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《Return to Ming Dynasty as Prince》brief introduction

Return to Ming Dynasty as Prince

author: 月关

[Contracted fine work of Qidian.com] Yin and Yang are in the wrong place, and the good man Zheng Shaopeng of Wulong IX returned to the Zhengde years of Ming Dynasty. It was a colorful era, with both the evil Eight Tigers of the capital and the genius of the Four Great Talents of Jiangnan, also the Confucianism of Wang Yangming, and lastly the ridiculous Zhengde Emperor Zhu Houzhao. The protagonist who stepped into this world in turmoil has to deal with all kinds of characters for his own destiny. Dispute between East Factory(secret police branch), West Factory(secret police branch), Inner Factory(secret police branch), and Outer Court. Story of eliminating corrupt officials on behalf of the emperor; extirpating the Japanese pirates, expelling the Tatars, destroying the Duzhang Barbarians all palms, and fighting against Buddhists. (Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷)

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