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Chapter Directory 689 Guo Bad Return
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Shenhuangding’s plan was shattered. After Guo Huai came out of the void, he hurried to Clinic of No Treatment. Burning the lamp followed Guo Huai and flew towards the Imperial Capital. He came out of Nine Heavens Purgatory in the rules of Mortal World. Below, if fight alone, Guo Huai is not afraid of burning lights.

     "Haha, God Emperor, what are you doing so fast? Let’s have a good chat. Demon Clan reappears. It may not be the only way to solve the problem if we fight together. It is better to join forces and take the Heaven Realm directly. When you and I share the Heaven Realm, go straight. Thirty 3rd Heavenly Layer, is this not good?" Ran Deng said to Guo Huai with a smile.

     "The ancient Buddha of Burning Lantern, you can use your current identity to board the thirty 3rd Heavenly Layer, but you broke the Array Formation of the demons and released Demon Clan. Now you say United, you think I will believe you. "Guo Huai said, squinting his eyes. "Now if you want to fight, let's fight. If you don't want to fight, let the dog not stand in the way and let me go." With that, Guo Huai's speed was rising by one point, burning Deng smiled and nodded. It is definitely not a wise choice to deal with Guo Huai now.

     "I didn't even come here. I don't know what Demon Clan is doing. I am afraid that the Imperial Capital has something to do." Guo Huai thought for a while, and the speed was increased. In about a few minutes, Guo Huai had already arrived in the East China Sea, almost nowhere near the distance from the Emperor. It will be there in a few minutes."Master Shenhuang, I don’t know what I’m going to do in such a hurry." Guo Huai just wanted to speed up his departure, and the eight men in black surrounded Guo Huai tightly. Guo Huai narrowed his eyes. How could he not know these eight people? , The eight Great Demon generals next to Demon Zun, who counted the nine most difficult people in Ming Cè | Deep Scheme Demon Clan that year, suddenly came eight people, with a clear purpose, to deal with God Emperor Guo Huai.

     "The Demon Lord didn't take any action, do you guys want to stop me?" Guo Huai said loudly, with a flying knife in his hand. To deal with Demon Clan, it is a good choice to use the flying knife in his hand.

     "Back then, the eight of us were sealed by the Lord God Sovereign. We should settle this account. Also under the Mortal World rules, I think we should take advantage this time." Ming Yu said with a smile. .

     "Come on then! Kill!" Guo Huai yelled, the flying knife in his hand rushed towards Ming Yu, one against eight. Under the rules of Mortal World, Guo Huai understood in his heart that he would entangle these eight guys. Getting up is definitely not a good thing.

     "Haha, Lord God Sovereign, this time you are much worse than a hundred thousand years ago. You even chose to escape. Do you think you escaped? Even if we can't kill you this time, we will let you try to be sealed. Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, stop him!" Ming Yu roared, and a powerful breath appeared in front of Guo Huai."No, there is a back hand." Guo Huai wanted to avoid it. It was too late. Unexpectedly, the Demon Venerable only left for a few breaths, so that the eight Great Demon would add a Demon Clan genius to arrange such a genius. The Seal Array.

     "My Lord God, just stay in the formation, we don't need to keep you trapped for too long, one day is enough for us to get the Mortal World Martial Cultivator, haha." Ming Cè | Deep Scheme finished, eight Great Demon will They disappeared in front of Guo Huai together.

     "Ming Cè | Deep Scheme is worthy of being Demon Clan's best genius, but there seems to be something wrong with his head. This Array Formation looks a bit similar to the Array Formation that trapped Dragon Clan back then. One day, it’s too long, I’m now I’m going to break your shit Array Formation." Guo Huai has almost guessed what Demon Clan wants to do. With a roar, Yin-Yang Twin Jade threw it beside him without money, followed by a broken word, and rushed out. Array Formation, Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, who had just left, suddenly looked ugly.

