.

     "Qiu Daoyuan, today's Mortal World first battle, I will use you to stand up!"
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