《Invincible Conqueror》brief introduction

Invincible Conqueror

author: 神见

The strong will always be lonely. Only by defeating loneliness one can be invincible! Huang Xiaolong, a disciple of the Shaolin family of the earth, carried the mysterious Chinese classical martial arts classic "Yi Jin Jing", inexplicably crossed into the world of Wushun Soul. In the Wushun Soul World, to become a warrior one could only cultivate Wuqi when there was Wushun Soul inside the body. But Huang Xiaolong, who originally possessed the super-inverse Wushu Soul, was mistaken by the family as an ordinary mutant Wushen when Wushun awakened. But Huang Xiaolong, who possesses the "ordinary" mutant Wuhun, has shown amazing talents time and time again, defeating the so-called super genius and shaking the family and the entire world of Wuhun time and time again and again.

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