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Chapter Directory 695 Big-eyed Bull Demon
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The nine space arenas were set up, and Nian Deng and Guo Huai returned to their camp again. There were nine people standing behind Guo Huai, and nine people standing behind Nian Deng.

     "Shenhuang, let's not make any tricks. Let's rank the people of this martial contest together, and then start the nine rings together. Whoever wins the five rings first will win." Ran Deng said loudly.

     Guo Huai looked at the nine people behind Burning Lantern, three Buddhas, two Great Demon generals, Eternal Demon Insect Flower, Demon Clan, the genius Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, the two sons of Demon Clan, and one was not much bigger than Noyu The little boy, the last little boy made Guo Huai stunned, who is this little guy.

     When Guo Huai looked towards Ming Xuan, Burning Lantern’s gaze fell on Guo Huai’s youngest son Guo Buyu. He also knew the other eight people, but Guo Buyu couldn’t see it. through.

     "Let's get started, it seems that today's victory or defeat will be decided on the little guy with Demon Clan." Guo Huai said softly, and nine phantom numbers appeared in his hands, throwing them towards the sky, burning the lights in the same place. Time also threw nine illusory numbers in midair.

     "Shui Yunzi to Dream Demon"

     "Ao Feng to Ming Yu"

     "Sun Wukong vs. Ming Cè | Deep Scheme"

     "Wu Gang vs. Magic Flower"

     "Yu'er (Jade) to the East Immortal Buddha"

     "Li Shixin vs. Desire Demon"

     "Qiu Daoyuan vs. Buddha""Little Yun becomes a Buddha with no time"

     "Guo Buyu to Mingxuan"

     The battle list was listed. A group of people stared. Guo Huai and Ran Deng shook their heads. Both sides seemed to use the principle of Tian Ji races his horses (and accepts one loss in order to ensure two wins). Except that Yu'er (Jade) said to Dongfang Immovable Buddha, Guo Buyu and Mingxuan who wins and who loses, other competitions seem to have come out.

     "Yu'er (Jade), if you can beat that great monk, we will basically win this competition." Guo Huai looked at Yu'er (Jade) and said with a smile.

     "If I have confidence in dealing with other people, and against the three Buddhas, I will not win me." Yu'er (Jade) said softly.

     "Safety comes first. Anyway, Master Shui, Uncle Ao, Great Sage and Wu Gang will win steadily. Don't be under pressure, just because you can't beat your defeat." Guo Huai said with a smile, looking at Guo Buyu.

     "It's an old friend, haha, daddy, I don't have to worry about you." Guo Buyu said with a smile, Guo Huai nodded, nine people follow a Guo Huai arena, a lamp-burning arena, 18 people All boarded the ring.

     "Let's start, there is a battle of life and death above the ring, please ask for more blessings!" Ran Deng said loudly."Give up if you don't work. In such a martial contest, you can admit defeat and not shame, and save your life is the key." Guo Huai said to the nine arenas at the same time. This sentence is obviously not for Human Race, but for Demon Clan. remind.

     "Let's start!" The two said at the same time, and then several space arenas disappeared into the void at the same time. People from the Human Race camp and the Demon Clan camp looked at Guo Huai and Ran Lan. They rose into the void and sat cross-legged. , And then the two of them went directly into the Ding State.

     "Brother Yao, how many games do you think we can win this time? I feel that everyone can win except for the small ones." Jia Yuan whispered.

     "Brother Yuan, you are too useless, right? You can't lose if you don't have much eyesight. If you lose, Grandpa Li and Grandpa Qiu are probably dangerous. Sister Little Yun probably won't be able to beat that big monk." Nangong Lingmo whispered. .

     "Little girl, you haven't seen Master Li and Master Qiu's greatness, but we rushed to the forefront when the war started. At that time, Master Qiu faced the demon general named Ming Yu and did not lose the slightest bit of wind, Master Li and Master Qiu Master Qiu will definitely not lose." Jia Yuan said loudly."Boy, that girl has stronger eyesight than yours. Old Man Li and Old Man Qiu are a bit dangerous, especially Old Man Qiu. I may not be his opponent for that big monk. As for that Little Yun, it is probably not impossible. If Wu Gang is not cautious about the opponent of the Buddha, Wu Gang may also lose to that girl. "It is not someone else who speaks, it is the Great Sage, the Demon King.

