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Chapter Directory 52 Ignorant Into Beijing
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The sun was shining brightly and the pedestrians on the street were blazing, and suddenly a strange team appeared at the North City Gate. Sixteen Great Ming soldiers, all in military uniform and wearing knives, escorted a painted carriage into the city. .

     The white horses are all tall and majestic, and their saddles are gorgeous. The armor of the horse guards is many times more exquisite than the clothes of the frontier army. The carriage entered the city without stopping, and the honor guard went straight to the post office.

     In the post office, Yang Ling, Liu Biao and Yang Yiqing were chatting and drinking tea, trying to learn as much as possible about Beijing and Jinyiwei from their mouths. At this time, a postman hurriedly ran in and said, "My lord, a past official came to submit a book and drove, and the convoy will be here soon."

     Yang Ling was surprised to hear that, although the post office was responsible for receiving past officials, but not far from the cock cock, it was the Tatar people's territory, and there was no court official. If there are officials who will be stationed there with books, then the size of the convoy must be quite large. Who is here?

     Liu Biao and Yang Yiqing escorted him out in a hurry. They saw a carriage slowly coming along the post road in front of them. There were eight horses of the gods on each side. The knight sitting immediately had a helmet and armor, very mighty.

     As soon as he saw the yellow flag on the carriage, Liu Biao quickly caught up to a step and whispered in Yang Ling's ear: "My lord, this is the visitor of the capital."Yang Ling nodded slightly, stood in front of the door, and saw that the carriage stopped in front of him and the curtain was lifted. A person walked out with a waist in his fifties, with a thin face, dressed as a palace eunuch.

     Yang Ling lost his voice: "Liu Gonggong?" That man was Liu Gonggong, the supervising army. He got out of the carriage and said to Yang Ling smiling wholeheartedly, "Yang Yicheng, our family is really predestined with you, this is not... ...Just over a month's work, let's meet again."

     Yang Ling gave Grandpa Liu into the lobby, but couldn't figure out his intentions for a while. It is said that I have been promoted to the position of Jinyiwei as a fifth-rank co-knowledge, and he does not need the eunuch in the palace to come forward. This eunuch is usually ordered to supervise the army, collect taxes, and buy palace supplies. The officials also want the eunuchs to carry the imperial decree to declare.

     Sixteen warriors stepped into the hall and stood on both sides, pressing the waist knife not to glance sideways. Grandpa Liu walked to the center of the hall, turned around and let out a clear cough, and said loudly: "Yang Ling from Jiming County, take the order! "Yang Ling no room to advance or to retreat, he looked dazed and not knowing what to do. He was surprised when he heard that the emperor had given him the imperial decree. As for the decree, did he do it like in the movie? , He was even more uncomfortable. Fortunately, Grandpa Liu also saw many such ministers. The imperial decree is not a newspaper. How many officials actually took over the imperial decree? Even the ministers who served as officials in the DPRK also made jokes when they first accepted the imperial decree. He smiled slightly, and said softly, "Yang Yicheng, kneel down and listen to the announcement!"

     Yang Ling glanced at him gratefully, and quickly knelt on her knees, and said: "Chen... Yang Ling listens to the announcement." The first time he kneeled down to someone, Yang Ling was really uncomfortable in his heart. When you enter a village, follow the local customs, at least he didn't have the courage to resist.

     Liu Gonggong slowly unfolded Huang Ling and said loudly: "Feng Tian carries the emperor, and the edict said: I heard: The three generations have won the world and the people. The old people are the roots of the country. The ancient sages say: The road is also , The world is the public..."Gonggong Liu shook his head and shook his head. Yang Ling listened to Liu Gonggong reading those classical Chinese texts, although he understood the meaning, but listening was quite difficult. After a long while, I heard Liu Gonggong recite the topic: "...It is the old people, the lord of the country, the emperor has the world on behalf of the people, and the emperor speaks of faith and harmony, selection of talents and ability. The current prince , Smart and studious, Yang Ling, a scholar of the Xuan Mansion, is both virtuous and capable, and very kind. My will, Xuan Yang Ling will enter Beijing and serve as the prince's attendant. He will enter Beijing immediately after hearing the edict, without delay. Qin this. Hongzhi eighteenth year two month."

