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Chapter Directory 59 Train Pirates
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yang Ling turned his head to look, only to see a young man standing behind clapping and laughing. The laughter did not stop. When the man saw his appearance suddenly agape and tongue-tied, he yelled and said excitedly: "It's you? You are my attendant, that...that Jimingyi Cheng Yang Ling?"

     Yang Ling had just met Hongzhi, and had already guessed that the young scholar he saw yesterday must be Zhengde, so it is not surprising. He smiled bitterly and pointed his head and said: "His Royal Highness, the minister is Yang Ling, Shu Wei The minister can't give a gift to the prince, this...this...".

     Zhu Houzhao chuckled and waved his hand: "You don't have to bow, you don't have to bow. I'm so annoying to see the bow every day.

     At this time, a chubby eunuch in the palace walked out with a big black dog that was half a person tall, and said with a grin: "Prince prince, I just scared the slave to death. This dog is hidden in the cupboard. It is not honest, old slave. I also lost a few pieces of fleshy bones and went in. It still whimpered and almost was discovered by Xueshi Li."

     Yang Ling looked at Gu Dayong carefully. Gu Dayong had a short stature, a round face, curvy eyebrows and curvy eyes. He was born with a smiling face. If he hadn't known what happened to this person, Yang Ling would really feel that this person is in harmony. It's amiable and makes people like to approach.

     Zhu Houzhao smiled like a proud child, and asked him: "Da Yong, is Mrs. Li gone?"Gu Dayong laughed with him and said: "The prince has two Shi-Chen (two hours) into the toilet eight times. Lord Li has long been impatient. Although he doesn't have to go to the morning dynasty today, he is going to the noon dynasty. , Just can't wait, I have already retired first."

     Zhu Houzhao laughed loudly. He stood on tiptoe and shook his body three times with a stubborn neck. He slowly said like a tumbler: "The gentleman seeks the way~~don’t seek food, the gentleman worries~~don’t worry. Poverty. A monarch ~ `stop benevolence, be a minister~ `stop respect, be a son~`stop filial piety, be a father~`stop be kind, and make friends with people~`stop faith... .."

     Zhu Houzhao said with a bitter face after learning: "The saint's words of courtesy, justice, benevolence, wisdom and faith, and Lee University scholar's quotation, quote the classics, have been talking for seven days, I am surprised, how long the head of the saint When he said this sentence, did he really think so much and so carefully? He wanted to teach me how to be a man, and he could talk about his governance principles, but every word he said has to be related to the saints thousands of years ago. It seems that it is not enough to convince people, it is really boring, and I am tired of hearing it."He waved his hand and said in relief: "Go well, go well, we can go back when he is gone," Zhu Houzhao said, whistling to the monkey squatting on top of Yang Ling's head, then The monkey squatted on Yang Ling's head glancing to left and right, and ignored him. Zhu Houzhao grinned and said: "It seems that my monkey likes you quite a bit, let's go, Yang Shidu, let's go in."

     Yang Ling followed Zhu Houzhao with a bitter face. The study room where the prince read was said to be a study room, but it was like a large hall, empty. Only two little eunuchs stood by the door waiting to see Yang Ling with a little monkey squatting on top of his head. Er, the two little eunuchs couldn't help but snickered while covering their mouths.

     Zhu Houzhao sat casually behind the shiny paint, and looked at Yang Ling a few glances with interest. He laughed and said, "Come on, Yang Ling, please sit down. I'll let Dayong show you the monkey. It’s fun to ride a dog and go through the fire ring."

     Yang Ling cautious and solemn sat down after a few cases, Zhu Houzhao reached out his hand and took a few fruits from the dish and threw them on the ground. The monkey swished down from Yang Ling's head and squatted on the ground to eat. stand up.

     Zhu Houzhao said to Gu Dayong: "I'm hungry, bring me something to eat." Gu Dayong was tying the dog to the pillar beside the hall, and after hearing a few words to a little eunuch by the door, the little eunuch seemed to fly. To go.The only eunuch where the prince read was the eunuch, and the maids were not allowed to attend. After a while, eight eunuchs came in with trays. The already hungry Yang Ling smelled the scent of the food, and his stomach could not help but grunt.

     The little prince actually heard it on the tip of his ears. While laughing, he pointed in front of Yang Ling: "Put there, place there, if I starve to death in my wife, it will be a joke."

     Zhu Houzhao talked and stood up with a grin, walked over to Yang Ling casually and sat down, first handed him a pair of silver chopsticks, and said: "Eat, you can taste the food in my palace".

