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Chapter Directory 24 Mad Wand
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

readx(); Han Youniang used a wind and fire stick to stand at the head of the city with the gunner who had abandoned the cannon and grabbed the knife and gun. He watched Yang Ling from time to time and saw that he actually picked up the gun and pounced on Tarzi. , Almost scared the soul flies away and scatters. The grandfather is a scholar, and his body is weak. I am afraid that an ordinary brawny man can't beat him. How come these murder without blinking an eye opponents? She flew a stick and swept it on the shoulder of a Tartar who had just jumped up to the top of the city, knocked him off, and then chased him.

     The fight between the enemy and us on the battlefield is not too fancy, it is the simplest and most direct slashing and assassination action, but when he gets a hand, Yang Ling knows that it's not that kind of thing at all. His strength and speed can't compete with these all year round. Compared with the galloping people, a Tatar man with a knife had just wiped a big knife from a soldier's neck. After picking it up, he smashed the gun in Yang Ling's hand.

     With a stern shout, the big knife slashed his head, Yang Ling watched the big knife slashed his head, just thinking: "Come on, I'm going to die again, where is Youniang?" He couldn't escape, so he didn't want to hide. When I was dying, I just wanted to see Youniang again.

     He only turned his head halfway, he saw it, and saw Han Youniang swooping at him like a female leopard guarding the calf. The wrapper on his head had fallen off, his braids were flying in the wind, and his face was red as a peach blossom. .The person and the stick almost became a straight line, and with a cry to the ground, the stick end swiftly pointed towards the top of Yang Ling's head. With a sound of "clam", it was a big knife that could be smashed to the top of the head. Han Youniang slanted it on the surface of the knife. He slammed the big knife straight down and made a deep cut on the ground. mark.

     Han Youniang arrived, hitting the ground with his left shoulder, and then rolled forward, standing up with a stick, and banging on the Tatar man's chest. The stick was so powerful that the man stepped backwards a few steps without standing still, Han Youniang stepped and twisted his waist, followed two steps, "Papa Papa", the stick split like wind, left and right necks , On the forehead, and under the yin, a stick made it stormy, so that the man didn't even have the effort to thump and howl.

     Yang Ling was dumbfounded, and saw Han Youniang's stick turning around, holding the middle of the whistle stick. The tip of the stick could pass by Yang Ling's chest, bringing a sudden sound of wind, his body turned and his hands were slippery. At the head of the club, the whole stick was like a flying leopard's tail. It was drew fiercely under the throat of the Tatar man. Yang Ling could clearly hear the cracking sound of the throat bones. This stick actually crushed the huge body. He flew up, turned over the top of the city, and fell down.Her tricks are fierce and violent. The sticks are fast and ruthless. The make people are dazzled, and the footwork is even more vigorous. Seeing another person's head emerge from the city head, the tip of the stick points forward, like a spear The man between the eyebrows, the man didn't even see the enemy, so he planted on his back.

     Han Youniang retracted the stick and retreated to Yang Ling's side. His knees softened and he almost fell to his knees. He squeezed the stick quickly to stabilize his body. Yang Ling was watching dumbstruck, and seeing her small face turned pale and sweating on her forehead, she was so scared that she quickly supported her and said: "Youniang, what's wrong with you, where are you injured? Where are you injured?"

     Han Youniang trembled: "My husband, Youniang is okay, it's just... it's just the knife that scared me to death, oh oh oh...", what happened to the person involved, she was so scared to cry .

     Jiang Bin realized that this martial arts young queen was actually a girl. She also said that she had just killed someone and was afraid in his heart. He swung a knife and chopped down several tartars. He laughed and said, "What are you afraid of, Lao Zi? The first time I went to the battlefield, my legs were cramping. The head of the sentry pinched my neck and forced me to rush forward. You will not be afraid of killing a few more."

     This sibling was able to get up to his surname, he jumped up to the city wall and kicked down an enemy chief who had just climbed up. He slashed with a saber in his hand and chopped off the wooden ladder tied with the rope. Several of them had just climbed halfway. The Tartar soldier screamed and fell.For a moment, the flying arrows under the city were like rain, shooting towards Jiang Bin. Jiang Bin stood at the head of the city and danced with two swords impervious to the wind and rain. He actually blocked all those sharp arrows. Seeing that the leading military commander was so brave, the surroundings had already started The timid soldiers' morale shook suddenly, and for a while they suppressed the offensive of the Tarzi soldiers.

     Han Youniang supported Yang Ling and said, "Msang Gong, you are going upstairs soon."

     Yang Ling stomped his feet in annoyance, damn it, it's really impossible to lift your hands and shoulders, it's useless, except for throwing stones down, that's the bow and arrow, and it's not someone who has never touched him. You can play it.

     Yang Ling also knew oneself. He was almost hacked to death by someone just now. Seeing Han Youniang frightened him like that, he didn't do it anymore, so he obediently avoided going upstairs. Before leaving, he asked anxiously: "Unexpectedly your martial arts are so good, what kind of stick is this?"