     Yang Ling can hear baffling, the prince attending to read? Isn't Jin Yiwei the same knowledge? Suddenly he thought of what Ma Lian'er said that night: an official promotion is a trivial matter. There is a saying that the official career is sinister... With the "credit" you set up, you will never be promoted to the third level. The reason for the central tendency is that it is even more unlikely that someone in Beijing would be so kind and promote your official for no reason. We have to think about it, but we can’t let people fool..."

     Yang Ling suddenly understood. No wonder Jin Yiwei rushed to promote him. It turned out that the emperor was going to serve as the prince's attendant. On brocade, add flowers is here. Although the prince is a sixth grade official, he is actually a classmate of the prince. Once the prince is enthroned, can these people who are closest and familiar to the prince not be reused?My post was originally just a peripheral staff of Jinyiwei, but now this official has become the clerk of Jinyiwei's center. With a single appointment, he will draw the future emperor's confidant into his camp, and of course he won't suffer.

     Seeing that he was still kneeling there blankly, Gonggong Liu whispered: "Yang Yicheng, don't you want to thank you?"

     Yang Ling awoke and hurriedly shouted: "Chen, accept the decree and thank you", he took the imperial decree in the hands of Grandpa Liu with both hands, took a peek, and saw that Grandpa Liu didn't mean to call himself three knees and nine knocks, so he stood. Up.

     When Liu Gong issued the imperial decree, he immediately accepted the look of set up on high and gazing at the sentient beings, and said to Yang Ling in a pleasant manner: "Yang Xianggong, our family Liu Jin is a slave next to the prince, and Yang Xianggong will serve as the prince. , Let's get close."

     Yang Ling heard a jealous, lost her voice: "Liu Jin? Are you Liu Jin?"

     Liu Gonggong blinked and said strangely, "Why, Yang Xianggong has heard of our family's name?"

     Yang Ling nodded and shook his head again, not knowing what to say.

     Liu Jin, the prototype of the factory guru in "New Dragon Gate Inn", the legendary Dongchang eunuch who murdered without blinking an eye, is the old eunuch in front of him?Thanks to the TV, what Wang Zhi, Wang Zhen, Liu Jin, Wei Zhongxian, Yang Ling are what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail, where these great eunuchs are all dressed in weird martial arts. Seeing the real Liu Jin who is not outstanding, Yang Ling thought it was the same name and surname.

     Liu Jin happily said: "Our family serves the prince. It’s hard to come back to Beijing. There are not many people who know our family’s name. I don’t expect Yang Xianggong to have heard of me. Hehe, it turns out that a talented person knows the world without going out. Yeah".

     "Yang Xianggong, now that we have fulfilled the imperial decree, I think we will set off right away. Today, the prince is a martial artist. It is best to dance with spears and sticks and march in a march. Yang Xianggong submitted the post to General He, and we will bring it back to Beijing. Go, the prince is very happy to see it, thinking about using your method to practice Shenjiying, don’t make the prince anxious.

     Liu Jin is still very careful and conscientious in handling errands. He is now the secretary of the clock and drums. He is the least powerful among the 24 internal officials. The prince Zhu Houzhao is surnamed Hao Wu. His temper is gusts of wind and rain. How dare Liu Jin neglect this baby boy.Yang Ling had to call Youniang and start packing up. Liu and Yang said that they were Yang Family servants. Although the people at the local post office found it strange, Liu Gonggong didn't know Yang Family's family background and didn't care about it. Yang Ling finished everything and Ma Lian'er hadn't returned yet, so he spoke to Youniang and asked her elder brother to go out of the city to report the news, lest she think she would leave without saying goodbye.

