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Chapter Directory 690 Final Preparation
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Eighteen students who have stayed in Clinic of No Treatment for nearly seven years can no longer see the youthfulness of their school days. The last time the Chinese plague incident, they were already familiar to many people in China, but this time By personally experimenting with drugs, the millions of Martial Cultivators of Imperial Capital once again met these physicians of Clinic of No Treatment.

     "I am proud of you, I, Guo Huai, I am willing to accept you as disciples, whether it is Mortal World or Heaven Realm, you will all be my disciples, not just disciples of Clinic of No Treatment Guo Huai, but of the Emperor of God Disciple!" Guo Huai said softly, not loud. A group of Clinic of No Treatment students trembled all over. At this time, they were not only recognized by Guo Huai, but they were recognized by the emperor of this life, even though they were not. It is clear what the word "Shenhuang" means, but it can be seen from the expressions of the people around him that this will be a sacred existence.

     "Boss, become a disciple of the gods, can we still call your boss? And He Mo and Yaoshi, how can you become your wife again when you become your disciple!" Jia Xiaoxiao said openly, and everyone laughed. stand up.

     "In the last life, I married 108 wives, of which I have many disciples. When you arrive at Heaven Realm, you will naturally understand some things. As for the title, you can call me whatever you want. Take the medicine pill just now. Let's get down, there are some things that you should know." Guo Huai finished speaking, and walked into the house with the Eight Great Kings and others.Eighteen students and a few girls directly poured the water made from a pill into the belly of a few unconscious students, and then the black faces of a few people instantly recovered their blood.

     "What kind of medicine did the boss give us? I feel that my whole body is full of strength now. It's so cool." Chen Jiadi said loudly after waking up, and several other people nodded.

     "Oh my god, there is a trace of the emperor's essence and blood in the pill just now. No wonder it can make you so much improved at once." Ao Feng said with wide eyes, "You are no longer mortals now. Whether you are practicing medicine or Martial Cultivator, some things must be paid attention to, Little He Mo, Little Yaoshi, you two should be Martial Cultivator before them. Tell them something you should pay attention to."

     After Ao Feng finished speaking, Liu Yaoshi and He Mo shouted Chen Jiadi and a dozen people returned to the Clinic of No Treatment. All the students almost knew their current situation and understood what kind of existence Guo Huai was. The emperor, his boss is the god emperor, thinking about it is awesome.

     "Brother Yao, you can tell me about the situation of the entire Mortal World Martial Cultivator now!" Guo Huai came out with the Eight God Emperors, gathered the staff again, and asked Li Yào softly."These days, Mortal World Martial Cultivator and Demon Clan's small-scale martial contests have continued. Mortal World Martial Cultivator has lost more than three million people. The deaths and injuries of Demon Clan are unknown. In recent martial contests, because of Yutian The husband joined the profound beast, our casualties have been reduced a lot." Li Yào said softly.

     "There will be a fierce battle in three days. I will not force anyone, Brother Yao Brother Yuan, you pass the order. Any Martial Cultivator who does not want to participate in the battle can stay in his station, but as long as he appears on the battlefield tomorrow, I demand that I must go all out!" Guo Huai said loudly, Li Yào Jia Yuan nodded and has returned to the command room of Gu Family.

     "Mr. Yutian, the profound beast is the same as Human Race. If anyone does not want to participate in this fierce fight, I will not force it, including Mr. Yu." Guo Huai looked at Yutian and said with a smile.

     "Haha, Lord God Emperor, what you said makes me feel like destroy the bridge after crossing the river. In this battle with Demon Clan, I will fight with the profound beast to the end. If I fall in the war , I will let Ermao take the command of me. If Ermao falls and Fur-head is connected, even if the Lord God is gone, we will fight Demon Clan to the end!” Yu Tian’s voice is not loud, and a group of Human Race masters have Thumbs up to Yu Tian."Mr. Yu Tian, if this battle can be won by chance, I will find a way to rescue all the beast kings trapped in the Three Realms. This is a promise I made to my husband!" Guo Huai said with a smile. Great changes, but the beast blood in my heart is boiling. The beast kings of the past, his father is trapped in Heaven Realm desperate situation, with the words of the god emperor, he has the opportunity to meet his father.

