《House Dad's Literary Life》brief introduction

House Dad's Literary Life

author: 寒门

"Baba!" Just traversed to the parallel world, and saw a delicate and cute little girl calling him father, Yang Yi said that he was a bit balled up. Okay, Xixi was 100% his own daughter, and her mother was actually a cold and beautiful had-been diva. This is a lot of fun! Problems also follow one after another. How to coax a baby? Yang Yi, who was a solitary killer in the past, scratched his head. Some story? Yang Yi didn't expect that the stories he carried gone viral all over the world! How to chase back her mother who had been drove away by him? The experienced Yang Yi said that there was no problem that cannot be solved by a love song, if there was, then two songs! Many years later, Yang Yi sighed: Actually, I just want to open a coffee shop that sells feelings and quietly be an literary handsome man. Fans were shocked: Father-in-law, don't make trouble, we are still waiting for "This Killer Is Not Too Cold" in which our darling stars! What? How dare you cook up new schemes for Xixi... (Chinese Name: 奶爸的文艺人生)

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