     At this time, the three horse-drawn carriages were already on the winding road. The mountain road is narrow, and 16 guards are escorted by eight fronts and eight rears. The front is the red-lacquered carriage of Father Liu, and the last two carriages are sent from the post office. A high pole is erected in front of the carriage, and a post is written on the back. It is Liu Biao and Yang Yiqing sitting in the luggage cart.

     Han Youniang looked out the window silently. He hadn't been separated from his family since he was a child. He went to such a far place alone. A few days ago, thinking about going to the capital, he was excited like a child. He really left at this time, and his heart was empty again. Dad worked as a postman and rushed around. He didn't see him when he left this time, and he didn't know how long it would take to see his family again.

     Yang Ling knew that she was reluctant to give up, and softly comforted: "Don't worry, when we go to settle down, I will find a way to bring father-in-law and them to Jingli."

     Youniang hummed, lying gently in Yang Ling's arms. His big eyes flickered and he didn't know what he was thinking. Yang Ling gently caressed her back, with a lot of thoughts.What is the role of the Prince's attendant? I didn’t retain the memory of the original scholar of Xuanfu Yang Ling. I really wanted to test the four books, five classics and eight-legged essay. It can be said that it doesn’t even enter a single aperture. Just fine.

     The history he remembers is too simple. Except for Zhu Hongwu, Cheng Zu, and the last Chongzhen, he knew very little about other Ming emperors. Now his own baffling land has been pushed to the center of this historical stage, and he will be surrounded by this era. Can high-powered figures be able to cope with them?

     Yang Ling has always been confused, just want to wife, kids and a warm bed, and live two years happily, now drive a duck onto a perch, as the saying goes, being close to the sovereign can be as perilous as lying with a tiger, for the sake of his own safety, he has to get serious and take the initiative to know and understand this era.

     Yang Ling straightened his thoughts, and information about this era slowly flowed through his mind...

     It is the eighteenth year of Hongzhi and the emperor is Hongzhi Emperor, whose surname is Zhu. The name, due to limited knowledge, cannot be associated with the name, so...unknown. The life is also unknown. The prince Zhu Houzhao, liu, horny, mediocre, and handsome, related to his life and deeds: Youlong Xifeng, the impression seems to him that he died early. Liu Jin, the Minister of Annihilation, when he became famous, it is unknown, how he died, it is unknown.loser! Absolute waste! Yang Ling can only give himself such a shameful comment. With such a small amount of information, can he learn about opportunities, hasten luck and shun disasters, and grasp history? After being discouraged for a while, Yang Ling suddenly lifted his spirits again and straightened up her waist: What are you doing? What Zhengde Emperor, what annihilating minister Liu Jin, my life is as short as grass and trees, that should not be my heart, my purpose is to go to the capital, to be a high-level executive, and to stay in Yanjing!

     The ignorant was fearless, and Yang Ling, who was about to enter the capital with his eyes closed, began to be blindly optimistic.

     *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

     Ma Lian'er blew like a gust of wind to the post office, and in a blink of an eye he rode out to the north city. The big bowl of horseshoes stomped the bluestone slabs and the sound was like rain. Hurrying out of the city, there was no trace of the carriage in the wilderness. Ma Lian'er carried the horse halter around under the city gate for a moment. Instead of setting foot on the winding road along the winding mountain, he went straight from the uncultivated fields. Cut in and ran forward.

     The dark green cloak made a hunting sound in the air. Her heart was so anxious. The heartless Brother Yang didn't even have time to wait for me to meet. Why did she go so hurriedly? We won’t see each other again in three years.The horse flies like a fast horse. Under her superb riding skills, the purple horse flies with four hooves like an arrow from the string. The land of the ridge runs to the end of a small river, and the purple horse flies by, splashing a day of broken jade. Far away, she saw the horse-drawn carriage slowly running among the mountains along the winding road. Ma Lian'er was ecstatic in her heart.

