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Chapter Directory 684 Chaos In The World
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Ming Yu took 36 guards and surrounded Qiu Daoyuan and more than a dozen people directly in the middle. Qiu Daoyuan of veteran of a hundred battles was not afraid. Li Yào, who often wandered on the edge of life and death, was also quite calm, even better than The Golden Core powerhouses of Wudang and Mt. Shǔ are still calm, but Jia Yuan and Wang Sheng's palms are already sweating.

     "Ayao, I will help you cut a hole in a while. You take Xiao Yuan and Little Sheng to leave, and tell Shui Yunzi what happened here. Remember, don’t look back when you leave. This battle is better than you think. It’s much more dangerous. Don’t say too much. Remember, you can’t die and stick to Guo Huai’s return.” Qiu Daoyuan finished speaking. He was facing Ming Yu, but suddenly turned around halfway and directly took the one of Ming Yu’s surrounding them. The guard smashed a hole, and then Li Yào pulled Jia Yuan and Wang Sheng up and flew toward the gap.

     "Master!" Jia Yuan yelled to Qiu Daoyuan, watched Qiu Daoyuan smile to himself and nodded, and followed Li Yào with tears in his eyes.

     "Old Qiu, the three of them leave, let's play with these guys in peace. Little Huai said about Demon Clan a few days ago, so let's go back to the demon killing." Fei Tianyang and Zhang Bujing Said with a smile, the others nodded. A few months ago, Guo Huai went to Mt. Shǔ and Wudang, and left a word when he finally left, Demon Clan came to commit the crime, go all out. If you can't stop the first wave, Mortal World Will completely fall into disaster.After Wudang and Mt. Shǔ’s Golden Core were seriously injured by Ming Yu’s guards, they also completely killed the red eye. The demon was the number one. Wudang and Mt. Shǔ followed Qiu Daoyuan to the magic weapon. You can't make a deal at a time.

     "Qiu Daoyuan, under the rules of Mortal World, it's impossible for you to seal me. It's just idiotic dreams that these people under you want to beat us." Ming Yu said, with a hammer in his hand. Flicking towards Qiu Daoyuan, Qiu Daoyuan didn't dare to be careless, and presented a picture of a landscape and family. Although he could not use the full power of Autumn Waters Folk's Chart, it also blocked Mingyu's hammer.

     The thirty-six guards of Ming Yu fought against the people of Wudang Mt. Shǔ for more than an hour. Wudang Mt. Shǔ only left Zhang Bujing, Fei Tianyang and Zhangtian Yang, and there were ten guards. Qiu Daoyuan and Qiu Daoyuan were still fighting in the distance. For a while, Qiu Daoyuan and Qiu Daoyuan were completely defeated.

     The three of Li Yào have escaped back to Clinic of No Treatment. Shui Yunzi directly sacrificed a clone body, making a group of people stare. Under the laws of Mortal World, the clone body can be sacrificed. How strong is Shui Yunzi? Clinic The people of No Treatment started to take a different look at this old man who is a little clean every day.

     "Go, go back to the hospital and tell me what happened in front of me." Shui Yunzi said softly.Jia Yuan told Shui Yunzi about Qiu Daoyuan’s encounter with Ming Yu. The latter nodded. On the global monitoring map of Clinic of No Treatment, the smoke of gunpowder was everywhere, and the modern city couldn’t support the disciples of Demon Clan. Destroying, the local armed forces in various places can not take any advantage to the magic soldiers with modern weapons. The place with the big Martial Artist martial arts hall is better.

     "Master led us to meet the person of Demon Clan in the air. The leader is called Mingyu, who seems to be a Demon Clan warlord. He has almost a million demon soldiers, and the lowest strength has reached the realm of Bigu Stage. Master Together with Wudang Mt. Shǔ's senior, we stopped Ming Yu, and we took the opportunity to escape back." Jia Yuan said softly.

     "As Little Huai said earlier, this time not only the five children of Demon Venerable were released, but all the demon generals of the year were also released. We guessed that day, the female worm of Eternal Demon Insect should have been released by Demon Venerable. It's sealed, Mortal World is really troublesome now." Shui Yunzi said softly.

     Where is Guo Huai now? No one at Clinic of No Treatment asked, but they all have this question in their hearts. At the beginning of the disaster, Huaxia No. 1 Cai Tianyang has already called Clinic of No Treatment. All over the world is like being attacked by aliens. It is also panic."This time is a worldwide disaster. If they come to China, don't let the army resist. The people of the Martial Artist martial arts gym will resist with all their strength. Whatever can be done." Yu'er (Jade) said softly to Cai Tianyang .

     Cai Tianyang then gave orders to the major military regions. Except for the Violent Dragon Group, all the troops are on guard in the military region. The military region is open to citizens and abandon the city!

     The order was issued, the big Martial Artist martial arts halls all over China were full of people, and the air-raid shelters of the major military districts were also full of people. This is the case for indulgence. There are still many people who can’t find a place to hide. net sparrows at the door.

     In three days, Demon Clan swept the entire earth with a force of destruction, leaving Mortal World's large Martial Artist martial arts hall and some special forces, Mortal World was really messed up.

     "Who are they and why do they treat us this way?" People all over the world ask questions like this and that, but no one gets any answers.

     Cai Tianyang and the top leaders of Huaxia have all come to live with the Gu Family, and many places in Huaxia have all fallen. 100 million magic soldiers have no advantage over 50 million Martial Cultivator. Martial Cultivator is not at all dominant. Yutian leads the mysterious beast. Participate in the battle, because Yutian waits until Guo Huai comes back. There is no commander's battle. Even if the Human Race is dead, Yutian will not take action.At this time Guo Huai naturally did not know the situation outside. He was trapped into a purgatory. The last layer of the nine-day purgatory has been for seven days. How to break through the nine Great Array method of the purgatory to rescue the people inside at the same time, Guo Huai has completely fallen into despair.

     "I know who I am. It turned out that everything really happened because of me, but how can I rescue the nine gods and break through the purgatory." Guo Huai couldn't help shaking his head.

     "My Lord God, you spent too much time in Purgatory of Heaven. The chaos outside has already killed us. You can also break into Purgatory of Heaven. Let’s do it. Otherwise, Mortal World will fall, and all cause and effect will be counted in God Emperor. Body." A strong man who was sealed said loudly.

     "You have been with me for the seventeenth century, and have never given up on me. How can I give up on you this time? Even if I go out to purgatory all day long, the demon lord and a group of demon generals outside, without you, I will still be defeated. Guo Huai shook his head and said.

     "Mortal World is in chaos!" Lingxiao Palace, as quiet as dead ashes, no one spoke, Jade Emperor only said these four words for a long time."Who wants to go to the lower realm to solve this matter?" In the second sentence of Jade Emperor, all the celestial troops and generals were hanging their heads. No matter how stupid they were, now they can see what happened in Mortal World, the five magic gatherings. The world is in chaos. In such a situation, under the rules of Mortal World, whoever will die!

     "Go away, each optimistic about their own dojo, if Demon Clan comes, resist it all." Jade Emperor finished speaking, turned and walked out of the High Heaven Palace.

     "Why didn't Telepath True Monarch show up? Where did he go?" Many people suddenly remembered the Telepath True Monarch who was demoted to the lower realm ten days ago. Didn't he live well in Mortal World? Why don't you see him deal with Demon Clan It.
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