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Chapter Directory 687 Demon Swallow Formation
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai left the nine kings of the gods in Mortal World. Originally, Yu'er (Jade) wanted to leave with Guo Huai, but Guo Huai refused. In his previous life, he had a medicine pot called Shenhuangding and placed it in a desperate situation. When Guo Huai knew his identity, everything was clear.

     "I hope that Demon Clan can stop in the last few days and let me find the emperor cauldron. Let's slowly toss." Guo Huai left Clinic of No Treatment alone and flew directly to the North Pole.

     "It's interesting, and it's only interesting now. The Emperor God left alone. If I didn't guess wrong, I should have gone to find what he left in Mortal World." The ancient Buddha held a rosary in his hand and stayed alone in the void. Said with a smile in a secluded place.

     "Amen, how is it? Just talked about the strength of Human Race just now!" Ran Lan asked with a smile as he watched the Mengmo return to the camp with a trace of embarrassment.

     "The people who were originally just Human Race were better able to deal with it. I didn't expect that there were so many profound beasts suddenly. I didn't expect this Telepath True Monarch to find so many helpers." The Dream Demon gritted his teeth and said fiercely.

     "Telepath True Monarch doesn't have such a big face, and he is the only man in the world who can speak of the Beast Emperor." Ran Deng said with a smile, not minding that his son was being bullied."Father, who is that Telepath True Monarch? He just stayed in Jiu Tianfu for a month. Why did his strength grow so much? Under the rules of Mortal World, even if our four brothers join forces, they may not be his opponents. "Desire Demon said softly.

     "In the first battle, you were sealed by the Human Race. I was fighting against the gods. According to the strength of the year, with those guys, how could it be my opponent? Why did I enter the body of the burning lantern, because at that time I could not retreat. , This man forced me to the point where I finally had to give up my standard. He is the Telepath True Monarch in this life, the emperor of the year." Ran Lan said with a smile.

     The words of the burning lamp fell, and all the five demon masters in a room opened their eyes, especially Yao Mo Yinyue. When he was rescued by Mingyue Ancient Buddha, he felt a little strange. It turned out that everything was arranged by his father. In the bureau, Mingyue was a disciple sitting down by Lan Deng, and his master asked him to save people. Naturally, he was not to be shirked without dishonor.

     "Ayue, you don’t need to have any grudges in your heart. Mingyue’s past life is predestined with you. In this life, you should be together. What about Buddha, what about demons, and what about gods. The world calls us demons, but I look at them. It's a demon, it's a god or a devil, only the final winner has the final say." Lan Deng Gu Buddha said with a smile."You all stay in the camp. Don't make the Human Race outside feel too comfortable, but don't just harass them as you used to, just harass them appropriately. I will go and see what the Emperor is doing. The maximum is seven days. After the next day, get ready to go to full-scale war with them. Mohua, Ameng, they can’t deal with those profound beasts. You should help out appropriately, don’t go too far, the good show has just begun.” Lan Deng finished speaking and disappeared. In front of a few people.

     "Why forgot about Sister Hua? With Sister Hua's help, it's much easier to deal with those profound beasts." Mengmo said with a smile. Several other people nodded their heads. They had just suffered a loss. These people suddenly wanted to find the place back. .

     The Blood Demon grouped together. In addition to the Medicine Demon, the four Great Demons once again appeared in front of the Human Race camp with a million Demon soldiers. The difference was that the four Great Demons were next to each other. A beautiful woman is perturbed.

     "Master Shui, what about this expression? Isn't it just an extra woman?" Jia Yuan said with a smile. Guo Huai's ability to come back greatly increased their confidence, because in their eyes, there is nothing that Guo Huai can't handle."Xiao Yuan, if you fight again in a while, you and Little Yào and Little Sheng will stay in the Great Array. If you are captured by a few Great Demons, I still have a way to rescue you. If you are caught by that woman Go away, you will be miserable." Shui Yunzi said softly.

     Jia Yuan looked at Xukong again, the woman who didn't eat Mortal World fireworks. The woman turned her head and glanced at Jia Yuan. Jia Yuan just felt her head stunned and almost fainted.

     "Ao Feng, see Great Demon again with me." Shui Yunzi finished speaking, and greeted him with a million Martial Cultivator and a million profound beasts behind him.

     "Sister Hua, that Shui Yunzi is Ancestor of Water Immortals. We had a feast with him back then. Before the seal, the means were so good, and now he is not a messy character under the Mortal World rules. Leave this to Sister Hua !" Desire Demon said with a smile.

     "I don't help you kill people, he and I can't kill him, I will help you trap that Shui Yunzi sticking incense, I don't care what you end up with." Mohua said softly, and then took a step forward.

     "This fairy, you don't seem to be in Demon Clan, why do you want to take this muddy water?" Shui Yunzi felt her eyelids jump and couldn't help asking."Mr. Shui is not from the Human Race, won't you wade in the muddy water again?" Mohua said, walking towards Shui Yunzi step by step in the void. Shui Yunzi didn't dare to care, raised her hand and placed an Array Formation around her. Step by step also welcomed the past.

     Seeing that Mohua and Shui Yunzi had fought not a word or movement, Blood Demon roared and rushed towards the Human Race camp with the magic soldiers behind him.

     "Fengxue, I remember that you killed many of my Dragon Clan disciples back then, so don't even think about leaving today." Ao Feng said, bringing one hundred thousand Martial Cultivator and three hundred thousand profound beasts to greet him, four hundred thousand. For one million, without losing the wind, Blood Demon has also fought Ao Feng.

     "The Five Demon Lords, who would dare to fight with me Li Shixin one-on-one!" Li Shixin flew up and asked Desire Demon, Dream Demon, and Poison Demon loudly.

     "Fourth old, you will meet this Li Shixin, don't be careless, this guy and Qiu Daoyuan are definitely not ordinary people who can escape under the siege of the Ten Great Demon Generals." The dream monster said softly to Desire Demon. Desire Demon nodded and greeted him."The third child, don't be polite with this group of guys. I haven't seen you use poison in some days. I'll cover you. You can give them some color." After the dream demon said, figure one Shan has already appeared in the Human Race camp, Qi Yun and Li Feng immediately confronted the Dream Demon, and then the Poison Demon appeared on the other side of the Human Race camp. Li Yào Jia Yuan Wang Sheng surrounded the Poison Demon. Then the three people's faces darkened.

     "Brother, it's done, let's go!" The Poison Demon did not give the three people a chance to do anything, and shouted at the Dream Demon. The two went straight back to the front of their camp. The three of Li Yào looked at the few who had just entered. The Martial Cultivator of Bigu Stage looked black and immediately understood what was going on.

     "Sister Hua, don't entangle that old guy, let's withdraw!" The dream demon said with a smile to the enchanted flower, and the enchanted flower directly broke open the Array Formation under Shui Yunzi's cloth. Although it can't help Shui Yunzi, he wants not to follow Shui. Yunzi's entanglement is easy.

     "Poisonous poison, a good method, since you use poison, I'm helping you add fire!" As he said, the magic flower jade waved his hand, and a group of black and heavy monsters rushed to the Human Race camp.

     "No, turn on the Great Array, be careful!" Shui Yunzi yelled, seeing the Demon Insect, he already knew who he was fighting against just now, except for the female insect of the Eternal Demon Insect, who could have such strength ."Master Shui, Array Formation can't stop these nasty bugs, what should I do!" Mortal World Array Formation opened, but these monsters broke the Great Array with the simplest method, the monster swallowed the formation, and the Human Race camp began to mess up. .
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