     After Guo Huai arranged the things that need attention in the battle after three days, he directly tore open a space and pulled Guo Huǒ and the fire into the space. There is no god emperor cauldron, and other medicine cauldrons refining medicine are much slower, Guo Huai did the calculations for himself, and in three days, it was his limit to make five million pills.

     "Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, why, after being sealed for hundreds of thousands of years, it is not ashamed to be broken by the emperor of God, still thinking about it?" Lan Lan Gu Buddha smiled and said to Ming Cè | Deep Scheme.

     "Master Mozun, I have seen the strength of the Emperor this time. The battle after three days is probably a tough battle." Ming Cè | Deep Scheme said softly.

     "These things will be distributed to the disciples of Demon Clan. Three days later, a battle with Human Race, have free rein!" Lan Deng Gu Buddha said with a smile. As soon as the voice fell, several big Buddhas walked step by step in the void. Into the camp of Demon Clan."Father, did you call all these people? Haha, it's no wonder that your father is so calm, with people from the Buddhist sect joining, this time we deal with the group of Human Race guys, it's much easier." Mengmo looked at Several big Buddhas said with a smile.

     "The ancient Buddha of burning lanterns, in this battle, the 10 million monks and 3 million Buddhas of our Buddhist sect were all sent by the Buddha!" A big Buddha said with a smile.

     "Haha, you have your help. After the great war is over, I will naturally not lose you." Burning the ancient Buddha said with a smile, and several big Buddhas nodded and stood on both sides. After more than ten thousand years, Burning the lamp Being able to tell a few big Buddhas, he has made perfect preparations for this war.

     Mortal World's three days passed quickly, Guo Huai walked out of space again, his face didn't show the slightest fatigue, on the contrary, it made people feel more refined. The row of delicate gourds hung on his waist made everyone exposed. A faint smile."A total of three million pills have been produced in three days. Several people are watching the division. The soldiers are better but not more. I hope that the three million pills can play some role." Guo Huai said softly. The gourd was hanging in the air, and Li Shixin Qiu Daoyuan didn’t grab one. Each of them won one, and then disappeared in front of everyone. Almost a few minutes later, the sky above the Human Race camp was thundered, and three million Dans were against the sky. Medicine, Shengsheng created at least 1.5 million Golden Core peak masters, and some even directly formed Nascent Soul, and then suppressed their strength.

     "Sister Chang'e, I don't know where your clone body is going, so in such a hurry!" At Nantian Gate, a beautiful fairy was directly stopped by Wang Mu | Queen Mother and a handsome man.

     "Since I know who I am, does my sister still block my way?" The beautiful fairy said, transforming directly into the appearance of Chang'e, smiling at Wang Mu | Queen Mother and said.

     "Heaven Realm has the rules of Heaven Realm. It doesn't matter if you steal from the mortal world a little bit. My younger sister likes to be quiet, so why don't you think about turning around in the mortal world? Didn't you have enough life in the mortal world?" Wang Mu | Queen Mother said with a smile, and there was an extra bright rope in her hand.

     "Wang Mu | Queen Mother, what is going on in Mortal World now, you know very well, Heavenly Court is not going to send soldiers, grandma, I want to go down and stroll by myself, it seems that it is not your turn to take care of it!" Chang'e's clone body Said loudly."I didn't care how my sister wanted to go down before, but in recent days, it's best for my sister to stay in your Moon Palace." As he said, Wang Mu | Queen Mother's whole body surged.

     "Okay, very good, no wonder you dare to stop me directly, it turns out that you have also broken through ah! It seems that the devil has given you a lot of benefits back then ah! "
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