     Yang Ling saw that the legendary Zhengde Emperor had no shelf at all, and his confinement was gone. With Yang Ling accompanied, Zhu Houzhao seemed to be happier eating too. He said to Yang Ling as he ate, "You didn't listen to you today. When I came to Li Taifu to teach, there was nothing left for me to interpret. By the way, tell me what happened to the bullfight you said yesterday."

     Yang Ling originally thought that the attendant was just accompanying the prince to listen to the class, so that he should not be too depressed by himself. Listening to Zhu Houzhao's meaning, it seems that the attendant is still responsible for answering questions during the prince’s self-study. Diligent and studious, don’t you show your tongue on the spot when you play the yu mouth organ to make up numbers?Yang Ling couldn't help but secretly rejoice when he thought of this. While tasting the delicacy and fine taste of the royal kitchen, he told Zhu Houzhao about the sport of Spanish bullfighting. Yang Ling has limited knowledge of the sport, so the focus is on the jokes about the missed bullfighters running around the field and being pushed out of the field by the bulls. Yang Ling is good at eloquence, but he deliberately made more noise. Ran, not only Zhu Houzhao heard with keen interest, but also Gu Dayong next to him and the little eunuch who was waiting for the meal.

     Yang Ling saw Gu Dayong smiling and leaning back together, and she suddenly felt ashamed. Who was in front of him? One is the famous stunner and dazzling monarch in the future, and the other is the famous big evil man, and he, named Shidu, has acted as a jester, a clown who makes the prince happy.

     Yes, he has no ambitions, but since he has come to this world, he can't regard himself as a cold-eyed spectator. Emotionally, he is no different from the Han people today. A tragic page in Chinese history originally came to him. Saying that it was past history, he was helpless. But now, all that hasn't happened yet. The current Great Ming Empire is still the richest country in the world. Now that the destiny arrangement has come to the front of the Great Ming King, can't you do your part?The decline of the Ming Dynasty was mainly due to their conservative thinking. The rulers and even the entire ruling class were blindly arrogant and locked the country by the Closure. At that time of the great development of the entire world and the transformation of capitalism, if China can maintain close ties with the world, the ideological understanding of the entire ruling class will inevitably be subtly affected and will inevitably develop in a more positive direction.

     Who is the person in front of you? It is the future Emperor Great Ming! What is lacking in Great Ming at this time? It is enterprising. If you let the person in front of you look wider and farther, in this era of supremacy of monarchy, one of his ideas may have an immeasurable effect on the development of history. History...is it really unchangeable?

     Yang Ling felt excited when he thought of this. He calmed down and said to Zhu Houzhao: "Prince, if you like to listen, we will tell you some other stories."

     Zhu Houzhao nodded with joy. Although he is expensive as a prince, his spiritual life is far from that of countless children in modern times. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as dry and tasteless. Now, after listening to the novel stories of Yang Ling, Knowing that there are so many colorful things in this world, such a vast world, the young Zhengde was fascinated for a while. Hearing this, he hurriedly said to Gu Dayong: "Great use, let people tell Zen Master Zhiyun, today's Sanskrit should not be learned Up."Yang Ling was very surprised when he heard that Zhu Houzhao was still learning a foreign language, and he also ordered the eunuch to stop his homework at will. Obviously, this course was not arranged for him by the emperor. This is similar to the ridiculous liu in his heart and the image of Zhengde who is not doing business But the difference is too far.

     The story of Spanish pirates comes from Yang Ling. The red-haired pirate queen and the one-eyed pirate captain. Under the conscious combination of Yang Ling, he blends different stories together. While maintaining the interesting surname, he combines the current The unfolding story of European countries competing for maritime supremacy is told, and even a fictitious country similar to Great Ming, which is located farther away from the sea, tells the story of its prosperity, prosperity, and decline and bullying.

     The fascinating story of pirates fascinated the adventurous Zhu Houzhao. Yang Ling talked about the fact that European countries, in order to compete for maritime supremacy, declared that the two cannot exist together with the pirates on the surface, but secretly cultivated pirates to attack the merchant ships of other countries when Gu Dayong was on the side. Frowning, quite contemptuous of these barbarous little countries' indecent deeds.

     Little Zhengde figured. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, and said leisurely and fascinated: "Okay, there is the court behind, without losing the court's face, this kind of business is worthwhile, such a pirate, even I want to do it. Once done, hahaha...".Yang Ling smiled slightly, and in front of him was a child who hadn't had much idea of right and wrong, a piece of white paper that could be wiped off. Li Xueshi is teaching him etiquette, righteousness and shame, and self-sufficiency; Gu Dayong is teaching him sensuality, play and enjoyment; then let me Yang Ling, and then teach him the greed and ambition of looking at the world and aiming at the world!

     Education, start from the doll...


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