     "Damn, how could he break my Great Array directly, he is the same as ours, and he is also at the peak of Golden Core, how could it be possible." Ming Cè | Deep Scheme said loudly, and the other eight magic generals also turned gloomy. , If the emperor had such strength, this Mortal World battle would not be easy."Let's go, go to Master Demon Clan, and ask what strength the fairy god emperor is, how could it break the Array Formation like this." After Ming Yu finished speaking, the nine people flew towards the Demon Clan camp.

     "Break Ace’s Array Formation? Haha, it seems that Buried Dragon Valley and his party have improved his understanding of Array Formation a lot, Ace, you are miscalculating this time, but it’s okay to let him Go back, you pass the order, and three days later, fight to the death with Mortal World Martial Cultivator!" Lan Deng Gufo said lifelessly, and several demon generals nodded and all left.

     Guo Huai flew over the Imperial Capital from the East China Sea and saw tens of thousands of eternal monsters staying above the Imperial Capital. He immediately knew what had happened.

     "Samadhi True Fire, kill me!" Guo Huai yelled. The Eternal Demon is indeed powerful, but Samadhi True Fire just restrains the Eternal Demon and does not require any killing array. Wherever Samadhi True Fire goes, the Demon After being burned to death, Shui Yunzi naturally felt Guo Huai's breath, and put away the Great Array, a gust of water encircled all the eternal monsters who wanted to escape.

     Fire water? But when Mizumoto’s spirit meets Samadhi True Fire, Samadhi True Fire is even better. The magic flower that is thousands of miles away frowns. Although these monsters are nothing to her, every monster has it. Her Divine Sense, she naturally feels uncomfortable."Under the rules of Mortal World, such a trial can erupt. The Emperor is the Emperor. Although this time caused a lot of trouble to the Human Race, it did not touch the foundation of the Human Race. The battle three days later , Some trouble." Mohua said softly, and several demons nodded.

     "I knew that this guy was the emperor, the clone body that our brothers escaped back then should have been combined to destroy him. Where is there such a big trouble." Mengmo shook his head and said, but think about it. Killing Guo Huai is definitely not easy.

     The monsters above the Imperial Capital were all resolved, Shui Yunzi’s Nascent Soul returned, the sky thunder that had not fallen from the sky slowly left, Shui Yunzi’s Fleshly Body suddenly moved, looking at the Fleshly Body’s Jia Yuan and Li Yào It is also known that the soul of Shui Yunzi is back.

     The two followed Shui Yunzi as they took off toward the void, and saw Guo Huai standing in the void in a Taoist suit, looking at Demon Clan's camp thousands of miles away.

     "Fourth old, you can be regarded as coming back. Let's go back to Clinic of No Treatment. Jiadi and the others will try the poison. If they don't go for treatment, they will be finished." Jia Yuan said softly, Guo Huai nodded and disappeared. In front of a few people.

     "Brother Yao, what strength do you think the fourth child is now?" Jia Yuan couldn't help but ask."Didn't you hear a few old men say, our brother is not just a god who was demoted to the lower realm of Heavenly Court, he is a god emperor, he is a figure comparable to Old Ancestor Hongjun, no, he should be even more powerful than Old Ancestor Hongjun Many people.” Li Yào said softly, and the two flew towards Clinic of No Treatment.

     "Boss!" "Hall Lord!" "Bad guy!" "Master Huai!" "Papa Huai!" Several different voices rang in Guo Huai's ears, and Guo Huai smiled and nodded to everyone.

     "Xiaoxiao, put this pill into the water and make it into eighteen small bowls. Call all the students who were the first Clinic of No Treatment." Guo Huai said softly, Xiaoxiao quickly ran into the room with the pill. Then several girls appeared in front of Guo Huai with a few small bowls in his hand.

     "I've calculated everything for you before, knowing that Jiadi had a catastrophe, but they didn't expect to be here." Guo Huai said softly.
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