     The mountain is changing. A semi-circular valley is in front, the carriage half-turned, and this side is the cliff of Linyuan. The soldiers on the winding road and the boring Liu Biao and Yang Yiqing sitting on the cowl have become a reality. Red horse chasing down the mountain. Liu Biao couldn't help standing up and looking down the mountain, and shouted, "There is a young lady chasing us down the mountain."

     Yang Ling and Youniang hurriedly got out of the carriage upon hearing this, only to see a red horse and a green cloud coming slowly under the mountain. Han Youniang couldn't help but cried out: "It's sister Lian'er, grandpa, sister Lian'er is here."

     Yang Lian hurriedly called the coachman to stop the car and stood on the cowl and looked down the mountain. Ma Lian'er also stopped and stood there quietly, one by one. An unclimbable cliff left the two of them facing each other far away.Ma Lian'er stared obsessively for a long while, seeing Yang Ling waved to herself, and then motioned to the carriage to move forward, but he was still standing in the front of the carriage looking at herself. Ma Lian'er felt agitated, suddenly pulled out the small scimitar around her waist, brushed off a strand of hair, and hurriedly tied it to the shaft of an arrow.

     The carriage slowly, as long as it turns out of this valley, it will disappear from her sight. Ma Lian'er mentioned horse halter suddenly, and his legs squeezed the horse's abdomen, and the horse hissed, shaking the valley endlessly.

     Yang Ling and a group of warriors in the middle of the mountain looked into the valley, and saw the red horse stand up. After setting for such an instant, the red horse rushed forward with all four hooves tightly. In front is the cliff of Death Valley, only about thirty feet away.

     The fast horse galloped, and the distance of twenty feet was in a flash. If you rush forward at such a speed, I am afraid that one person and one horse will be killed on the rock wall. But seeing Ma Lian'er's fast horse suddenly twisted at a right angle of almost ninety degrees, discarding the rein, taking off the bow, twisting the body, and drawing the arrow, all in one go. The movements are neat and graceful, and people's hearts are shaking their heads.

     Liu Biao, Yang Yiqing and several soldiers in the army could not help but cheer loudly. The homes of high-ranking officials in the capital had a number of Tartar officials, who were Mongolian warriors who sought admiration. They had seen those people performing criss-crossed riding and shooting skills in the past years.The Mongols' art of riding and shooting is the best in the world. Ma Lian'er's skill in controlling horses and drawing arrows is exactly the same as those of the warriors who are good at riding and shooting among the Tartars. It is shown by a young girl, and it has an indescribable beauty.

     Yang Ling’s carriage was worthy of turning over the rocky cliff in front of him. The moment he left Ma Lian’er’s sight, he listened to the tuk tuk and three arrows arrived, and they shot on the flagpole one arm in front of Yang Ling, the arrow tail still buzzing. The humming made the coachman who was sitting under the pole shivered and almost fell out of the car.

     The carriage moved slowly, and there was grass in front of the cliff, and Lian'er under the mountain was no longer visible. Three sharp arrows were shot on the pole in a straight line. On the middle arrow, there was a strand of hair tied to the tail, still flying slowly in the wind.

     Han Youniang stroked that strand of jet-black hair, and said a bit sourly, "Msang Gong, sister Lian'er is cutting her mind."

     Yang Ling scratched her nose, looking back at the three sharp arrows and a strand of hair nailed to the flagpole, he couldn't help but smile and thought: "hair, love silk, three arrows, three years, this girl will not be like Youniang Just as hard-hearted?"

     *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***ps: Have a drink tomorrow night, take leave in advance! If I can go home when I drink into Guan Gong, then I didn't say that the meaning character is the first and the code word is the largest. If you drink into Jigong, you will be embarrassed and go crazy, at most, you will get drunk in the book review area. If I drink into Zhou Gong...little brother, let's meet in a dream.

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