     Han Youniang blushed, and he was embarrassed and said, "Daddy taught me, Youniang doesn't know." Seeing him entering the building, Han Youniang was relieved. He immediately picked up the club and hurried back to fight alongside Jiang Bin. Wherever the gap was opened by the Danzi, they would be violent with one knife and one stick, and they would soon be able to suppress Danzi. .Jiang Bin is brave, Yang Ling has seen it with his own eyes, but he did not expect Han Youniang's martial arts to be so outstanding. A wind and fire stick is in her hand. Such a soft and timid little girl, now bare fangs and brandish claws are like a fierce lion.

     Yang Ling saw his fists clenched and was excited in his heart. He secretly made up his mind that if he could not die today, he must learn this stick technique from her. He was watching be fired up, someone next to him patted his shoulder, and when he looked back, he saw that the king's book came to follow him, his face was black and blue, and Yang Ling was smoked by the fire. The eyes are white, and the two are like a pair of little ghosts.

     He leaned close to Yang Ling, but his eyes were staring at the soldiers fighting melee everywhere, as if watching the enemy side by side with him, but he whispered: "Master Yang, you did nothing wrong. This is a last resort. My colleagues will not make thoughtless remarks, just...you have to be careful Ma Yicheng."

     Yang Ling was startled, and whispered: "Why be careful of him?"

     The prince book showed a crying smile and said: "Yicheng is a small official, why do you think he is equal to the county grandfather?"

     He coughed twice, and quickly said: "Our Great Ming's post cheng, all are the secret agents of Jin Yiwei, be careful.""Jin Yiwei?" Yang Ling was startled. He thought that Jin Yiwei was a guard at the Emperor's side. He couldn't imagine that a postmaster and grain depot could hang up with Jin Yiwei. This Great Ming intelligence network is really enough. developed.

     Thinking of his relationship with Ma Yicheng, he was a little relieved, but still a little unfairly said: "The people under the city clearly cannot survive. Even if they can survive, the two are weighed down. Tens of thousands of lives and dozens of lives are not worth it Unclear which is more serious?"

     The prince book chuckled and sighed, "Unless the censors sitting high in the capital are brought to the top of the city, I am afraid they will not think so." After finishing speaking, the master book quietly moved away.

     Yang Ling glanced back and saw that County Deputy Huang was standing with Ma Yicheng and talking. When he met with his eyes, Yang Ling immediately understood that he had deliberately entangled Ma Yicheng and let him The king's book came to ask himself these words.

     He had some doubts in his heart: "I saved his son. Is Jin Yiwei so cruel and ruthless? The County Deputy Huang asked me to find a chance to show him good, huh! Anyway, I won't live long. Now, it’s okay if I die, but it’s absolutely impossible for me to pay, otherwise how will my Youniang survive?"My Youniang? Thinking of this, the heart of Tianzi No.1 Scrooge trembled. He looked up at the edge of the city, only to see the back of Han Youniang waving a whistle, and two black hair braids hanging down to the hips swayed back and forth behind her.

     At this moment, inspector Liu held the bow and shouted loudly: "Tazi was beaten back, Danzi was beaten back". County Deputy Huang and Ma Yicheng who were talking, they all listened to them and rushed up. They saw the Tartar soldiers retreat like a tide, and while retreating, they continuously fired sharp arrows at the top of the city to cover the soldiers who were climbing the siege ladder. Step back.

     Yang Ling saw them advance and retreat in an orderly manner, without panic. Although he didn't understand the formation, he could see that the Tartars were gathered in a mess and not chaotic, still showing a few offensive formations faintly, and couldn't help but blurt out: " What are Tarzi doing? As long as they attack for a while, they might ascend to the city. Why did they suddenly retreat?"

     Wang Bantou laughed loudly and said, "Master Yang, are you not afraid of death? These dogs said that we killed them so much."

     Yang Ling felt that something was wrong, but couldn't tell why. Compared to a few cheerful civil officials, his thoughts were clearer, after thinking about it, he suddenly shouted, "No, are they going to attack things? Two? We have just drawn some people out of the two, where the strength is alone."At this time, Jiang Bin also hurried back. On a cold day, he had already taken off his shirt and shirtless. The two knives in his hands had been rolled up. The top was badly mangled or mutilated. Hearing Yang Ling's words, he said, "No, the roads in the east and west cities are narrow, and the city gates are usually not open. We are few and they can't send a team of troops to fight, but I think Tarzi must have tricks." .

     Han Youniang ran back. There were a bunch of old men in the building. She couldn't get in easily. She stood by the door and looked at Yang Ling. Her cheeks were red and her hair was wet on her forehead. Yang Ling gave her a little With a smile, he walked two steps forward and looked down the city with a awning.

     On the snowy ground, the soldiers of Tartar separated a road, each with four running horses in the middle, dragging two dark things towards the city. Before Yang Ling could point out his discovery, Jiang Bin seemed to have his neck chopped. The rooster jumped up in a daze, and shouted: "Fuck! It's a thundering cannon!"

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