《Crazy Lich's Experimental Diary》brief introduction

Crazy Lich's Experimental Diary

author: 愤怒的松鼠

This is a crazy lich, with a game system, wrecking the whole world. "Look at today's daily life ... again it's picking one choice from two: destroying any town with more than 30,000 people, rewarding 10,000 evil points; robbing three children's lollipops, rewarding 1 point. If both are not completed, then, deduct 2 points." "Bah! Think I'm stupid? If I really ruined a town, and I would guarantee to swipe an all-epic medieval Paladin to punish me. What is the earning good for if I can't spend it? I'll be my lollipop thief." The notorious lich has enough. (Chinese Name: 疯巫妖的实验日志)

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