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Chapter Directory 698 Land Pressure Ten Vs Mixed Kun
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Boom!" With another loud noise, Ao Feng came out of the ring with a look of embarrassment, looking at Guo Huai helplessly.

     "Lost, Mingyu, I took note. Back then, Dragon Clan lost so many people. It should be related to you. You used the soul of the Dragon Clan disciple to refine the dragon slaying compass. Good, good!" Ao Feng squinted his eyes. Ming Yu, who was also embarrassed, said loudly.

     "Dragon Clan Ao Feng, really powerful, can escape under my dragon slaying compass, but I booked your soul, as long as you put your soul in the compass, now Houtian will let me slaughter Dragon Clan." Yu said loudly, Guo Huai reached out his hand to stop the excited Ao Feng, Ao Feng looked at Guo Huai, nodded gently, and returned to the Human Race camp.

     "Master Shenhuang, we have already won four times, and we will win one more game. We have won the competition this time. I hope the Emperor will abide by the agreement by then. Nine Heavens Purgatory is also a good place." Ran Lan said with a smile.

     "Boom!" The ring stabbed a stick, and then Ming Cè | Deep Scheme appeared in front of everyone, "Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, don't go, Grandpa Sun is waiting for you in the ring, you didn't mean to undying with Grandpa Sun Don't stop?" As Sun Wukong's voice sounded, Sun Wukong walked out of the hole in the ring with the golden cudgel in his hand."My lord, I lost. I didn't expect that the strength of this Sun Wukong deity has exceeded 10 2nd Heavenly Layer. I am not his opponent. I can't beat him no matter whether it is under the rules of Mortal World or out of the rules of Mortal World. "Ming Cè | Deep Scheme shook his head and said.

     "It's the same four wins, but the final winner is still us, Ming Cè | Deep Scheme, let's heal first." Ran Deng said indifferently, and Sun Wukong shook the stick in his hand and smiled at Guo Huai He laughed and walked to the Human Race camp.

     Four to four, an expected but unexpected result, everyone turned their eyes to the place of the last ring, Guo Buyu, Guo Huai's youngest son, Ming Xuan, a Demon Clan name not found in the The kid of classics, whoever wins, can't tell.

     From day to night, the last arena remained silent. Guo Huai glanced at the burning lamp. The two people who were originally confident seemed to have no bottom. What happened to the ninth arena, they could not see, Guo Huai Tried Divine Sense infiltration, but couldn't get in at all.

     "Little brother, do we know each other? How can you tell the winner if you and I are sitting like this?" Ming Xuan looked at Guo Buyu and said."Brother, I haven't seen you in a few days, don't you know me?" Guo Buyu and Mingxuan have been sitting in their respective positions for a day. Guo Buyu stood up and smiled and said, "I didn't expect my senior to come here. Muddy water ah. "

     "Brother? You, you are Lu Ya?" Mingxuan was not calm for a moment. The other party knew his identity and called his senior brother. There was only one possibility. This little guy was his fourth junior brother, Lu Ya.

     "Haha, hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and I didn't expect that brother would still remember my name. I haven't seen him for so many years, would the brother let me this time?" Guo Buyu said with a smile.

     "Junior Brother Lu Ya, if you don't want to be your Xiaoyao Immortal, why should you participate in this chaos?" Mingxuan asked with a smile, "If Junior Brother needs anything, tell me, or talk to Nuwa or Hongjun Say, why do you need to take this muddy water."

     "Back in the Conferred God War, I can’t remember when I killed the mount of Burning Lantern, and I killed when I killed it. I didn't expect Burning Lantern to cause trouble to me. You know, Junior Brother, I'm used to being lazy, but it's not The one who suffers, burning the lamp as the demon in this life, I naturally have to find the place back then." Guo Buyu said with a smile.

     "Senior Brother had any loss that year, the brother helped you find it for you, this time, Junior Brother let the Senior Brother give it to you." Ming Xuan said with a smile."Brother, I have a reason for things, but you shouldn't be involved in this war. I am afraid that you have forgotten what the master said back then." Guo Buyu said loudly, "Big brother intends to let the emperor win, why should you Do it right with Big Brother."

     "Junior Brother, there are some things you don't know better. Hongjun is worse than reincarnation. Naturally, you don't know the beauty of reincarnation. Junior Brother, in a word, should you fight or surrender?" Ming Xuan said while looking at Guo Buyu.

     "Do you know my name, my name is Guo Buyu, Guo Huai's son, he is destined with me in this life, I will naturally try my best to help him." Before Guo Buyu's words fell, Ming Xuan moved, his hands A long sword stabs Guo Buyu.

     "Haha, brother's character hasn't changed in hundreds of thousands of years. I will appreciate the master Xunkun's brilliant tricks today." With that, Guo Buyu's body was a hundred times bigger than the original one, and Mingxuan did not dare. To the effect, the body has also become the same size as Guo Buyu.

     "Junior Brother, let me see how capable you are, you dare to fill a big head." Ming Xuan said, the long sword in his hand was lowered, a powerful pressure fell on Guo Buyu's body, and nine pieces appeared all over his body. Magic weapon, the space ring began to tremble the moment the two became bigger, and now there was a space crack."Nan Deng ancient Buddha, you said which one of them can win." Guo Huai looked at Nian Deng and asked, "I seem to have guessed who the Ming Xuan is. No wonder Demon Clan was able to invite three Buddhas, maybe not Sell all the face of Burning Lantern Ancient Buddha."

     "The Emperor of God, I also know who your son is. I really didn't expect that the Taoist Lu Nian would be reincarnated as the son of the Emperor of God." Ran Deng shook his head and said.

     "The burning lamp ancient Buddha thinks who can win now." Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Taoist Lu Ya is not an opponent of the ancestor Hun Kun. Although Lu Ya was in the lead, but in terms of his true ability, how could he be the opponent of the ancestor Hun Kun, God Emperor, this time I am afraid that you will lose." Ran Lan said with a smile.

     "Then let's take a look. I hope the ancient Buddha will come as agreed by then." Guo Huai finished, his eyes fell on the space ring that was about to shake open.

     "Junior Brother, your Taoism hasn't increased at all. Why are you fighting with me? I don't want to kill you. Give up." Ming Xuan said with a smile. A celestial rope has tied Guo Buyu to death, and the sky-shaking seal, The Yin Yang Mirror and the Slashing Immortal Sword were hanging above Guo Buyu's head, and they could attack him at any time."Hundreds of thousands of years, you still can only use these methods, nothing else, this Ming Xuan is just a clone body of the senior brother, even if I kill, the senior brothers will not be angry if there are a lot of them, senior brother, I am sorry." Guo Buyu said. After that, the immortal rope tied to his body was directly broken into several sections, and then he stretched out his hand to receive the three high-imitation magic weapons on his head.

     "This, this is impossible. Even if it is your true body, it is impossible to break the immortal rope, Lu Ya, what magic weapon did you use." Ming Xuan roared, losing the magic weapon, Ming Xuan was a little nervous. I thought it would be easy to deal with my younger brother, but it seemed that I was wrong.

     "Brother, cultivation depends on your talent. Your talent is quite different from that of Senior Brother Hongjun, and slightly stronger than Senior Sister, but the master stayed in the real Dao where Senior Brother I was. This clone body, Senior Brother, I accepted. "Guo Buyu said, only a huge palm appeared in the air, directly pinching Ming Xuan in his hand, and then the space ring no longer had the breath of Ming Xuan.

     A clone body of the ancestor Hun Kun just fell.
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