     "Anyway, I don't think the master can lose. My master was the famous Demon-Slaughtering Daoist back then." Jia Yuan whispered, "You are the Demon King, a master who is afraid of his daughter-in-law, who was beaten by the Great Sage. It’s out of the original shape, you can’t beat others, it’s not necessarily my master will lose.

     "Cough cough cough, when did I fear my wife? When did I get beaten back to my original form by Monkey Boy!" Niu Demon King looked at Jia Yuan and said loudly, "You know what a fart, if it wasn't for Lao Tzu's invincible bull lice, forever The devil will skyrocket the Three Realms and the earth turning upside down!"

     "I don't believe it! Anyway, we didn't know how many times we have read Journey to the West since we were young, so don't explain it." Jia Yuan curled his lips and said. The cow Demon King looked at the boy with the meat like a hob and couldn't beat him. I honestly waited for a few people to come out of the ring.Time passed by, and at the beginning, there was still noisy discussions. For almost half an hour, no one came out of the ring. The two Great Array camps of Human Race and Demon Clan suddenly fell silent. The 18 people who entered the martial contest They are undoubtedly the masters of the masters, and no one came out for half an hour, but it made a group of people look forward to it.

     "Boss Niu, nine games, why didn't anyone come out alone." Jia Yuan couldn't help but asked softly.

     "In terms of strength, the battle between your master and Desire Demon should be over, and the girl named Little Yun was killed by that smelly monk. It’s not right. If someone is killed, it’s a big deal. The monk should also come out, what the hell is this demon lord." Niu Demon King said, shaking his head.

     "Bang!" As soon as Niu Demon King's voice fell, a huge hole appeared in the eighth space ring. It is not time for the Buddha to walk out of the hole step by step. People from both Demon Clan and Human Race camps simultaneously looked at Gathered on this great monk.

     "Fucking, this smelly monk has come out, and Little Yun, I won't be killed by this smelly monk, right?" Jia Yuan couldn't help cursing loudly as she watched the Buddha come out."The god emperor made a wrong calculation this time, and a descendant of Nv Wa empress has fallen. If Nv Wa knows about it, it is estimated that the emperor has reached the 33rd Heavenly Layer, and she will also have to find the god emperor. Trouble." Cow Demon King said, shaking his head.

     "Boss Niu, it's possible that Little Yun's sister won. Maybe this big monk was beaten out of the ring by Little Yun's sister. It's not necessarily." Nangong Lingmo whispered.

     "Cough cough, little girl, you really dare to think, although it is not time to achieve Buddha's strength ranks low among the many Buddhas in the West, but the strength is definitely not something that girl can deal with." Niu Demon King said softly. "When it's all done, see if the god emperor has any way to retrieve Little Yun's soul. If the soul is still there, the god emperor may have a way to regenerate the girl."

     Niu Demon King wanted to say something, but when he saw a figure emerge from the hole in the eighth ring again, the old Niu's eyes stared like two big goose eggs, then he couldn't help shook his head, and a lot of people came out of it. Who is Little Yun?

     "Do not humiliate the mission, I was lucky enough to win this competition." Little Yun said with a smile, not loud, but like a muffled thunder, exploded in the crowd."This, this is impossible, how can you win without being able to become a Buddha?” Demon Clan shouted a few demon generals who did not participate in the martial contest. Even if they joined forces to fight against each other to become a Buddha, they might not be able to win. How could the girl win against the Buddha.

     "We tried three games in the arena. On Buddhism, the little girl didn't lose, the chess skill was not empty, and the master didn't win. Finally, in the martial contest, I knocked the master off the ring. Do you think I won in the end." Said with a smile.

     "It's really unexpected that Nuwa was also involved in this battle between the two races. In this one, Demon Clan didn't complain." Randan stood up and said with a smile, "It's just the first game, maybe we are here. There are surprises too!"
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