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Chapter Directory 694 Demon Nine
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai chose Guo Buyu, Tang Xi and other girls wanted to say something, but they were caught by Yu'er (Jade). Since Guo Huai chose Guo Buyu, he must have seen something that everyone could not perceive. Things, Xiao Buyu smiled and nodded. Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then some of the masters laughed, Wu Gang smiled most brilliantly.

     Nine people from the Human Race camp were selected, and Demon Clan also began to select people.

     "Free Buddha, don't leave the Buddha, you don't have time to become a Buddha. The three of you must take action, otherwise it will be impossible to win five games in nine rounds." Ran Deng looked at the crowd and said, the three Buddhas smiled and nodded, now that they have taken refuge in Demon Clan, then naturally you have to do something.

     "Human Race will definitely let Sun Monkey Boy, Niu Demon King or Dark Night Legion people play, Mohua, Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, you two will play." Lan Lan looked at Mohua and Ming Cè | Deep Scheme and said softly Said, the latter nodded.

     "Feng Meng, Feng Yu, you two are participating in the battle. This martial contest is not trivial. Only when you enter the battlefield, you must go all out. A Meng can only see each other and directly pull him into the dream state, and A Yu will pull his opponent into the world of desire. All, even if you can't win, you can at least draw." Mo Zun said softly."Mingyu, you are on the court!" Ran Lan looked at the overwhelming group of people, and couldn't help but shook his head and said, proposing to win five games in nine rounds. At the beginning, Ran Lan didn't think much about it, but the people who participated in the battle made his head bigger Now, my own four sons and a daughter, only Dream Demon and Desire Demon have some means. Blood Demon, Poison Demon, and Medicine Demon are impossible to survive in such a battle. Eight Great Demon will be compared to the masters on Human Race. , It's a bit worse, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I'm caught in Guo Huai's trap.

     "My lord, Mingxuan is willing to participate in the battle, and promise to be undefeated!" Just when Landeng chose the last person, a child's voice rang in his ears.

     "Ming Xuan?" Burning Lantern looked at the kid who had just spoken, and a magic general next to the child gently pulled Ming Xuan, the latter was not afraid, and even took a step forward.

     "Haha, okay, let Mingxuan play, I believe you can definitely win the game for my Demon Clan." Ran Lan said with a smile, and the demon generals wanted to say something, but looking at the demon's expression, No one said anything.

     "Go and get ready, Ming Xuan will come in with me." After Burning Lantern said, he went straight into a space crack."Netherworld, who is that Mingxuan? Why didn't you notice that there is such a little guy next to you before." Watching Ran Lan leave, several demon generals looked at the third most powerful demon generals and asked quietly. .

     "We were sealed together in the Great Array. When the magic flower rescued us, Mingxuan was in the Great Array where I was. I never noticed this kid. I didn’t know he was in Mortal World until he came out. Under the rules of "Golden Core Stage", it is also the pinnacle of Golden Core Stage. I haven't had time to figure out other things. The battle has already begun. However, in recent battles with Mortal World Martial Cultivator, I know some of his strength. , Compared with Mingluo, you are only strong but not weak!" Ming Sha said with a smile.

     In the space crack, Ran Lan looked at Ming Xuan in front of him, neither of them spoke. For about three minutes, the two of them laughed.

     "Ancestor Hunkun, don't come here unharmed!" Ran Deng said with a smile, "I didn't expect the ancestor Hunkun to come to this muddy water too!"

     "If the ancient Buddha burning the lantern doesn't need me, I will leave!" Ming Xuan said with a smile.

     "Tell me what you want. If I have one, I will naturally cooperate with Hunkun ancestor. If not, I know I can't afford a thug like Hunkun ancestor." Mozun said with a smile."Haha, refreshing, I know that the trouble of Burning Ancient Buddha in this life is to find the emperor because of the grievances of the seventeenth generation. I helped Gu Buddha get a martial contest. No matter how many games Demon Clan wins in the end, I will have 33 days away. A desperate situation!" Ming Xuan said with a smile.

     "Then I would like to thank the Hunkun ancestor first. If I can win Demon Clan, any place 33 days away, as long as the Hunkun ancestor needs it, then the ancestor will take it." Ran Deng said with a smile.

     Who is Hun Kun, the disciple of Chuangshi Yuanling back then, if he hadn't stepped into reincarnation a bit more times than him, he would be worse than his two most famous disciples. Who is his disciple? The first disciple is Tathagata Buddha, and the second disciple is Bodhi Patriarch. You said how strong the Hun Kun ancestor is. Of course, Demon Clan knows in his mind that the current Ming Xuan should only be one of the hundreds of millions of clone bodies of Hun Kun ancestor.

     After reaching a consensus with the ancestor of Hun Kun, Ran Deng and Hun Kun walked out of the space crack together. There was less than a stick of incense before the war. A group of people looked at Lan Deng and laughed.

     Three Buddhas can win three games, Ming Xuan and Mohua can win the next one. Ming Cè | Deep Scheme can always win the next one together. In this martial contest, Ran Deng is already winning the game.

     A stick of incense passed, the Demon Clan camp appeared in front of everyone again, and the burning lantern came out of the camp, and Guo Huai greeted him directly."Shenhuang, nine arenas, four of us, and the last one to build together, such a request shouldn't be too much." Ran Deng said with a smile.

     "Burning Lamp Buddha, what are you polite? I'll do more and just get five, and leave the remaining four to you." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Haha, for so many years, the temper of the god emperor has not changed at all, don't you think I'm still the demon lord back then? There are no four, let's come together for the last one, can we occupy the last ring? It's cheap, it depends on whether you have this ability." After burning the lamp, the deity instantly became ten thousand times bigger, and directly tore four space battlefields from the space. Taking the space cracks as the battlefield, several Human Race masters looked at each other. , This ancient Buddha method of burning lamps is definitely not ordinary.

     "Nan Deng, you, as a Buddha of the first generation, create a space battlefield but contains the power of darkness. This is a bit unreasonable." Guo Huai said, it is also a space battle field, and the battle field created by Nian Deng is two extremes.

     "God, let me stop talking nonsense, let's come together on the last battlefield, if you can make the last battlefield as before, don't say anything about burning the lantern." After burning the lantern, the huge palm is intact. A desperate situation was born in space."Burning Lamp Buddha is a good method. Since the Buddha is out of desperation, leave the rest to me." As he said, Guo Huai's huge Divine Sense appeared on the ring.

     "God emperor, you will pick up the ready-made, Divine emperor's breath, you are really willing to, if the ring is like this, we will just give up the ring." Ran Lan said, a black smoke rushed into the space. In the middle, more than half of the ring in the space was shrouded in black smoke.

     "Awesome, really amazing. Both Little Huai and this burning lantern have surpassed the strength of Ronaldo Golden Immortal. Mortal World rules are not daring to deal with them. No wonder they have to make this nine-game, five-win match , If the two of them are allowed to fight, this Xiaoxiao's earth is not enough for two to toss ah." Shui Yunzi said, shaking his head.

     "One person and half, this is fair. Does the god emperor still care about it?" When the black smoke and the breath of the god emperor each accounted for half of the ring, Ran Lan said loudly.

     "so be it!"
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